Mudra therapy an non medical mode of treatment

I had posted 25posts on different mudras , but I was waiting to write about the usefulness of mudras. Since this a part of yoga and Ayurveda not every one knows about. Since I started doing yoga sadhana 'I found out that there many non-medical therapies ar that very simple to do so I want to share which is already in many sites but I too want share my view about that .
We know medicines are, indeed a boon to mankind! At times. Medicines even save lives. Diseases once believed to be curable (e.g T.B) have been completely tamed by medicines and rendered as docile as the proverbial cow.
Effective vaccines have eradicated many viral diseases (e.g small pox) from the surface of the earth.

How ever, some drawbacks are associated with medicines and medical treatments “
At times medicines only mask symptoms or merely relieve distress, rather than striking at the root causes of illness. Many doctors are inwardly aware of the fact (though they may not admit it openly) that symptoms represent, not a disease but our immunity and, therefore, should never be suppressed.

Medicines are like double-edged swords; they can help but they can harm as well. To put it in popular parlance, medicines often produce unintended or undesirable ‘side-effects’. It has happened time and again that medicines declared absolutely safe by the pharmaceutical industry, on the basis of the much boasted ‘double-blind clinical trials’ were later found to produce very serious side effects.

Modern medicines are too powerful weapons to be used against trivial diseases; it is like using a cannon-ball to kill a fly!
After the advent of specialist doctors, five star hospitals and sophisticated, hi-tech diagnostic instruments, medical treatment has become prohibitively expensive and common man can afford it.
Fake medicines are biggest threat to life.
Resistant to particular medicines by germs and viruses

There are two more issues that need further elucidation. Firstly, there are diseases for which satisfactory medical solutions have not yet been discovered. Secondly, there are diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc which can only be controlled but can not cure. So it needs life long treatment which will be not like by every one.

So considering these factors probably when I see most of relatives of old age are suffering form skin diseases and gas .So the big question is it possible to tackle diseases through non medical measures. Can diseases be actually ‘cured’ without resorting to medicines? In reply, Therapeutic say that here are, indeed effective non medicinal therapeutic measures (like Acupunture,Acupressure, Naturopathy, Magnet therapy, Reiki Therapy, etc) that can be employed to fight diseases. The history of healing is much older than the history of medicine!

Mudra therapy is another such non-medical mode of treatment which helps without harming. Mudras are various postures of fingers and thumbs. In mudra therapy, different diseases are treated by holding and retainng the fingers and teh thumbs in different ways.

This simple measure surprisingly restores a state of balance(homeostasis) within the body and raises the level of the performer's resistance . With the patient's immunity thus strengthened, the disease has no other option but to flee.

Mudra therapy is advantageous in a number of ways:

  • It is very simple, perhaps the simplest among different non-medical therapies.
  • Mudras are quite easy to perform.
  • It is an extremely gentle form of treatment.
  • It is entirely safe since no chemical medicines are employed
  • Mudra therapy is inexpensive because no instruments are required
  • It is a form of self-treatment.Any person who has acquired basic knowledge about mudras can treat most trivial ailments on his own.
  • Mudra therapy has a preventive aspect, too.
    Any person who analyzes and understands his temperament and his bodily constitution (on the basis given in through health table ) can realize what ailments he is susceptible to and can , then regularly practice certain mudras to prevent those susceptibilities from manifesting in to overt illness.
  • Mudras enjoy a universal application. They can help all types of disorders ; Sub-acute, acute or chronic; they can help all type of people :young or old, men or women.
  • Mudra therapy can be advantageously combined with other forms of treatment: non-medical as well as medical. Being a part of Ayurveda, it goes especially well with Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Even after this much saying some you may say that "All this sounds too good to be true. does it really work. Or is it all in the mind ? Perhaps mudras help because the performer strongly believes that they will. With out the performer's faith,mudras would fall flat on their faces".

    But some doctors and scientists never believe in such things but some tested and say this really work. So it upto You to decide whether it work or not. I can say this because as far I had find out and with my own experience with mudras I can say that

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  • Mudras help people who are entirely nwe to or unaware of, Mudra therapy and have never witnessed its efficacy to become 'believers'.
  • Mudras help young children and even insane people, where the question o belief does not arise and
  • Mudras even help semi-conscious or unconscious people (on whom Mudra therapy is carried put passively by using rubber bands to maintain thumbs and fingers in specific positions).

    Even though mudras help in many disease there some where it has no role
    in the treatment of the following disorders
  • Purely mechanical disorders like mature cataract, a big hole in the eardrum, deviated nasal septum, cleft palate, hare lip, heart0valvular defects,varicose veins,hernias,big stones in the gall bladders/urinary tract, prolapsed uterus/rectum/inter vertebral disc, fracture, etc. These disorders will, obviously, need surgical intervention.
  • Ailments caused by deficiencies of nutrients. vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Disorders that are a part and parcel of old age (senile degeneration).
  • Life threatening ailments like cancer, AIDS, encephalitis, diphtheria, heart failure, kidney failure, cirrhosis of the live, septicaemaia, gangrene etc. These ailments cal for strong, extreme measures rather than gentle mudras.

    So what I say that mudra therapy is an excellent key to try in the the lock of disease. More ofteh than not, it succeeds in opening up th lock . This key should, certainly, be tried when other keys(e.g modern medicines) have either failed or are undesirable / inapplicable. You may say that mudra therapy seems to simple to be really effective. So what I can say is in life, most important truths are , indeed , wuite simple!
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