Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tridosha-naashak ‘Surabhi’ mudra(healing mudra)

Tri dosha naashak mudra or surabhi mudra  and its health benefits
Tri dosha naashak mudra or surabhi mudra 
Tridosha-naashak ‘Surabhi’ mudra
Also known as the Kaamadhenu mudra, this mudra balances and oc-ordinates the five elements and the three humors of the body. While the effects of this mudra are similar to those of the Samaan mudra it si much mor difficult ot perform.
Surabhi means a cow. In fact Kaamadhenu is a mythological, heavenly cow which is believed to fulfill all wishes .By regularly performing this mudra, the practitioner can succeeded in realizing all his dreams and fulfilling all his wishes!

Method: This mudra is formed by joining
The tip of ring finger of each hand to the tip of little finger of the other and
The tip of index finger of each hand to the tip of middle of the other. The two thumbs lie side by side, touching each other. This forms a figure that resembles the four udders of a cow.

Duration: 45 minutes every day, every day, either at one stretch or in three parts (i.e., for 15 minutes thrice a day)
Precaution: None

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