Prithvi mudra

prithvi mudra and its benefits
Prithvi mudra
Prithvi mudra is very useful to increase earth element and decrease fire element in the body. This mudra is also called as prithvi vardhak  mudra or Agni-shaamak mudra.This mudra is very effective to gain weight and strengthen the body.

How to perform prithvi mudra:

It is very easy to perform,just joining the tips of the ring finger on the tip of thumb finger and applying gentle pressure is enough to form this mudra.

Here is the you tube video of how to perform prithvi mudra and its various health benefits like acidity and agni shaamak.

Impact of prithvi mudra on health:

This mudra is very effective to increase earth element and decrease fire element in the body.Earth is the major component of bones,cartileage moleskin hair,nails,flesh,muscles,tendons,internal organs ,etc practice of prithvi mudra strengthens these tissues.

Healing properties and benefits of prithvi mudra:

Prithvi mudra has the healing power to heal following illness.

Prithvi mudra useful to heal chronic fatigue,debility,convalescence,endurance or lack of stamina,loss of weight,emaciation,inexplicable,osteoporosis,fracture, degeneration of articular cartilage,Weak,atrophied muscles,myopathies,paresis,paralysis,poliomyelitis,dry,cracked,burning,mature skin,brittle nails,hair loss,premature graying of hair.burning in eyes,acidity,burning sensation of urinating, burning in anus,burning in hands,feet and head.Aphthous,ulcers in the mouth and stomach.Inflammatory diseases,jaundice, Fever,Hyperthyroidism.

Thirty minutes of perform is enough to get best results and you can perform it any time or in any position but in the morning hour or when you are in meditation is the best choice to get optimum results.

If you are a Kapha dosha person then perform it in moderation only.