Best Alternative Medicine Therapies

Many alternative medicine therapies are practicing all over the world.Here I am sharing some important alternative medicine therapies that you may practice without any experts assistance at home. All these are very simple and natural without any side effects on your health.

Five Best Alternative medicine therapies that you can do easily at home:

Acupressure therapy

Ayurveda Medicine and treatment

Mudra therapy

Nature Cure

Yoga therapy


Acupressure is a non-medical alternative treatment that is very easy to perform at home. It will give you relief faster than an injection can do. Three minutes is enough to get result to know more about acupressure therapy click here

Ayurveda medicine and treatment

Ayurveda is the best alternative medicine therapies in India. Ayurveda medicine is natural, and most of them have no side effects. It is holistic healing practice. The importance of Ayurveda is explained here by Robert E. Svoboda  Click here to read about it. The effectiveness and importance of Ayurveda are defined here.

Mudra therapy

Mudra therapy is an effective non-medical alternative treatment, which is very easy to practice. Mudras are simple hand yoga postures you can practice it anywhere at any time. It has no side effects, and you can easily do it yourself without any expertise. To know more about mudras and mudra therapy click here

Nature Cure

Nature cure is a combination of many natural medicinal treatments. Which include Juice therapy, diet therapy, mud therapy, chromo therapy, Therapeutic baths, hydrotherapy and massage therapy. To know more about nature cure click here

What is nature cure?

Why we need nature cure?

Yoga therapy:

Yoga is a complete science of human. It is a holistic approach towards life. The healing practices of yoga are yoga asana, Kriyas, and pranayama. It is a vast subject and a natural way of treatment. Yoga is not for treatment; it is useful in the all-around development of a human.

To know more about yoga therapy

All the alternative medicine therapies are natural and very helpful. All these treatments are followed from the ancient times, and many of these therapies are scientifically proven now.


It’s now your turn, do you followed any of these or any other alternative medicine therapies?  Please let me know in comment section. Your experience and opinions are very much valuable. If you have any doubts about these alternative therapies, feel free to ask.