One And Only Simple Way To Succeed In Professional Life

Simple step to success in professional life

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

Simple step to success in professional life

When I first time read the quote, I didn’t understand the truth behind it. But in the recent incidents happened in my life opened my eyes and spread the lights towards the truth behind the quote.  Actually, from the last few years, I was facing a lot of failures in my professional life. I have been thinking, ‘Why I am not able to get the expected results in professional life?’ I was doing so many things “kicks” in all these years. Recently, I understand that I was wrong and I have to change. Now I am doing only one thing “kick” every day and mastering it.


After reading the above, you may think that you are doing only one thing and still not able to get the success. Read the above quote one more time. Bruce Lee said in that quote one kick, not the entire Kung-fu. Actually, what I intend to say is do only one function or one area. You may say that I am doing only one business and not wasting my time. When you look into the functions of the business. It is a group of functions like; Production, Management, Marketing, Research & Development.


As a human being, we can’t expertise all these features. You have to choose one and hire the efficient peoples for all the other functions. If you do like this, I am sure you will soon get the success.

Please watch the video if you are confused in what to do?

When you look into another example; of a professional student. One of my friend He completed M tech still not able to get a good Job. Some one suggested him learn Java; he learned that for six months still not able to find a job. One of his friends told that learn Database you can easily get a job. He learned it for three months. In a period of two years, he learned so many different techs but not able to get a Job.


He is learning only Technical things, but all that is different. When he focused only in one area, he got a job in it; now he is in a good position.

I will give you one more reason why people fail in professional life. Few people get success in the beginning and not able to sustain it.


The primary reason for it is they get a lot of excess money. They think about the opportunities to invest that money and make more profit. In the mean, while they lose their focus on the primary job and lose the expertise. If you are earning more money, then hire a financial manager to make the investment properly.

We can take another example of a professional sports man. When they get an initial success, they get massive fame and become a celebrity overnight. When this happens to younger people, who don’t have a mentor. They lose their focus from the sports and lose expertise. It is better that you always choose one mentor to correct and guide you.


What ever you do it, Keep your focus on it. Don’t distract from it. Become an expert in it. Do more research on it. Invent new things to simplify it. Make it your life it will make you remembered for ever.

If you agree with my point, please share it on your social profiles. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please share it in comments. Thanks for reading my blog. Keep going!

Thanks for reading my blog. Keep going!

Keep going!



The Seven Types Of Intelligence

Normally we call a person intelligent when he has an extraordinary ability in logics. But we have seven types of intelligence.

Think about this before concluding your child’s ability please read this.

Gardner Murphy spent his 15 years in research on the brain and find that each person has seven types of intelligence. All this are different and equally important.

The Seven Types Of Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability to handle languages and use appropriate words to express ideas and concepts are called linguistic intelligence.

Poets and writers are examples for this intelligence.

Logical intelligence

The ability to understand the numerical relationship. And solving problems of mathematical, Science, Statistics and logic.

Scientists and mathematicians are examples for logical intelligence.

Artistic Intelligence

It is also called as spatial intelligence. The ability to think in pictures and images and to transform the visual-spatial world are called as artistic intelligence.

Engineers, Sculptors, Designers, and Architects are examples of artistic intelligence.

Musical Intelligence

The ability to produce rhythms, melodies, and harmonies are called as musical intelligence.

Musicians, playback singers, music directors are examples of musical intelligence.

Bodily or Kinaesthetic intelligence

The ability to control one’s body with dexterity is called as kinaesthetic or athletic intelligence.

Well-known sports personalities are examples of this intelligence.

Interpersonal intelligence

The ability to understand and interact with other people are known as interpersonal intelligence.

Politicians, Executives, Social workers are examples of this intelligence.

Intra-Personal intelligence.

The ability to control emotions, passions, and understand the inner self are known as intra-personal

Saints, seers, and Yogis have this in plenty.

It is now assumed that there might be seven different and relatively independent brain system, corresponding to each of this multiple intelligence. Unfortunately, in schools and colleges students are encouraged to develop only a few of the above intelligence and neglecting the remaining.

Use Your Brain Otherwise You Lose It

The brain is an important organ in our body. If the brain is dead we are also dead. The human brain is very complicated than the brains of  other living beings. Everyone uses their brain but no one completely tapped its full potential.

The other important thing you should remember is; you should use your brain constantly otherwise it loses its power.

When the brain is stimulated intellectually and physically you can see the measurable changes in the structure.

The way you use your brain can alter its very form. Such activity can pro the brain to produce new connections between neurons and even create new brain cells.

Your brain is exactly like a muscle. Using it makes it grow and expand; disuse causes it to atrophy.

Thus, education makes the brain more resistant to deterioration and disease. Because people who earn degrees tend to exercise their brains more. Building a more lively, resilient and complex brain.

It is commonly found that well-educated persons live longer, retaining better mental and physical abilities than less educated people. Also, less educated people suffer more from Alzheimer’s than well-educated persons. Memory deterioration and then dementia occur rarely among educated people.



15 Simple Things That Will Make Your Life Excellent

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street-sweeper who did his job well.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


It’s one of the greatest quotes I have ever read. I have goosebumps every time I read it. I am very proud of myself to have this included in my article.


After reading the quote you know where the article is heading. I would like to mention it myself too. It is heading towards excellence. To make you understand the vital power of excellence.


We all work hard in achieving our goals. The path is tough, full of obstacles and thorns. We tend to loosen our feet or run too fast so that we could avoid the obstacles or achieve the goals faster.


We all get success at some point or the other. The fruit of success is not as fruitful as the thought of the success we had.


Not only our goals and dreams, but this happens in our daily lives. There is a lack of contentment from the work we do. Most of us work just to live our lives. There is no pleasure or happiness that we get from our works. We do not do our best, instead just finish the job. Many compete to be in our position, but we are given an opportunity. So, just doing it does not bring any benefit to ourselves as we are just squeezing the work out of our life. It does not benefit the company too, as there are millions who could do the same job as ours. What if you do it better than you do? You get better results. You get better recognition and you will be the upper hand.


We have been told to be at our excellence at whatever we do. Parents, teachers, philosophers, friends, movies, books and other sources have shown us the power of excellence at some point.


Then why don’t we do it? Why do we waste our time in doing something just for the sake of doing? Can you think of a reason? To better put it, think of the reasons.


Take a note of all the reasons that come to your mind. Once you are done, read it out loud.


They are all merely reasons. Most of them are all excuses that you tell yourself everyday. Am I correct?


At the base, all the excuses and reasons fall into the same box. In simple words, they are the ones that stop us from being great at whatever we do!


The simple things that we fail to achieve are the same things that could be used to enhance our excellence.




Time is the major factor in almost everything that we do in our life. Most of us complain that we do not do things in an excellent for lack of time.

That is not true. With few exceptional cases, we have proper enough time to do better. We start our work, we schedule or just work within a time free or sometimes we do it at our ease. We have time, the reason we feel that the work is more than the time is because we waste our time in doing other things along with our work.


That is the time when we fail to give our excellence. Think about it. Do your work in the time that you need to do it. You have other things that come up in your mind. Schedule it for the time and do it once you are done with your work. That would be beneficial.


Practicing this would keep the flow of your interests. You will be able to do it better.




Distractions are common. We all work and get little tired and checking out something or doing something to cool our mind is a good thing. When these things move us from our main work, that is a distraction and too dangerous.


When we are distracted we often lose our focus and time. It then takes little longer for us to get back to what we are doing. There are many distractions that we go through when we work. Social media, chit chatting, TV, environments and even our thoughts distract us from ourselves.


It is not worthy to waste your time more that is taking you away from the priority.The best thing to do in this case is to avoid things that can distract you. You may say that you want a break in the middle of your work so that you do not over stress yourself. In that case, you may take things that are in the line of work or something that will not keep you away from your work longer.

Walking is one of the best thing to do to avoid distractions. It clears our head and also boosts our brain.

Have snacks, juice or any preferred light foods.


Talk to someone who would enhance your thinking.


Understand or imagine your thoughts.


These things will help you relax and energize your brain. You will stay focused and concentrated.




Thinking that it is enough


We do work. But sometimes we think that the work job or work that we are doing is not good enough. Knowing that it in the very beginning and starting what you like is a good thing. You start something, wherein the results is what you want. But the path might have obstacles.


All these thoughts pop up in our mind. But stopping something in the middle or taking it easy would waste your time and energy. Think of it. If you start something and if you are doing with excellence you will learn and understand. Doing that will increase your willpower. Not only that, you will be able to choose your work better in the future keeping you determined and focused.


One thing that you should understand is stopping something in the middle will take you nowhere. You have to do what you have started, but do it with keen interest and determination.


Low confidence or Overconfidence


Confidence is the best thing one could have. Being confident in whatever you do will help you do better. Having lower or overconfidence would take you the exact opposite way.

If the confidence levels are low we are scared and become stressed. It stops us from giving out our best.

Overconfidence does harm you the same way. When we are overconfident of the skills or your performance, we tend to delay or loose our focus and concentrations. When we do this, our works are not at our best.


Confidence is like cutting through during an operation. Overconfidence cuts deeper and low confidence does not cut at all. So, both are dangerous.


Have confidence and you will work better.

Not understanding the work


You start something and you know what you are doing. Sometimes, you do not understand the work either in the beginning or in the middle of something. When you do not understand the work, the work gets either boring or tough. That keeps you away from the better performance.


It is always better to approach someone in case if you do not understand things. Clear your mind and that will boost help you work at your excellence.

Thinking about the future


We all think about the future. The thoughts and ideas always please. Thinking too much about the future and the results would make us want to reach fast and hurriedly. When we are in a hurry, our work also seems the same. It misses the touch of our excellence. When in hurry, we leave the little things that brush our work. Even the part, the size of a sand dust also plays a major role.


Never be in hurry, think of the future and the results it will keep you energized. Thinking too much of the future is also a distraction and stops you from giving out your excellence.




Excellence is an act of functioning at the optimum levels with utmost interests. Interest plays a major role. You might work hard, but if the work is not interesting or if you are not interested in work, the results resemble your work.


The work would not be that interesting or best. When you are interested and put that in the work, you always try to do it better and the results are always excellence.




Dedication is as important as the work itself. The work needs dedication. When you are dedicated to the work, you become a devotee. Devotee’s main purpose is to serve the deity or the idol. When you give your work the position of the ultimate, the result would be the best of you.


Respect and punctuality


Respect and punctuality polish your minute works in detailed and refreshing manner. Without punctuality, the work goes from one direction to the other. This results in wasting the time and losing the interest. The same goes with respect. When you respect your work, you give prioritize the work. You put it in a top level and give it all the importance it needs.


At the end, punctuality and respect give you and your work the importance it needs.




Stay focused and concentrated on your work. When you start your work have focus and concentration that acts a refreshment to the work. As the work progress, few things in the work might not be what you expected or wanted. When these things come up, the focus and concentration tend to go down a bit. This will stop your mind from giving the best it could can and diverting from your main goal. We do lose focus and concentration on our works. The best thing to do in that case is to understand the importance of the work. Knowing that the work is more important than the diversions or obstacles or any other things. It is similar to distraction, but has factors where you need to put in efforts.



The work is not always relaxing. We get tired and stressed either it is physical or mental. As stress brings out many factors that are mentioned earlier. It is very much to relax. When in stress, it reflects on the work and gives a lot of negative impacts.


Keep yourself relaxed and stress-free. Meditation and naps are one of the best things to relax.



Motivation plays a major role in keeping yourself uplifted and energized all the time.

A motivated mind keeps you floated off the obstacles and thorns in the way, Without motivation, the work feels dull and sometimes makes us lose the interests in the work.


There are many ways to keep yourself motivated. One thing that could be done is to know the importance of your work and the benefits that it could bring to you and the world.

Another thing is to keep your idols or favorite things and keep the dream or idea of your work in your mind. It surely boosts up your work.


The above-discussed things are common. We already have all things in us to overcome the negative factors. It just needs a little nurturing.


Think about the way these things could change your life.

Signs that say you have authentic power


Signs that say you have authentic power

Power over other people is recognized as weakness in the form of strength. True power lies within yourself and is available to you. It may seem that the words power and strength are similar. We live in such a world where we have been programmed to see the strongest political figure, country, family member, person, and the person who has the highest power within etc.


For some of us, it may be quite difficult to distinguish between strength and power. Strength, in general, are defined by a number of things which are inclusive of a high position at the job, lots of money, higher physical strength, etc.

Those who are living with the characteristics of the third-dimensional belief system are highly resonate with the belief that says might equal right.

Speaking of an emotional level, there are people who say that they are the stronger person and they have been through a lot.


You can replace the word strong in the sentence with power. You can understand the difference in the energy between both. A strong individual requires an opponent or enemy with an eye to reinforcing his strength, A powerful individual, on the other hand, does not require any opponent. Speaking about strength and power, strength contributes to being the direct result to come into the inner mystery of ownself.


Here are five ways by which you can distinguish between a powerful and a strong person.


  1. Strength assists in the comparison of itself to others whereas power bring a comparison with the former self


People who are successful do not worry about others action. However, strength requires some sort of resistance to get stronger. For instance, a strong country requires weaker countries for comparing themselves. On the other hand, a strong person requires detrimental circumstances for feeding off. It is owing to the fact that strength is not strong in accordance with own. It requires comparison with others. A powerful person does not need anything or anyone with an eye to aligning with power. This is due to the fact that power does not need others to become powerful so that they can shine.


  1. Power makes use of love, whereas strength makes use of fear


It goes without saying that the humble people happens to be the great The best listener contributes to being one of the most powerful individuals in a particular place. The man who is most selfless always wins though it appears it is not so. If we observe someone is making use of procedures on the basis of fear for controlling or manipulating the action of other people, it is actually a sign that they do not rely on their own power. A powerful person never scares other people for earning their respect. It requires empathizing and loving them as they know it every well that no other force is more powerful than love.


This, however, does not indicate that powerful people do not take the right actions. For example, if they observe that one individual is threatening or abusing the other, they do not require power for living life in the threat of attack in the specific moment. Power makes use of strength whenever it is necessary. Powerful men never live in hypothetical scenarios or situations.


  1. Power does not require any follower, strength does


A strong person wants that his image should be reinforced. This is accomplished by trying to enhance the number of subjects or followers. This can be done by attempting to gain people for managing evidence about how strong they really are. Strength makes use of others as an object for the promotion of their own image. Powerful people, on the other hand, does not show interest in numbers.


Whether one person or almost ten million person is following them, the message never varies. That one message contains everything for doing with themselves such as their own integrity. It does not have anything to be renowned and thereby winning popularity contests.


  1. Powerful people try to look within themselves for finding answers to questions, whereas strong people looks outside with an eye to finding answers to different questions


You should never look outside for finding answers to questions. The answers to different questions in life lie within yourself. It is only you who has the right understanding of making your heart feel at home. None other than you can listen to your own inner voice. The key lies in asking the right questions to yourself.


Strength requires external realities with an eye to relying on the reinforcement of their own image and maintaining their own place over others. On the other hand, powerful people has trust on their own intuition before anybody else.


There will several times in our life where reality from outside will confer the reply to anything we have tried to explain or look for in such a manner we have never think of. On the other hand, a powerful person tests the different theories against the inner guidance system of their own and ensures to follow the same in lieu of believing or following blindly in anything.


  1. Power is believed to be silent, whereas strength is louder



Strength lets us know that we are very strong. Strength takes pride in material acquisitions and external possessions. On the other hand, power does not need all these with an eye to feeling powerful. Power is a constant requirement for followers. It needs other people for believing them in some specific level.


It makes use of different achievements for presenting the proof of strength. But achievements are not mistakes. They are neither capable of purchasing nice things. Power does not require talking about these things for gaining any kind of admiration. Power is known to find the highest security or most confidence within the inner silence of oneself.


Thus, you should always listen to your inner self. You will notice that you are gaining success in every work though it may not seem so in the beginning. Start trusting on yourself instead of others.