The Seven Types Of Intelligence

Normally we call a person intelligent when he has an extraordinary ability in logics. But we have seven types of intelligence.

Think about this before concluding your child’s ability please read this.

Gardner Murphy spent his 15 years in research on the brain and find that each person has seven types of intelligence. All this are different and equally important.

The Seven Types Of Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

The ability to handle languages and use appropriate words to express ideas and concepts are called linguistic intelligence.

Poets and writers are examples for this intelligence.

Logical intelligence

The ability to understand the numerical relationship. And solving problems of mathematical, Science, Statistics and logic.

Scientists and mathematicians are examples for logical intelligence.

Artistic Intelligence

It is also called as spatial intelligence. The ability to think in pictures and images and to transform the visual-spatial world are called as artistic intelligence.

Engineers, Sculptors, Designers, and Architects are examples of artistic intelligence.

Musical Intelligence

The ability to produce rhythms, melodies, and harmonies are called as musical intelligence.

Musicians, playback singers, music directors are examples of musical intelligence.

Bodily or Kinaesthetic intelligence

The ability to control one’s body with dexterity is called as kinaesthetic or athletic intelligence.

Well-known sports personalities are examples of this intelligence.

Interpersonal intelligence

The ability to understand and interact with other people are known as interpersonal intelligence.

Politicians, Executives, Social workers are examples of this intelligence.

Intra-Personal intelligence.

The ability to control emotions, passions, and understand the inner self are known as intra-personal

Saints, seers, and Yogis have this in plenty.

It is now assumed that there might be seven different and relatively independent brain system, corresponding to each of this multiple intelligence. Unfortunately, in schools and colleges students are encouraged to develop only a few of the above intelligence and neglecting the remaining.