Major Depression Treatment

I am getting too many queries asking for natural treatments for depression, Every day I have to answer at least one request on this subject.Already I had posted few postings about depression treatments and symptoms, ut still my readers are not satisfied. They need something more.Here I am sharing all the natural treatments like yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, Mudra therapy, Affirmative, Ayurveda, Acupressure, massage therapy y, diet therapy, home remedy.
“Depression is a serious condition that leads to self-destruction. This disease is different from all other conditions.It is a slow poison and destroys everything in your life and the persons around you.Never neglect a depressive mood.”

Symptoms Of Depression

Overcoming a difficult time in your life can be hard. Everyone gets a little down sometimes amidst life’s challenges. But there are times when sadness, loss of interest in life, and trouble with sleep or appetite can hang on for weeks. These problems may get in the way of the things you normally do. When this is the case, depression may be the cause.

Depression is more than just feeling bad or upset after a troubling event. Depression is not only fairly common, but it can also be severe. There are more suicides than murders. Even among teenagers, it is third only to accidents and homicides. Suicide is so sad because it is a permanent, desperate solution to a temporary
problem. What a blow to each family in which an unnecessary death occurs.




Signs of Depression

  • Behavioural excesses –complaints about money, job, housing,noise, poor memory, confusion, loneliness, lack of care and love… acting out (adolescents), running away from home,rebellious, aggressive… obsessed with guilt and concern about doing wrong, about being irresponsible, about the welfare of others, and about “I can’t make up my mind anymore”…crying… suicidal threats or attempts.
  • Behavioral deficits –socially withdrawn, doesn’t talk,  indecisive, can’t work regularly, difficulty communicating, slower speech and gait… loss of appetite, weight change, stays in bed… less sexual activity, poor personal grooming, and doing less for fun.
    Emotional reactions –feels sad, feels empty or lacks feelings of all kinds, tired (“everything is an effort”)… nervous or restless, angry and grouchy (adolescents), irritable, overreacts to criticism… bored, apathetic, “nothing is enjoyable,” feels socially abandoned and/or has less interest in relationships, sex, food, drink, music, current events, etc. Lack of skills –poor social skills, frequently whiny or boring, critical, lack of humor… indecisive, poor planning for future and unable to see “solutions.”Attitudes and motivation –low self-concept, lack of self-confidence and motivation, pessimistic or hopeless, feels helpless or like a failure, expects the worst… self-critical, guilt,self-blaming.
    Physical symptoms –difficulty sleeping or sleeping excessively, awaking early… hyperactivity or sluggishness, diurnal moods (worse in the morning)… low sex drive, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, indigestion, constipation, headaches, dizziness, pain, and other somatic problems or complaints.

Depression is a serious mental ailment that may give rise to physical and psychological issues. It is more than just feeling sad. An alteration in the chemistry of the brain is the primary cause of depression. Some of the factors that are responsible for depression includes unavoidable circumstances, change in hormone levels, genetics, etc. The factors can trigger the chemistry of brain which may lead to depression. It may also result in loss of energy and fatigue throughout the day. It also causes hypersomnia or insomnia at the same time. The life of a person may get affected in a negative manner owing to depression.



How Ayurveda helps in treating depression


Ayurvedic treatments focus on the constitution of body and mind as an effective treatment for depression. The imbalance of the doshas is also taken into account for curing depression. Depending on that, here is a classification of the treatments of depression:


Treatment for Vata type of depression


In this kind of depression, alteration in the diet is done for curing the condition. Food elements pacifying Vata is being incorporated into the individual. You should be intaking food which is heavy and hot and enhances your strength at the same time. You should be avoiding fruits and salads if you are detected with Vata kind of depression. You should avoid the intaking of an excess amount of caffeine for curing this mental condition. You should say no to spicy foods while you are undergoing treatment. Some of the other food stuff which you should be eating for treating such kind of depression include dairy products, nuts, etc. Some of the foods that are recommended to eat during the Vata type of depression include soups, pasta, and rice. You should prefer to sleep early and procure the adequate amount of sleep at night. You should avail an oil massage on the head, foot and entire body for obtaining relaxation and thus curing depression. You should also practice mild exercises and yoga for a cool, calm, relaxed body and mind. You can intake some herbs such as cumin, Gotu Kola, cinnamon and ginger if you are diagnosed with Vata type of depression.


Treatment for Pitta type of depression


Like Vata, emphasize is given for consuming right kind of food if you are suffering from Pitta kind of depression. It is essential to include food in the diet that aids in pacifying the Patta elements in the body. You should not be in taking rich and spicy food such as tobacco, red meat, vinegar, fish or cheese. Instead, you should prefer eating food that helps in cooling down. Some of these food elements include cool drinks, sweets, dairy products. A vegetarian diet is preferable if a person is suffering from Pitta type of depression. It is also advised that a person having such kind of depression should be avoiding the sun. Yoga, exercises, and meditations are preferred for a faster recovery if you are having pitta kind of depression. You should prefer bathing in cold water and not use hot water during showers. Herbs that are usually prescribed for the patients suffering from this type of depression includes mint, coconut, sandalwood, and Shatavari. Some of the purification techniques such as Panchakarma should be practiced for the treatment of patients suffering from Pitta type of depression.


Kapha types of depression


You should be making dietary changes for the treatment of this kind of depression. It is recommended to intake food that helps in pacifying the Kapha elements. You should reduce the consumption of meat, sweet and desserts if you are suffering from the similar kind of depression. You should be avoiding the use of fatty elements and oil during the preparation of food. You can eat warm food with an eye to pacifying the Kapha element. You should be eating hot and spicy food items for getting rid of Kapha. You should consume soup on a regular basis for treating this mental condition. It is also believed that taking honey in moderate amount aids in the pacification of Kapha. You should do meditation on a regular basis for procuring a healthy lifestyle. Mild exercises, yoga, and jogging are considered to be good for patients suffering from Kapha. Ayurvedic physicians prefer incorporating herbs that produce heat in food. Some of these herbs include pepper, ginger tea, and turmeric. The avoiding sun plays a vital role in reducing depression at the same time.


Home remedies for treating depression


It is a must that you should lead a healthy lifestyle for the treatment of this mental condition. Some of the home remedies that are preferred for curing depression is listed below:


Consume food that makes you happy


It is needless to affirm that consuming healthy food is paramount for the treatment of the condition. However, it is essential at the same time that you should intake food that makes you happy. This food stimulates the serotonin chemical in the brain that helps you to stay comfortable. Some of the foods that are known to enhance the level of serotonin naturally are inclusive of:


Flaxseed oil


Fish oil which is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids

Coconut oil


Say no to coffee

If you are suffering from depression, it is recommended by the physicians to stay away from it. Excessive intake of caffeine may prohibit the production of serotonin in the brain. Thus, it is essential that you should say no to caffeine for staying away from depression.


Drink plenty of green tea


Though green tea is known to consist of caffeine, it contains L-theanine, an integral constituent. L-theanine in combination with caffeine helps in boosting mood. Thus, green tea does not prohibit the synthesis of serotonin in the brain. The psychoactive properties found in green tea aids in the reduction of stress and helps in boosting dopamine.




Acupuncture is one of the effective remedies that assist in the treatment of depression. It confers relaxation to the body and makes you feel happy and calm. It is believed that the feeling lasts for a long time after the completion of the session.


Consumption of chamomile tea


A specific flavonoid present in chamomile has relaxing properties and aids in having a relaxed body and mind.

Yoga treatment for depression

Yoga is the best way to treat any disorder and to beat depression this is better than all other treatments.Depression can over come through yoga and pranayama.Shir asana or sarvanga asana is best to overcome depression, but this asana is tough to perform for a common man, vajrasana Vajrayanais also beneficial for the treatment of depression.Any physical exercise is useful you can select one of any asana or any other exercise.

Pranayama has a direct effect on the mind, Kapalbhati, Anuloma-viloma pranayama is best for treating major depression.

Kundalini awakening is very effective way to overcome depression.

Yogic way of treating anxiety Mudra treatment for depression

Mudra therapy is very useful to prevent depression the types of mudra that is useful to prevent depression are

Gyan mudra , Prithvi-shaamak or Surya mudra

Depression is a state of mind.Thoughts have become destructive and inactive.there is no creative thought in a depressed man.

Acupressure therapy for depression

Acupressure is the and fast way of treatment .Through Acupressure and massage therapy you can overcome depression in few hours and if you continued it for few days complete cured.

First relief another hand whole length of inner wrist fold to rubbed with thumb of other hand.

Second relief point: Portion of stomach between navel and back of ribs along the mid line about 4 AIs in length upward from navel.

After this a whole body massage or back and head massage are very useful.

Sex is all so very beneficial to overcome depression,a satisfying sexual life will help to overcome depression.

Affirmations For Depression

Positive affirmation will your own miraculous improvement in the attitude of mind.The best affirmation is “I will be calm and confident” You can create your  own and repeat it .To know more about affirmations

Ayurveda and home remedies for depression

All the spicy food is the best remedy to fight against depression.Pepper is the best home remedy for the treatment of depression.

Diet therapy for depression

The diet therapy for depression

If you feel you are in a depressive mood then it is best to change your diet immediately.Completely exclude coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate and cola, all white flour products, sugar, food colorings, chemical additives, white rice and strong condiments.It is better to take only three meals, Fruits and nuts along with milk are preferable
e for breakfast.Lunch and Dinner should be light include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

This is the major depression treatments.If you feel this article is helpful please share it, 1Suggestions are well come and for any assistance contact us or leave a comment.

Thinness(under weight) Complete Nature Cure

Thinness or underweight is a relative term like over weight being based on the ideal weight for a given height, built and sex. A person is regarded as moderately underweight if his weight is 10 per cent below the ideal body weight and markedly so if 20 per cent below the ideal.underweight

Appropriate body weight is very important physical attributes and has a deep influence upon the health and personality of an individual.Up to the age of 30 maintain above average is a best choice o prevent many health problems.Between the 30 to 40 it is better that maintain an average weight to prevent many future diseases.After the  age of 40, it will be better that you keep your weight slightly below the average, so as to lighten the burden on the heart, kidney and other vital organs.

In thin peoples there are two types one is wiry and energetic,who eat heartily but never put on weight. Their constant activity burns up their energy.Such persons need not worry as chances are that they do not have any disease such as. The second type of people lack energy and drive, are unable to take their food and when they aet rich food they become sick. Their body lacks fat cells thus providing no storage place for added fat and the calories they consume are probably wasted.

Symptoms of Underweight:

For young people underweight due to an inadequate caloric intake is a serious condition. They easily fatigued,have poor physical stamina and very low resistance power.They are pron to diseases like respiratory disorders, tyberculosis,pnemonia,circulatory diseases like heart disorders, cerebral haemorrhage,nepthritis,typhoid fever and cancer. The occurrence of the complications of pregnancy in young women may result from malnutrition due to an inadequate energy intake

Causes for thinness or Underweight:

Underweight or thinness may cause due to inadequate  or excessive bodily activity or both. Emotional factors like skipping meals, habitual fasting inadequate exercises are some other causes of under weight.Other factors include inadequate digestion and absorption of food due to a wrong dietary pattern for a particular metabolism; metabolic disturbances such as an over active thyroid and hereditary tendencies.  Disorders like Chronic diarrhoea, chronic dyspepsia, liver disorders, insomnia,presence of parasites like tape warm in the alimentary canal and sexual disorders can also lead to thinness or underweight.



Complete Natural treatment for Under weight or thinness:

Mudras for underweight:

Mudras are easy and effective way of gaining weight. Prithvi mudra and pran mudra are the best mudras that will help you to gain wight in a short period of time.

Prithvi mudra

Pran mudra  

Diet to over come under weight:

Diet play a major role in building up health and gaining weight. Nutrients which help keep the nerves relaxed are utmost importance as nervousness causes all the muscles to become tense and the energy which goes into the tenseness wastefully uses up a great deal of food.

All minerals and vitamins are important to keep healthy but Vitamin D and B6, calcium and magnesium are very important. The sources of vitamin D are codliver oil , sunrays and milk. Milk an yogurt are rich sources of calcium. Magnesium is supplied by green leafy vegetables like spinach, parsely, turnip,radish and beet tops. These vegetables should be taken in salad or lightly cooked.

Your lack of appetite may be a result of inadequate supply of vitamin B, which leads to low production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach. Hydrochloric acid is essential for the digestion of food and absorption of vitamins and minerals  into the blood. It is there fore, necessary that the daily diet should be rich in vitamin B for normal appetite , proper digestion and absorption of foods and regular elimination.Foods  rich in vitamin B are al whole grain cereals, nuts black strap molasses, soyabeans, butter and eggs.  Vegetable oil is very effective in gaining weight as it is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Persons who are underweight should eat frequent small meals. It is beter that meals divided into six small ones instead of three big ones. All refines foods should be avoided.The diet should be tilted towards alkaline forming foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is better you avoid smoking, tea and coffee. water should be avoided with meals should drink half an hour before and after the meals.

Milk Cure:

An exclusive milk diet is very much beneficial for rapid weight gain. In the milk cure you should fast for three days on warm water and lime to clean the system. After the fast you may take one glass of milk in very two hours from 8 am to 8 pm. It should be increased by day by day up to every half an hour one glass milk. It is better that the milk fresh and unboiled, you may slightly warmed it if you prefer.

Figs are one of the best food remedy to gain weight.The high percentage of rapidly assimilable sugar make them a strengthening and fattening food.

All the exercises like walking, dancing, yoga asanas and meditation are useful. Massage is one of the best passive exercise that will help you to gain weight.

Yoga asanas for thinness or underweight:

Matsyasana, halasana and sarvanasana are the best yoga asanas that help you to gain weight.

A well balanced life style like regular exercise,rest,emotional balance and th absence of disease will enable a underweight person to build a healthy body and put on weight.

Best Alternative Medicine Therapies

Many alternative medicine therapies are practicing all over the world.Here I am sharing some important alternative medicine therapies that you may practice without any experts assistance at home. All these are very simple and natural without any side effects on your health.

Five Best Alternative medicine therapies that you can do easily at home:

Acupressure therapy

Ayurveda Medicine and treatment

Mudra therapy

Nature Cure

Yoga therapy


Acupressure is a non-medical alternative treatment that is very easy to perform at home. It will give you relief faster than an injection can do. Three minutes is enough to get result to know more about acupressure therapy click here

Ayurveda medicine and treatment

Ayurveda is the best alternative medicine therapies in India. Ayurveda medicine is natural, and most of them have no side effects. It is holistic healing practice. The importance of Ayurveda is explained here by Robert E. Svoboda  Click here to read about it. The effectiveness and importance of Ayurveda are defined here.

Mudra therapy

Mudra therapy is an effective non-medical alternative treatment, which is very easy to practice. Mudras are simple hand yoga postures you can practice it anywhere at any time. It has no side effects, and you can easily do it yourself without any expertise. To know more about mudras and mudra therapy click here

Nature Cure

Nature cure is a combination of many natural medicinal treatments. Which include Juice therapy, diet therapy, mud therapy, chromo therapy, Therapeutic baths, hydrotherapy and massage therapy. To know more about nature cure click here

What is nature cure?

Why we need nature cure?

Yoga therapy:

Yoga is a complete science of human. It is a holistic approach towards life. The healing practices of yoga are yoga asana, Kriyas, and pranayama. It is a vast subject and a natural way of treatment. Yoga is not for treatment; it is useful in the all-around development of a human.

To know more about yoga therapy

All the alternative medicine therapies are natural and very helpful. All these treatments are followed from the ancient times, and many of these therapies are scientifically proven now.


It’s now your turn, do you followed any of these or any other alternative medicine therapies?  Please let me know in comment section. Your experience and opinions are very much valuable. If you have any doubts about these alternative therapies, feel free to ask.

Complete natural treatment for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is an inflammation of tonsils. It is also called as the acute sore throat. Tonsils are small rounded masses of mainly lymphoid tissues behind the tongue on either side of the pharynx. Normally they are slight in size almost equal to a lima bean but they can become very much larger if severely infected.Tonsils are crucial organs of selective elimination and perform a two-fold function.Their primary functions are protecting the throat from infections and indicating any infection in the body.

Symptoms of tonsillitis:

The primary symptoms of tonsillitis are a sore throat, headache, fever, pain in various parts of the body, difficulty in swallowing and general weakness. The other important symptom is tonsils seen to be inflamed and become red when the mouth is open.In many cases, spots of pus exude from them. Externally,  the tonsillar lymph glands that lie just behind the angle of the jaw are tender and enlarged.In several cases, there may be the pain in the ear.

Causes for tonsillitis:

The major causes for tonsillitis are toxic condition of the body.Tonsillitis happens when the normal elimination organs are not able to eliminate the toxins in the body.Chronic constipation is another reason behind tonsillitis.

Ayurveda treatment to cure tonsillitis:

In Ayurveda, the treatment starts with hot fomentation of the front of the neck and steps should de taken to keep the region warm.  !2 gms of Banafsha flowers boiled in 50 ml. Of milk is a beneficial Ayurveda remedy for tonsillitis. You can drink the milk after filtered. The filtered Banafsha can be used as a poultice at night by frying it lightly in ghee and applying it round the throat.

A decoction of the bark of the acacia tree mixed with rock salt is very useful for gargles.

The powder of vasti Madhu, vach and kulanjana made into a paste with honey can be used as a linctus. The drug is, of course, Khadiradi Vati, recommended for intractable cases of a cough. You can take six tablets through the day to get relief. The root of Vacha And Sat may be ground in milk and a paste prepared. It can be used as nasal drops to relieve the congestion of the nose.

If you are facing a chronic trouble then Agastya Rasayana, used in bronchitis is of immediate help. I can be taken twice a day with honey. A continues use of this drug for six months will give you a lifetime relief.


Natural treatment for tonsillitis:

In the natural treatment of tonsillitis is to cleanse the system of toxic waste through proper dietary and other natural methods.

A three to five days fasting is very much beneficial to start the treatment. Pure water and orange should be taken in the period of fasting. The bowel should be cleaned with warm water enema if it is not possible then you should drink a litter lukewarm water with one lime in the morning.

A cold pack to the throat is very much effective you can do it in two hours interval.

Gargling the throat with lemon juice several times in a day is very much beneficial for quick relief. If the problem is severed then you can use fenugreek seeds. To make the gargle, two table spoon of fenugreek seeds should be allowed to simmer for half an hour in a little of water and then set aside to cool. The entire quantity should be used as a soothing gargle in a day with beneficial results. A hot Epsom-salt took even day or every other day will also be beneficial.

Juice therapy to cure tonsillitis:

Raw vegetable juices are very effective in the treatment of tonsillitis. Juices like Carrot, Beet and Cucumber, are very useful.  The combination of juices in a ratio of 300 ml carrot and 100 ml each beet and cucumber.

Yoga treatment for tonsillitis:

All the breathing exercise are very much beneficial you can use any pranayama or yogic kriyas to cleanse the system.

Mudra therapy

Mudras are very useful in the treatment of tonsillitis. Prithvi mudra and appan mudra are the best mudras to cure tonsillitis

Other Important things to follow:

Soup of meat and lentils like moong are commended for you if you are suffering from tonsillitis.  You can use bland, soft foods, gruel ans lukewarm liquids as natural remedies. Chillies and all the condiments should be avoided. Vegetables like bitter gourd, fenugreek, curds, buttermilk and fried foods should be prevented.

All these natural treatment is enough to treat tonsillitis naturally only a few occasions the surgery is needed.

All the information suggested here is only for informative purpose only.  Don’t act on this without consulting your doctor or any other health expert.

Please share your experience in curing tonsillitis naturally.

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Complete nautral treatments for Oedema

Oedema or edema is defined as, Due to several reason in the body, or non-inflammatory swelling that is called as edema.

Edema (also oedema, dropsy, and hydropsy) is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, located beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body. Clinically, edema is manifest as swelling; the amount of interstitial fluid is determined by the balance of fluid homeostasis, and the increased secretion of fluid into the interstitium or the impaired removal of the fluid can cause edema.

Causes for Edema or oedema:

The ailment of the heart, liver and kidney, as well as anemia, are the principal reasons for Edema.

Ayurveda Treatment for Edema or oedema:

In Ayurveda this disease is treated by a simple natural plant called ‘Punarnava’. This small creeper is available in plenty all over India. After the rain season it grows abundantly. In some place it is used as a leafy vegetable. It is available in two types both are useful in the treatment. You can use whole plant as a medicine to cure Edema. Roots are much more efficient in the treatment of Oedema.

The medicine prepared using Punarnava is Punarnava Mandura that is very useful in curing Edema. It is available in a powder form you can use it according to the acuteness of the disease. Normally two gms of the powder three times a day with honey is enough to get good results. Your stool color may change to black due the effect of the medicine nothing to worry. If you had constipation, then this will help you to relieve it.A Certain amount of fluid goes out of the body through stools. It contributes to improving the functions of kidney and promotes urination.

There is another drug in Ayurveda, which is very efficient in curing Edema. That is an Alcoholic preparation the drug is known as Purnavadyarishta. You can take six teaspoons of this drug after food, twice daily. It should be diluted by an equal portion of water before taking it. If the Edema is caused due to liver ailments then you should use this drug in small quantity.

Along this medicine you can use other medicine also to cure Edema.



Home remedies of Edema:

Certain home remedies are found very useful in curing Edema. Vegetables like a drumstick, green banana, gourd, bitter gourd, are very much beneficial in the treatment of Edema. You can use them in any form of food to cure Edema.

Mudra treatment to cure Edema

Mudras are very efficient and easy to perform. You can easily practice it anytime or anywhere. Mudras like Jal-shaamak, Surya mudra, and Linga mudra are very much beneficial in curing Edema.

You should not sleep in day time. If you feel fatigued then you can take rest but please don’t sleep. As far as possible you should move about and avoid sedentary habits. You should avoid all the fried things, salt and curd. If you had constipation, then you can take plenty of papayas to relieve it naturally. You can also use green papaya curry. Ground nut oil and all the preparation of groundnut oil should be avoided.

There is a useful article in wiki how about How to reduce Edema Naturally you can found that article here

These are the Important natural treatment to cure Edema or Oedema. If you are following any other natural treatment that are beneficial in curing Odema, Please let me know in comments.

All the recommendations are informative purpose only, Don’t act before consulting your personal Doctor or any other health expert.

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