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Thinness(under weight) Complete Nature Cure

Thinness or underweight is a relative term like over weight being based on the ideal weight for a given height, built and sex. A person is regarded as moderately underweight if his weight is 10 per cent below the ideal body weight and markedly so if 20 per cent below the ideal.underweight

Appropriate body weight is very important physical attributes and has a deep influence upon the health and personality of an individual.Up to the age of 30 maintain above average is a best choice o prevent many health problems.Between the 30 to 40 it is better that maintain an average weight to prevent many future diseases.After the  age of 40, it will be better that you keep your weight slightly below the average, so as to lighten the burden on the heart, kidney and other vital organs.

In thin peoples there are two types one is wiry and energetic,who eat heartily but never put on weight. Their constant activity burns up their energy.Such persons need not worry as chances are that they do not have any disease such as. The second type of people lack energy and drive, are unable to take their food and when they aet rich food they become sick. Their body lacks fat cells thus providing no storage place for added fat and the calories they consume are probably wasted.

Symptoms of Underweight:

For young people underweight due to an inadequate caloric intake is a serious condition. They easily fatigued,have poor physical stamina and very low resistance power.They are pron to diseases like respiratory disorders, tyberculosis,pnemonia,circulatory diseases like heart disorders, cerebral haemorrhage,nepthritis,typhoid fever and cancer. The occurrence of the complications of pregnancy in young women may result from malnutrition due to an inadequate energy intake

Causes for thinness or Underweight:

Underweight or thinness may cause due to inadequate  or excessive bodily activity or both. Emotional factors like skipping meals, habitual fasting inadequate exercises are some other causes of under weight.Other factors include inadequate digestion and absorption of food due to a wrong dietary pattern for a particular metabolism; metabolic disturbances such as an over active thyroid and hereditary tendencies.  Disorders like Chronic diarrhoea, chronic dyspepsia, liver disorders, insomnia,presence of parasites like tape warm in the alimentary canal and sexual disorders can also lead to thinness or underweight.

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