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Some easy tips to finding out your depressive mood

Depression is the most terrible disorders of all the emotional disorders.Diagnosed depression is very difficult.I am sharing some important and easy tips to find out your depression in early stages.

If you have  a sense of loss and inexplicable sadness, loss of energy and loss of interest then you have to be careful this may be symptoms of depression.

Do you lose the interested in your around or are you feeling tired then check your mood.

Are you wake me in the middle of sleep at 4 or 5 and not able to go back to sleep then maybe you are in a depressed stage?

Are you not able to get sleep at night or are you had nightmares or repeated wake ups in the midnight then you have to check you mood my this a sign of depression.

Do you suffering from guilt, oppressive feelings and self-absorption then maybe you are in a depression.

Other physical symptoms are loss of appetite,giddiness,itching,nausea,agitation,irritation,impotence or frigidity,constipation,aches,pain all over the body,lack of concentration,lack of power to take decision.loss of interest in eating and weight loss.

If you are feeling low body temperature, low blood pressure, hot flushes and shivering then this is the symptoms of severe depression.

This is the few important symptoms to fond out your depressive mood.You can change your destiny by just changing your eating habits and lifestyle.

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Unbelievable truth about causes of  depression 

Unbelievable truth about causes of depression

Yes, Latest studies report unbelievable truth about the major causes of depression.

Last few days a meet lot of persons who are in a depression.I am unable to help them in that terrible situation, almost the condition is unbearable for them and the persons around them.One question is tortured me for last few days what is the major causes behind their depressive mood.

Everyone has some external personal situations to blame for their helpless condition.When I go through the subject and read the latest research finding I got an unbelievable truth.Here it is 

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