Mudra for healthy hair

Mudra yoga for hair growth

In the modern time keeping the hair healthy is a difficult task, but hand yoga mudras will help you. Yoga mudras are very efficient and an effortless way of treatment. Hand yoga mudras are useful for hair regrowth and also preventing hair loss and premature graying of hair.

Here I am sharing few significant and selected mudras that will help you to keep the hair healthy.

Hand Yoga Mudras For Hair Growth

Prithvi mudrā and Kapha-kaarak mudrā or prana mudra is very much useful for hair regrowth and also help in preventing hair loss.

Prithvi mudrā

Hand Yoga Mudra For Hair Growth



Prithvi mudra can be formed by joining the tip of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb finger. This mudra increases earth element within the body which helps to hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Kapha- kaarak mudra or prana mudra

Yoga mudras for hair growth
Mudra to turn grey hair to black


Pran mudra also increase earth element within the body and increases Kapha humor which helps to strengthen the hair. Pran mudra is the best mudra to keep the hair healthy, stimulates hair regrowth and also prevent hair fall and hair loss.


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Mudra for dry hair:

Are you suffering from dry hair or unhealthy hair? Tthen Vaayu-shamak mudrā, Prithivi mudrā, jal-vardhak mudra, vaata-naashak mudrā, kapha-kaarak mudrā, and appan mudra are very much beneficial. Click on the link to know more about these mudras.

Vaayu-shamak mudrā

Mudra for dry hair


jal-vardhak mudra

Mudra for dry hair



vaata-naashak mudrā


Mudra for dry hair


Hand Mudra for hair regrowth:

Prithvi mudrā and Kapha kaarak mudrā or prana mudra are very much useful to hair regrowth. Just 30 to 45 minutes of practice will good result.

Hand mudrā for hair growth: Prasanna mudrā is the best hand mudrā that helps you in regrowth of hair.

Mudra for greasy hair:

Vaata-kaarak and pitta-kaarak mudrā are very much useful to overcome the greasy hair.



Mudra for greasy hair

pitta-kaarak mudrā

Mudra for greasy hair



PRASANNA MUDRA is also known as Hairdo Posture.
This Mudra promotes hair growth and also cures hair loss.
Prasanna mudra for hair growth
How to perform Prasanna Mudra: Keep hand near the chest. Rub the nails of the eight fingers against each other for 5 to 10 minutes for 30 days. The thumbs should be straight.Benefits of  Hairdo Posture: This slows down hair loss, with reduction of
gray hair and split ends. It makes hair lustrous and strong. While improving disposition.

Mudra for premature graying of hair:

Prithvi vardhak mudra is helpful to prevent hair loss and control premature graying.The increase in the earth element will help us to fight against hair loss.Also, this mudra decrease temperature of the body which will help us to calm our body survive in this summer.
 Before practicing Mudras, it is vital to find your Ayurvedic Body type To find your Ayurvedic body type follow this link
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We all know the fact that the older generation didn’t have these much hair problems. Do you ever think about this before?

We are the generation who is facing most of the hair problems.When I researched this subject, I had found some interesting facts about our ancestor’s hair care secret.

In this book, I have covered most of the hair care ways followed in India. All these are proven and still used in some areas of Indian Villages.

Ancient Ways Of Hair Care



1.How to care Grey Hair.

2. How to care Hair Loss.

3. How to care Baldness

4.How to prepare Natural Hair Dye.

5.How to care Silky Hair

6.How to Prepare Hair Oils

More than 200 recipes are included in this book.

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An Excellent Natural Shampoo For Hair Growth And Shine

There is no doubt; our hair is the most prominent feature on our face. However, regular hair treatments such as blow-drying,  dyeing and straightening significantly affect our hair quality making it appear dry and damaged. If our hair is starting to lose its shine and volume, we have an efficient DIY recipe that stops hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.

An Excellent Natural Shampoo For Hair Growth And Shine

On the plus side, it only takes a couple of uses for first results to be seen, and if we continue using it for a month, our hair quality will improve significantly.


750ml common nettle shampoo
100ml aqueous solution of panthenol
30ml nettle drops
30ml aqueous solution of AD drops
50ml castor oil
Two ampoules vitamin B

Mix all ingredients in a 1l bottle. Shake well so that the ingredients blend thoroughly.

Apply on our hair and scalp as when we regularly wash our hair. Massage gently. Leave it on for several minutes then rinse our hair.

Alternatively, we can use a dry hair mask, but it is not compulsory because the DIY shampoo already contains castor oil, nettle and AD drops that target hair dryness.

Make sure that you shake well before each use.

An Excellent Shampoo For Hair Growth And Shine

Including nettle tea into our diet is also recommended because this tea increases our blood count along with balancing our hormonal levels, both of which lead to hair loss.
What makes this shampoo so efficient?

The incredible health benefits of this shampoo are the result of the high medicinal properties of its ingredients, which combined, provide a natural vitamin boost for your hair and scalp.

Nettle: This plant is one of the best natural remedies for hair and scalp health. For one thing, it improves blood flow to the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

Panthenol: The pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, supports hair regeneration and healthy scalp.

Castor Oil: Rich in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, castor oil is another excellent natural remedy that supports healthy hair growth. Plus, its antibacterial and antifungal properties prevent scalp bacteria proliferation as well as the formation of dandruff.


How to retard the hair graying process


Premature hair is one of the major problems in youth. How to retard the graying process? This is a question most of us would like to have answers to. Apart from using hair dyes, there are hardly any other remedies to the graying syndrome. But there are many medicines prescribed in Ayurveda that are said to arrest premature graying of hair.

Here are few of them:Ayurveda remedies for graying of hair

1. Take one teaspoonful of Amrita(giloya), Amla and gokhroo mixed in equal parts to which honey is added, thrice a day.

2. Grind into powder 2 parts of Bhringaraja, 1 part of black sesame seeds, and 1 part of amla. Take a teaspoonful of the powder with milk and sugar. This, however, has to be continued for few months before the effects are visible.

3. For the impatient who want faster results, Swarnamakshika Bhasma may be added in 240 mg doses with the powders.

4 Use Bhringaraja Taila( hair oil)  regularly. Eladi Taila can also be used for massaging the scalp.

5. Grind into paste equal quantities of old mandur, Amla, and jaba(Hibiscus rosa sineusis) flowers and apply it on the head. After the paste dries, wash hair with water in which amla has been soaked overnight.

6. Grind together into fine powder amla-2 parts, harda-2 parts bahera-1 part, the stone of mango-5 parts, and old mandur-2.5 parts. Make a paste of a teaspoonful of this powder with water in which Amla has been soaked overnight. Keep this overnight in an iron vessel and apply it to the hair in the moring. After it dries, apply oil to the hair and then wash throughly.

The naturopathic solution to the problem lies in creating the right PH or acidity level in the body. This means reducing the intake of meat and animal fats and eating a diet rich in alkaline foods such as carrots, celery almonds, figs, endive, fruit, green vegetable and wheat-grass.

One also has to make changes in the lifestyle, which include giving up smoking, improving the diet etc. You can slow the greying process, and even restore the hair to its natural colour through these changes, claim naturopaths. They also feel that there is a definite link between the deficiency of B vitamins and graying.


Kerala hair tonic to prevent dandruff and hair loss

Dandruff is the major cause behind hair fall. To day  I am sharing  an hair tonic that has been using in Kerala from the ancient times.

How to prepare the hair tonic

1. Dried Indian gooseberry  10 Nos.

2. Mehanthi                            1/2 cup

3. Tea powder                         2 teaspoon

4. Eggs                                      2 Nos

5. Soured Curd                        2 teaspoon

6 Lemon                                   2 Nos

In a Iron pan pour half cup water and add Indian gooseberry powder and cook it. After that add Mehanthi, egg white, curd and lemon juice.  In  this mixture add half glass boiled tea and keep it for one day. Apply this mixture on the head and wash it with shampoo after 15 minutes.

This hair tonic will remove dandruff in the first attempt.


Herbal Hair oil that used in Kerala for hair growth

Hair fall is a common problem in young people of modern age. In Kerala they we are using two herbal oils that are very much beneficial in preventing hair fall and helps in regrowth the hair.

Bacopa   5Nos

Indian gooseberry 3 Nos

Aniseed   1 teaspoon

Onion      1 Nos

Coconut oil 150 gm

How to prepare natural herbal hair oil

All the ingredients powdered and boiled in coconut oil. After cooling the oil keep it in a container. Apply it daily for three month to get best results.

How to prepare Aloe Vera oil:

Aloe Vera       1 piece

Aniseed          1 teaspoon

Onion              2 Nos

Holibasil          20 leaves

Coconut oil      250 ml

How to prepare all the above ingredients powdered and boil in coconut oil. After cooling keep it in a container and apply 10 minutes before bath daily. With in a month you can see good results.