Vitamin-E An Anti-Ageing wonder

Vitamin-E An Anti-Ageing wonder


In the recent years, science has discovered a wonder called vitamin-E that can effectively slow down the ageing process by keeping the skin healthy and glowing, the hair glossy and provide a boost to the immunity system.


Vitamin E

A process called oxidation that destroys healthy skin tissue causes most of the skin ageing and wrinkling. Vitamin-E is an antioxidant and oxidative damage. This can slow down the ageing process of the cells. The polluted air chlorinated water, ultraviolet rays of the sun, all cause wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Vitamin-E nullifies all these harmful and ageing affected through its anti-oxidative properties.

Apart from the skin benefits, the hair loss caused by the oxidation can also be reversed by using vitamin-E. Thinning of hair, dryness or damage of hair and dandruff formation are a part of the oxidation process and the anti-oxidative nature of Vitamin-E provides a barrier to this process.

Vitamin-E can be found in that germ, corn, all raw nuts, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and asparagus, and vegetable oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and cottonseed oil. One can also take supplements of this vitamin if the required level is not available from the natural sources. A daily dose of 100 IU, going up to 400 Iu in a gradual manner, should do the trick.

Although many beauty parlours use vitamin E capsules for facial massage treatments, the efficacy of external application of this vitamin has not yet been sustained.

Vitamin-E An Anti-Ageing wonder

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Top 25 natural ways to become fit


When you want to become fit and stay healthy, then many of you may think of taking various supplements available on the market. These supplements include testosterone boosters, fat blockers, appetite suppressants, etc. which are readily available at nearby supplement stores or on the web. Yes, it is true that these products help you to gain wealth and make you stronger, they do only a half from what they claim, though. Many of them cause side effects too. To avoid any such situations, you should take the natural way to become fit and stronger which involves regular exercises and maintaining proper food habits. Check the ‘top 25 natural ways to become fit’ here in this post.

  1. Have a Right Attitude

Your mind is not a muscle, but it still needs some exercise. Not physical, but mental. Your mindset can lead you to success or failure for your goal. Make your mindset towards completing a marathon, not a sprint, for becoming fit. This goal requires making changes in your entire lifestyle, remember!


  1. Make commitments to yourself

A commitment contract may act as a reward system for you. Set a goal and its reward both by yourself and try hard to achieve it. For an example, set a goal of running 20 minutes every day for the 5-month period, and if you reach that goal, buy yourself a cute t-shirt you have had looking for weeks now.


  1. Keep track of your progress and be happy

It’s nice to have a habit of tracking your daily progress, how long and in what way you have applied your plans. Make logs of your daily activities and your daily eats. Do not get frustrated if things are going wrong, just keep track and try to convert results into a positive manner.


  1. Get company

If your friend or family member wants to join you, then get their company. It will make you interested in keeping your progress as well as also help their belongings to get fit.


  1. Get right eatables

This thing is the most basic and may be most difficult(!) to do if you are a food lover. If you want to get and stay fit, then you need to have healthy food. Cut out unhealthy snacks, solid fats, and other oily foods, instead get protein foods, whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and foods with low glycemic index.

  1. Get proper skin supplements

Get a good supply of different vitamins and minerals those are beneficial for your skin and body. Use good-quality skin cream and other body supplies. They will help you to keep your skin smooth and also protects you from UV rays.


  1. More exercise daily

Add some more physical exercise to your daily routine like traveling to the office on bike or cycle, taking a walk with your dog, clean your house by your own, and other possible tasks you can do on your own.


  1. Start an exercise program and stick to it

Make a proper exercise regimen which includes: warm-up, aerobics, strength-building exercise, different stretching moves, and cardio exercise. Start the best fit program for you and stick with it to stay healthy.


  1. Find an efficient way

Physical exercise is a significant effort to get fit. You need to find which sort of exercise your body can handle and then find a more efficient way to do it. This includes dancing, swimming, yoga, etc.


  1. Do extra activities

Play sports, no matter which game you play. Doing extracurricular activities like sports will motivate you to be on the right track.

  1. Take tour of your city

Yes, but by walking, though! This will help you to know your city as you never knew before and also keep you in shape.


  1. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day

Our body has 50-65% water level. So need to stay hydrated. Drink 2-3 liters of water each day which helps you to promote optimal metabolic activity.

  1. Green tea is good

Green tea helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer and preventing remissions. It is a weight management agent, too. Drink at least a cup of green tea every day.


  1. Take proper rest

You do lots of activities for the whole day for money, health, food, etc. Your body needs a significant amount of sleep also, remember that. If you do not get enough sleep, then it will negatively effect on your immune system.


  1. Visit your doctor frequently

With regular physical exercises, you also need to keep your body maintained. Take a visit to your family doctor and dentist regularly even if you feel fit and healthy!


  1. Go outside

Due to the massive pollution outside (created by our-self!), many people avoid to go out for exercising and create a gym in their house. This is good, but you also need to take fresh air and do some natural activities. Hiking, mountain climbing, or just visiting a nearby park, whatever you like.


  1. Create your styles

If you love challenges, then you can try out different workout styles. For example, you can build your Boot camp workout style and cardio exercises in your home or park.


  1. Adventurous races

Take part in adventurous sports which help you to get fitness as well as adds some exciting and fun experience in your routine life.


  1. Sleep early

Getting enough sleep doesn’t mean you stay up late night and then sleep late in the morning. Sleeping early and waking up at the beginning of morning is a good habit.


  1. Mental Aerobics

Brain exercises give benefits which can last for five years by preventing cognitive decline. Solve puzzles, play mind games and get involved in the spirit training programs.


  1. Don’t get stress

Stress is the thing which makes a significant impact on your health and contributes towards poor health. If you get stress, your body reacts. Poor posture, tension headaches, high blood pressure, etc. are the causes of stress. Try to keep yourself happy and relax and avoid stress at most as you can.


  1. Offer services

You can take part in community gatherings and provide service as a volunteer. You can give help in cleaning your nearby park, too. It will not only make you fit but also make a good impression on your neighbors as well as keeps your city clean.


  1. Use gadgets

Today, many fitness gadgets are available to monitor your level of fitness like your heart rates during workouts, calories you burnt, your distance and speed. Etc. Take help of such gadgets; they will assist you in an excellent way to become and stay fit.


  1. Did you try online?

You can find nearby fitness centers, yoga classes, training programs and wellness events, etc. by online. Even you can book your appointments and make reminders for them to get support from the technology itself.


  1. Remember all of the above 24

The most important thing you should do to get fit and healthy is stuck with the plan you create for your workouts. Never show reasons of not doing exercises or when you eat food out of your diet chart. The only person who can make you and stay fit is you; no one else can make you get fit if you do not want to!



Joining a gym is a good way to become stronger and healthy, but it is not the only or necessary way for it. You can do different workouts at your home or outside area by yourself and see the best results of the punctuations in your habits. It will surely put the smile on your face at the time!

Author Bio:

Mandip is a fitness enthusiast, gardener, an avid outdoorsman and an animal lover. He loves to write on fitness tips, camping, gardening, and outdoor sports equipment. Check more posts from him @ Best On Internet.

The 3 Body Types—and How They Affect Your Weight Loss


The human body type (somatotype) can be classified into many types of varying shape and sizes. The three basic types: Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. The composition of the body is mainly lean body mass. The ideal body weight and composition solely depends on you and your goals. For an athlete, to remain fit, healthy and strong, the body composition and weight are lower. Women are known to have more fat content in their bodies than men. The fat content ranges from 6- 25 % for men and 14- 30% for women. The body type of a person doesn’t only describe a person’s appearance and looks but it also gives information about how a person responds to food consumption and about the characteristics of the hormonal and sympathetic nervous system.


People with the body type Ectomorph have a petite frame. They are light built, have small lean muscles and joints. They fall into the category of people below the average weight for their height. Their appearance is skinny. Ectomorphs have the ability to eat a lot and gain no weight and that is simply because of their high metabolism. They are characterized by flat chest, small shoulders, thin body, and a delicate bone structure.

Ectomorphs have a very high metabolism because of which they tend to remain skinny throughout their lives. However, proper diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can bring about changes as well. They burn fat easily because of the high metabolic rate and a strong carbohydrate tolerance.


People with a mesomorph body type have an athletic and upright frame. They are able to gain and lose weight with ease. They can also build strong and firm muscles. Mesomorphs are characterized by short limbs and a long torso with well-defined muscles. They have a rectangular shaped body and their body of generally hard. They have more ability than ectomorphs to gain weight and build muscles. They have a good carb tolerance but it is lesser than that of ectomorphs.

Since mesomorphs are generally strong and have a firm frame, they respond quickly to exercises and physical workouts. For mesomorphs, weight loss routines work out well since they can shed fat easily. During exercises, they need to emphasize on plyometrics, moderate endurance training, and high-intensity interval training.


Endomorph is the body type that gains fat quite easily. It is the type that is most liable to gaining fats than the other types, hence, this type is characterized as round and soft. It is difficult for people with an endomorph body type to maintain a stable weight as they have a low metabolic rate. They are not necessarily obese but they have more muscles and fat tissues than the other body types.

For endomorphs to maintain a fit and healthy body, they need to eat the right kind of food that will speed up the metabolic rate. To limit the carbohydrate intake is important as that has an effect on the blood sugar levels. For endomorphs, High-intensity interval training is highly recommended along with Cross Fit training. Protection Status

We all know that overweight and lack of fitness is the primary causes for most of the leading health problems.Losing weight and being fit is not an easy task. In the present market, we have numerous modern ways to lose weight in a quick section. But most of the weight loss programs have side effects.

When you come into ancient techniques, most of them are challenging to implement, and we end up with disappointments. If this is the case for you, then my book 101 ways for weight loss naturally is a right fit for you


In this, I have included only easy and proven natural method to lose weight and being fit. There is no dieting needed to get the result from these techniques. 

101 Ways For Weight Loss Naturally (E-Book)

101 Ways For Weightloss Naturally


1. Ayurvedic home remedies

2.Weight Loss recipes

3. Simple Home Remedies

4. Juices for weight loss

5. Simple Yoga asanas and massages.

6.Mudras for weight loss

7.Kerala home recipes for weight loss

8.Acupress Points for weight loss

9.Sleeping positions to lose weight.

10. Diet tips for losing weight.

11.Affirmations for weight loss

12. How to use Subconscious mind to lose weight. Etc.


I am sure if you follow any one of these techniques you can get fitness easily.

If you have any doubt about the implementation of the process in this book you can contact me.


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101 ways to weight loss

Effects and preventive measures of bad posture



Adverse effects of bad posture

There are various problems which are associated with a bad posture. One of the major one is sore muscles. When an individual sits, stands or lies down in improper posture, the muscles of the body have to bear the extra stress to ensure that the spine remains stable and protected. As a result the stiffness of muscles begins. Over a period of time this stiffness in muscles leads to fatigued muscles and connecting tissues etc. Some other factors include;

  1. Spinal Curvature

In humans the spine is naturally shapes as the letter “S”. This shape is ideal for providing absolute balance to the body and keep the spine safe from shocks as well. The human spine has natural curves in four areas which help in keeping our body flexible. However, due to slouching or stiffening of the muscles, the spine comes under pressure and the shape of the spine alters. This adversely affects its ability to support the body and perform its functions without malfunctioning.

  1. Nerve Constriction

In the advanced stages of altered spine, the movements of the patients become altered as well. These exert pressure and stress on the nerves that surround the spinal nerves. It must not be forgotten that the nerves around the spine come from all over the body. Thus, when these nerves becomes tensed and pinched, it affects multiple parts of the body other than just the neck and the back etc.

  1. Clotting

One of the major threats related with poor posture is constriction of the body vessels that are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body along with blood. When this constriction occurs the cells are deprived of oxygen and as a result clot can form anywhere in the affected area. Such individuals are also at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis as well.

Preventive measure

  1. When at work take regular intervals and use this time to step away from the desk to perform stretching exercises. Also try clasping both hands while pushing the shoulders forward and looking at the ceiling. This will help in realigning the spine
  2. When sitting legs should not be crossed as it can mess with the alignment of the hips
  3. Stretch the arms twice in a day to keep the joints, bones and muscles aligned
  4. When standing do not distribute weight on the feet unevenly.


Author Bio

Nicky Bill is a leading chiropractic who works with his patients to help them improvise their postures along with the treatment, so that the chances of recurring chronic problems related to bones and muscles resulting from poor posture can be minimized. He regularly shares tips at

This is what happens to you when you suppress anger


Anger is one of the most destructive of all emotions. It raises blood pressure, disturbs mental equilibrium and plays havoc with general health. An angry person cannot make rational decisions. Choleric people are prone to ulcers, hypertension, backache, migraine and heart problems. Suppressing anger is detrimental to overall well-being. It can lead to bowel problems, respiratory ills and skin flare-ups. Expressing anger and ventilating angry feelings is the first step towards control of that emotion. Women are much more likely than men to turn anger inwards and blame themselves, thus becoming depressed. There are many ways that one can get rid of anger without hurting anyone.

Anger management


Repressed anger can result in resentment, anxiety or depression, all of which are damaging to the health. It is like a time bomb ticking away in your brain, likely to explode at any moment.

Anger comes in many shapes and forms, for instance



3, Hurt

4. Frustration

5. Harassment


7 Tragedy, why me?

Acknowledging and expressing how we feel is healing, both we feel healing, both for our relationships and ourselves. But sadly, many of us learn at an early age to suppress our tears or anger or to rationalise away our strongest feelings. As adults, we may then hold back, fearing that we will hurt or be rejected by others if we reveal our true feelings, or that we may be overwhelmed or lose control. In fact, this makes matters worse. Creating distance between us and our friends and partners or building up resentment. In the long run, the inability to express emotions is known to be the major cause of minor problems. Such as headaches as well as severe illness.

If you tend to suppress your feelings–

  1. Learn to acknowledge to yourself how you feel and try to identify the cause of your sadness, anger, etc.
  2. Try to express your feelings directly to that cause.
  3. Try to say what’s on your mind at the time, rather than bottling it up or coming out with it later.
  4. Share your feelings of sadness or fear with others, rather than denying them or keeping them to yourself.
  5. Find outlets for anger and aggression that do not harm others, eg.,
  6.  challenging physical exercise, or shouting from the top of a hill.