How to Get rid of Allergens for a Healthy Living?

How to Get rid of Allergens for a Healthy Living?

We all know that the allergies are super annoying. We all have experienced some allergies in our lifespan. It feels like a cold, and suddenly you may also think that it can be converted into the fever. If we look at a side, we feel that we are shivering in the cold, but on the other hand, we experience the exact opposite as our body is now being hot, and soon we will get the fever. We feel lazy, irritated, lost, and mainly unfocused. We just can’t concentrate on the other important things because of that running nose and burning eyes. Am I right?


But you know what? We are the only reason behind all this mess. We do not take the allergens seriously and allow them to play with our health. Many professionals have studied about the allergens. One of these great surveys, there is one study which was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. That research shows that there are total six allergens, which could be found in more than fifty percent of the houses or residential areas.


Just imagine! It’s an average. Such allergens can be carried in through the air or some other medium like pets or anything! They hid themselves on walls, carpets, furniture, floors, etc. But, we can get over all the issues of allergies just by taking just a little care of our house and naturally, our body.


Regular cleaning is the approved and highly accepted solution to reduce the allergens. It is impossible to get rid of the allergens entirely, but just by understanding our body and type of allergens, we can decrease the reactions. Read this article to know about the meaning and different kinds of allergens followed by the remedies of your problems. Let’s start with the sense of allergen.


Meaning of Allergen


There is a substance available in our surroundings which you may or may not see, and which can become a severe threat to our health, as it can cause an allergic reaction in our body.


Types of Allergens


There are many types of allergens available, and each type can give different reactions. It can be minor or major, it can affect us for a short time or can last for the few days or more. It gets worse for those people who are extra sensitive to such allergens.


There are;

  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Latex Allergies
  • Allergic Asthma
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Allergy to Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Animal Allergy
  • Insect Stings
  • Poison ivy/oak
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Drug Allergies
  • Cockroach Dropping
  • Food Allergies (Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Shellfish, Wheat, Milk, etc.)


These many types! Aagh… So, the very first step anyone should follow is – to understand which type of allergy you have! Find out what you are allergic to and then start pursuing these remedies.


Remedies for Allergies


  1. Order the Dust to Get Out!


One of the primary reasons to get the severe allergies is Dust. If you have the dust allergy, then getting rid of dust is the only possible option for you. Clean your house furniture twice a week with the damp paper or wet cloth. Use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and start cleaning your house flooring, curtains, and carpets. Oh yes, don’t forget to wear a dust mask before starting the cleaning process. When possible, choose the hardwood floors, so that you can clean or wash it quickly. Try to stop using carpets, but if you must have one, then go with a low-pile opting. You should also avoid rugs as they are the keeper of dust and mold. If you want to have one or two of them, then wash it often.


  1. Washing – The Savior.


Dust particles are microscopic. Even if you think that you have cleaned your entire house, you might be wrong. Not just the flooring, carpets, and furniture, but you should also clean pillow covers, bed sheets, and blankets time to time. Washing them in the boiling water with the powder detergent can work the best for you. Wash them and then dry in a hot dryer to kill dust mites. If you live in the area where there is a lot of sunlight, then you are lucky! There is no better cure than the natural sun rays. If you have some stuff which is not washable, then you can dry them in each summer. Also, keep in mind that you just can’t keep the laundry in the washing machine as the molds can grow there quickly.


  1. Go Green, Be Great.


If you are cleaning your house and the household accessories, then using the green cleaning products could be your best choice. They have natural and plant-based ingredients, which help with better cleaning and fresh fragrances. Moreover, you can also make them on your own just by using different ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon, orange peels, etc. So naturally, they are economical as well as preferable. Also, you can get the help of pest controllers. There are particular agencies which work for controlling the pest. Contact them and stay in the clean place ever after.


  1. Air Purifiers – Purify Mood and Mind.


Air purifiers help us to reduce mold and mildew. It is scientifically proven that if you can control the humidity below 50% in your house, it can help in preventing mold growth. You can use humidity controller or air purifiers. There are several fragrances available in the market, which can give the unusual odor and help us to take fresh air. But, one thing you should keep in your mind is that you must not be allergic to the typical fragrance you are using. If you live near the main road or market where traffic jams are regular, then you have to keep the window shut. Shut out breezes as the allergens can come in any form.


  1. Hey You! Have a Good Bath.


Each time when you come in, go to the bathroom and have a relaxing hot shower. There are many allergens available in the atmosphere or the places you have been. Removing them from your body for the better health is essential. Also, take off all the clothes you have used outside and put them into the washing machine. Keep the shoes out of your house so that you will not carry the allergens inside your home with your shoe dust. The steam bath is the best possible option to get rid of body allergies. It can give the faster results, and it is also better for health.


  1. Pollen – Big No No!!!


Pollen is undoubtedly a potent allergen. To keep it away from your life, you have to follow specific disciplines. If you have a severe allergy to Pollen, you should keep all the doors, and the windows closed, especially during the late evenings and night. You should also avoid the early morning rides between 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. when pollens are expected to emitted from plants. Also, don’t go to such places where the pollen count is high. Pollen catches the humid things faster. So if possible, do not hang your laundry to dry outside of the house as there are chances that pollens and molds can collect on them.


  1. Vacuum a Day, Keeps the Allergens Away!


Many of us, must be having allergies to pet hair or fur. Am I right? Our pets are one of the significant resources of allergens because of their playful nature and outdoor activities. You can reduce animal dander with the frequent cleaning with the vacuum cleaner. As mentioned earlier, vacuums with the HEPA filters are the best combination for the perfect cleaning procedure. Also, keep your dog clean and hygienic. Bath him once a week and secure his health as well as stay away from your allergies. So the thing to remember is that if you have pets, then you have to clean their sleeping blankets and living areas also. You can also train your pet not to lay down on the grass or dig the soil.


  1. Healthy Eating – The Key to Staying Healthy.


We all know that our immunity is the primary thing which can keep us away from any illness – whether it is cold, fever, or such allergies. So, work on your inner strength and immunity power. Healthy eating, proper hydration, and just a half hour of exercise every day can help you tremendously. Fruits and veggies are the best sources of every kind of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Apart from fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, green tea or any other flavored tea can help you to detox your system. So, eat healthy, drink more, and stay fit. (forget about alcohol in this case, please!)


  1. Inhale, Exhale, and Meditate.


Inhale some steam to ease a stuffy nose. It can also make your breathing easy. Take some deep breaths, exhale slowly, try different yoga and meditate. Many of us have no idea how these simple actions can work out positively. Meditation is also one of the best practices to avoid allergens. It can calm your mind, relax your body, and helps you to tackle the allergies. You can also try a nasal rinse. It cleans mucus from your nose. There are many rinse kits available which can help you to whisk away bacteria, thin mucus, and make your breathing easy. You just need to lean over a sink and gently flush one nostril at a time.


  1. The Vicious Circle of Soil and Plants!


We all have heard about the excellent benefits of indoor plants. They are mood elevators, freshness giver, and super exciting. Right? Certainly, they are! But, if you are super allergic with the fragrances or any other smell of flowers or leaves, or even of the small particles of plants, then you must control your urges of growing any plants – indoor or outdoor! Also, the soil encourages molds and various allergens. Try to avoid indoor plants to get rid of allergens.


Getting rid of Allergens is an easy task…


So, that’s it! These are the simple tips and tricks you can count on! Just by following these simple remedies, you can quickly get rid of allergens for healthy living. I hope you have found them interesting and helpful. There is no rocket science to keep ourselves free from allergies.


We just have to take a little care of ourselves and our surroundings, and there we are!

Even after trying all these stuff, there is no improvement regarding your allergies; you can see a doctor for the expert’s advice. But most probably, you will surely get relief after trying these tricks. Stay healthy and keep your surrounding clean for all the good and positive vibes.


Shailee Sheth:


Shailee Sheth is a content writer who loves to read, research, and write various articles which can make a small difference in the surroundings. She is curious and always go deep to dig out the best diamonds of information. She loves to write on different topics which can help her to widen her knowledge span. Currently, she is associated with Vaccum Cleaner Stuffs.



3 Tricks to Banish Cellulite

In a recent survey of 1,000 U.S. women above the age of 18, results found that forty percent of them are living with cellulite. Of that forty percent, ninety percent of them agree that their cellulite bothers them. Women who have cellulite may have a lower self-image and less self-confidence, making them prone to a low self-esteem. Cellulite can make women think that they are less attractive to others, increasing the level of insecurity they feel in social settings such as the beach.

This article will discuss cellulite and provide you with three strategies you can use to get rid of the cellulite forever and live your life with the body you desire.

Cellulite Defined

Cellulite is the term used to describe the unsightly accumulation of fat cells beneath the skin. These fat cells are squeezed and pulled by the strong connective tissues surrounding them. The bands of fibrous tissues and collagen push fat cells toward the surface of the skin, making it dimple and pop out unevenly. This effect creates a visual of dimpled or ruffled skin that has an unhealthy appearance.

However, it is important to note that it is not always an elevated BMI (Body Mass Index) that is the culprit behind cellulite development. Many women that have low BMI also experience the accumulation of cellulite. Factors that lead to the development of cellulite include; childbirth, genetic predisposition, physiological inflammation, and hormone balance all play a role in the accumulation of adipose tissue and the onset of cellulite.

Getting rid of cellulite can feel like an impossible challenge for most women. However, there is hope. Here are three simple strategies that you can use to improve your lifestyle, your physique, and banish that cellulite forever!

#1 Topical Creams and Exfoliants

Fat cells damage collagen, so it’s essential to restore the health of your skin as your first task in getting rid of cellulite forever. Begin your new skin routine by thoroughly exfoliating with a scrubbing brush or sponge. Removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin will give it a glow and reduce the appearance of dimpling.

Once you have exfoliated, use a topical beauty cream that is rich in CoQ10 and caffeine. The CoQ10 will rejuvenate the skin and collagen stores, plumping it up and giving it a glow. The caffeine will help to dehydrate the fat cells and assist the metabolism with burning it off.

#2 The Importance of Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are critical components of healthy skin. Make sure that you are drinking enough water to ensure you are adequately hydrated. Dehydration will make your skin feel and look dry, increasing the dimpling from cellulite.

Eat a balanced diet and remove sugar and refined carbohydrates from your meals and snacks. Refined carbs and sugar increase insulin insensitivity and insulin spikes. Insulin is the hormone responsible for aging, by reducing its presence in your body you keep your skin looking healthy. Sugar is also responsible for creating inflammation in the GI tract. Inflammation is another biological response that is terrible for your skin.

Exercising every day will help your body remove toxins and keep your skin clear. Eating a calorie deficient diet coupled with regular exercise is the most efficient way to reduce adipose body fat stores and clear your cellulite.

#3 Arrange a Visit to an Aesthetics Clinic

The fastest and most efficient way of removing cellulite stores is to check into an aesthetics clinic and make an appointment with aesthetics professional. The team at Dore Aesthetics use the latest cryolipolysis technology to freeze fat cells and kill them off. The body then absorbs the fat cells and excretes them.

With cryolipolysis, you have the opportunity to see the drastic reduction of your cellulite quickly, with some women reporting noticing the effects after just two sessions.

Wrapping Up

Combining these three strategies will enable you to change your body and your lifestyle to the image that you desire. Work on a plan to incorporate all three of them into your daily schedule and your cellulite will soon be a thing of the past!

5 Skin Conditions Treatable with Milk

5 Skin Conditions Treatable with Milk

5 Skin Conditions Treatable with Milk


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Having good skin is the number one sign of a healthy body. However, nowadays it has become harder and harder to keep your skin happy and glowy due to external factors such as pollution, stress and so on. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable and efficient natural ingredients out there that can help us achieve good skin for a fraction of the cost of fancy skincare. One such remedy is milk.

Use Milk Locally for Healthier Skin

Since times immemorial, men and women alike have used milk for its various benefits on their well-being. When ingested, it can provide the human body with valuable vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, calcium,and riboflavin. It’s delicious on its own, as an ingredient in other dishes and desserts, or fermented and turned into savory cheeses, creams and much more.

Furthermore, milk is also good for your body on the outside. Although research has linked milk and other dairy products with the onset of severe skin conditions such as acne, eczema,and hives, applying it locally on problem areas has curative powers for your skin. Here are five skin conditions that milk treats.

1.      Cold Sores

Cold sores are an unpleasant skin condition that manifests itself in the form of a red blister that is usually filled with liquid. Also known as fever blisters, they are a skin condition that many people nowadays struggle with.

The herpes simplex virus is to blame for cold sores. Unfortunately, there is no known cure that can permanently rid us of it, but the sore itself can be cured with either natural remedies or medical creams if it keeps reappearing way too often.

One of the best home remedies for fever blisters is cold milk. To apply it to the area affected by the sores, simply soak a cotton ball in it and hold it on that patch of skin for a few minutes. Do it three to four times a day until the blisters disappear. This organic treatment also helps relieve you from the adjacent itching that comes with this condition, which is a major plus.

2.      Dry Skin

According to Allure Magazine,the benefits of milk in achieving smooth, flawless skin have been known and used by women and men alike over the centuries. One such famous example is that of Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, who would take full milk baths on the regular to keep her glow strong.

These amazing results come from the proteins and vitamins that milk infuses the skin with. This is why applying a mask can work wonders on your complexion. Mix it with honey and lemon juice for added skincare benefits. If you want the treatment to be more exfoliating than normal, you can also mix in some baking soda. But lactic acid is already a gentle exfoliator, so this is not mandatory.

3.      Breakouts

Although it has been clinically proved that it causes acne when present in someone’s diet, milk actually helps cure breakouts when applied locally. The lactic acid present in it is beneficial for acne-prone skin because it tones, exfoliates, brightens and tightens pores. All in all, milk is a jack of all trades when it comes to taking care of your skin.

By mixing a bit of it with flour to create a thin, airy paste and applying it to your problem areas, you can handle even the most aggressive spots. However, if you suffer from severe cystic acne or any other aggravated skin condition, visiting a medical professional is in order.

4.      Discoloration

Much like lemon juice, another beloved home remedy for various skin problems, milk helps brighten dark patches on your skin. This is another benefit of the lactic acid that it contains. To achieve the best results, soak a cotton pad in it, apply it to the desired area and, ideally, leave to dry overnight.

Milk also helps with achieving an overall brightness of the skin. For this result, simply apply a mask all over your face, leave on for twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse off gently. Your skin will be glowing, and you will feel better than ever.

5.      Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

Anyone that has struggled with problematic skin knows that enlarged pores and blackheads go hand in hand. But milk can help with these too, among other natural remedies. After cleansing your face and especially your pores, apply milk to your nose, cheeks, chin and wherever else you might have this issue.

For the best results, you need to try its sour alternatives, such as buttermilk or sour cream. While regular milk works fine as well, these other options have even more pronounced astringent qualities. Thus, depending on how enlarged your pores are, you can either use one or the other.


While it is known milk and various allergic reactions to it can cause skin conditions such as acne, hives or eczema, when applied on the outside it can be useful in many ways. For one, it can soothe and cure cold sores, an unpleasant skin conditions many people struggle with regularly.

On top of that, milk and dairy products can also help restore the glow of your skin, while at the same time keeping it bright and hydrated. Therefore, while drinking the stuff isn’t always the best idea (especially if you’re sensitive to it), the external application offers an amazing assortment of advantages for our body.

How To Kill Sinus Infection Within Minutes With Apple Cider Vinegar!

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Sinus infection is an inflammation of the tissue and membrane and is portrayed by a headache, fever, thick mucus which leads to a blockage, and pain in the face area. However, there are effective natural remedies for sinusitis, which cleanse the sinuses and destroys the microbes that caused the matter. A chronic sinusitis lasts for around 3 months, however it’s left untreated, it may last longer. In many cases, the sinus infection is caused by bacteria and viruses in the atmosphere between the cheeks, between the eyes, and the forehead. Bacteria and viruses are typically the leading cause of the infection of the sinuses that’s the atmosphere between the Antibiotics pose serious health threats, and that means you should approach the matter naturally.

Apple cider vinegar is among the most strong alternative medicine, and it’s abundant in vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and malic acid. It binds to the germs so the body may easily eliminate them. Raw, Use unfiltered, unpasteurized, and apple cider vinegar to reap its benefits. Make certain it contains sediment pieces on the bottom of the bottle, which are also known as the mother. The oral use of ACV prevents the airways and breaks up the mucus, and the high anti-bacterial properties will destroy bacteria. It’ll also encourage the immunity system and supply nutrients. The electrolytes it contains balance the pH and alkalizes the body.

The consumption of 2 tablespoons every day will prevent the strikes of microbes. Furthermore, red pepper cayenne and its active ingredient capsaicin are an effective analgesic and treat the nasal congestion. To see to the sinus infection, sniff a little bit of red pepper cayenne to clear the airways or use Capsinol Nasal Spray which contains capsaicin. Also, you may prepare a medicine by adding a spoonful of pepper into a cup of water and drink it till you experience relief. The use of the spice will dilate the blood vessels and so break down the mucus. This may soothe the inflammation, improve circulation, soothe facial pain, and treat the signs of sinusitis.


Here is how to prepare a potent natural remedy for sinusitis:


Two tablespoons of ACV
A bit of cayenne pepper
One teaspoon of raw honey
Juice of one lemon
One glass of lukewarm water

Add the ingredients to the glass of water. Drink it while warm, and you can also use the remedy to gargle and accelerate the recovery. Consume the drink no more than twice daily.

The effects are felt immediately, but its regular use will treat sinusitis in a few days.

The Hormonal Effects of Exercise


Most of us exercise because we want to look better. It’s not that we’re vain, but losing some flab around the butt or packing mass onto our pecs makes us feel more confident and proud to live inside our bodies. Yet, though we may not realize it, the greatest benefit of regular exercise is that it positively affects our hormones, which results in some pretty amazing internal changes.

The Importance of Hormones

Your hormonal system controls everything that goes on in your body. It regulates your blood sugar – if it’s either too high or too low, then your hormones are out of balance. It also controls your bowel function. Constipation and irritable bowel syndrome are both related to hormone regulation. It even controls your body-weight. If you’re one of those people who puts on weight just by looking at food, it’s a sign that your hormonal system is unbalanced. It’s the same thing if you continually eat but cannot gain weight.

Hormones regulate cellular activity. They either stimulate or they block certain reactions. They are also used to repair and rebuild muscle cells and are closely related to energy production.

The hormonal system is profoundly affected by exercise. In fact, every time you work out, you are positively affecting at least 18 different hormones. Exercise stimulates growth hormone. It also stimulates tissue growth, which helps to slow down the aging process. In addition, exercise initiates the hormonal process which mobilizes fatty acids as a sources of extra energy, stimulating fat breakdown and helping to balance blood sugar levels.

The Endocrine System and Exercise

The endocrine system is responsible for releasing hormones from glands into the body’s circulation. These hormones act on specific receptors to perform a number of functions during and after exercise. These include:

  • Regulating cell metabolism
  • Facilitating the cardiovascular response to exercise
  • Facilitating the transportation of hormones, such as insulin, cross cell membranes
  • Modulating protein synthesis to repair muscle after exercise

Any time you exercise, you change the structure of your cells. Hormones are required to help the body make these changes.

Short Term and Long Term Hormonal Responses

The initial changes brought on by exercise are neural adaptations. The body will learn to use more motor units more effectively and to recruit more muscle fibers. These are short term adaptations that are controlled by the nervous system.

Long term adaptations require that your cells develop receptor sites that are able to cling onto the increased levels of hormones that are produced by the exercise. This takes time.

As a result of the needs for cells to develop receptor sites to uptake the increased flow of hormones produced by exercise, the longer you have been exercising the more efficient your body becomes at utilizing the hormones that are stimulated by exercise.

Specific Hormonal Responses


Exercise stimulates endorphins, which are hormones that stop pain. Exercise is well regarded as one of the most powerful antidepressants due to its ability to stimulate endorphin release. It also stimulates the hormone that secretes thyroid as well as prolactin, which is the hormone that helps breastfeeding mothers to produce milk.

Stress Hormones

We all know that exercise is a great stress releaser. The reason is that it boosts the release of two key stress releasing hormones:

  • Epinephrine
  • Nor-epinephrine

These hormones help the central nervous system and the brain work properly to help manage stress. In addition, nor-epinephrine cranks up our fat burning system so that we burn calories quicker. The best way to get norepinephrine coursing through the body is by way of an intense cardio workout.


Another hormone that is stimulated by exercise is vasopressin, which controls water secretion from the kidneys. People who suffer from water retention, as evidenced by puffy fingers and eyes and swollen feet, will find that regular exercise will help to get this under control.

Pituitary and Adrenals

The pituitary gland is the master control gland in the brain. It works in conjunction with the hypothalamus to control the body. Exercise heightens the activity of the pituitary gland.

In the adrenal glands, exercise helps to stimulate the release of cortisol, which is a natural cortisone. If you’ve got any inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, regular exercise will produce the natural cortisol to stop the associated pain. Cortisol is released as a result of stress, including the stress of exercise. It can help to metabolize fat for fuel and to convert protein into energy.

Aldosterone, the hormone that helps to balance minerals, is also stimulated by exercise.


The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone, which controls mental clarity. People who constantly feel fuzzy headed and can’t remember basic information will probably find that their thyroid gland is not working properly. And the reason that it’s not working properly is because the hormonal system is out of balance. Exercise has the power to correct it. That’s why, after you’ve gone for a brisk walk, you feel as if your brain is working again.

The thyroid also controls bowel function and the amount of calcium in your bones. That’s why exercise is a great combative against osteoporosis. When it comes to osteoporosis and the release of the thyroid hormone, weight bearing and strengthening exercises have been shown to be the the most effective.

Insulin and Glucagon

Exercise also helps to regulate pancreatic function. The pancreas controls digestive enzyme production and blood sugar. So people with blood sugar and digestive problems can only benefit from exercise.

Insulin and glucagon are two hormones that are released by the pancreas. They both have a vital role to play in allowing energy to be available for exercise. Exercise suppresses the release of insulin from the pancreas, while also increasing insulin sensitivity. The result is that less insulin is required for the same effect.

During exercise glucose uptake by our muscles speeds up. Increased glucagon release facilitates an increase in blood sugar levels. This reaction takes effect as exercise progresses and glycogen stores deplete.

The General Adaptation Syndrome

Whenever we exercise we place stress on our body. During the first 2-3 weeks of beginning an exercise program, the body goes through a shock or alarm phase where your hormones are having to adapt to doing something new. This is followed by a 4-6 week adaptation phase, during which the body becomes more effective at responding to the stress of exercise. After that you reach an exhaustion phase where you plateau in your performance. That is why you should change your exercise program every two to three months.

Using Exercise to Slow Down the Aging Process

By choosing exercises which promote more of an anabolic, or muscle building, hormonal response, we can help to lessen the aging process. If we are repairing and rebuilding new muscle cells, we are helping the muscles to act and behave younger.

Your key anabolic hormones are . . .

  • Growth hormone
  • Testosterone
  • Insulin-like growth-factor 1 (IGF-1)

The best exercises to stimulate your anabolic hormones are heavy compound resistance moves like squats, the bench press and the deadlift. Growth hormone and testosterone release re also associated with strength improvement.

Why You Should Exercise in Natural Light

When you exercise outside with the sun beating down, the sunlight will help to regulate your seratonin and melatonin levels. This will help you to sleep better at night.

The Sun also has a very profound effect on the hormonal system. Light from the sun reaches the pineal gland near the base of the brain. That’s the gland that regulates your seratonin and melatonin levels. Seratonin makes you feel happy and induces sleep. Try to exercise outdoors at least three times per week. Don’t wear eye protection when you are exercising to allow the natural light to get through. If you wear contacts, see if you can remove them when working out in the outdoors.

Don’t Give Up On Exercise

Exercise is so important for optimal hormonal functioning that it is something that you need to continue with for the rest of your life. The moment you stop exercising, your hormonal system will start to function less than optimally. Over time it will only get worse.

What’s the Best Exercise for Your Hormones?

One of the best exercises for over hormonal well-being is walking. It provides rhythmical aerobic exercise for the lungs and heart.  A brisk walk is also a great opportunity to get out in the sun, where you expose yourself to the ultraviolet light that helps to balance your serotonin and melatonin levels. Ideally, though, you should do a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Exercise against a resistance is the best way to release such hormones as growth hormone and testosterone, whereas aerobic exercise will more readily boost your vasopressin and endorphin levels.

Stay Regular

Make it your aim to exercise every single day for a minimum of twenty minutes. You could choose to do a resistance exercise program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and go for a 20-23 minute walk on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind, too, that resistance exercise doesn’t mean that you have to go out and join a gym. You can get a great workout with just your bodyweight exercises, doing exercises like push ups or by performing cardiovascular activities down at the local park. Or you can set up your own garage gym at home, allowing you to work out whenever you get the urge.