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What is the significance of maintaining agility of the Chakras?

The geometry of the energy system in mankind
Between the span that stretches from Atomic and cosmic, everything works due to geometric perfection. One of the most stable and fundamental geometric forms are that of the Triangle. So far the energy system in mankind is concerned; a pair of triangles plays the major role. These triangles are conceived to intersect at the ANAHATA Chakra, that the Yogic system said that lies at the level of the chest.
The adequate alignment will empower you to materialize your thoughts in a style that will manifest your thoughts. To boost the intensity of your thoughts in a style that it gets manifested, you need to elevate the triangle that points upward. You need to undertake special practices to make it happen. You can achieve this if you maintain a fast for a substantial span. However, the moment you break the fast, the triangle will come down again.

What is the significance of maintaining agility of the Chakras?


What is the significance of maintaining agility of the Chakras?

The human body has 114 chakras, 72 nadis and 114 junction points that hold significance to energy system of the human body. Chakras are the points where a significant count of nadis meets each other. The reason for such a nomenclature is to resemble motion. 2 out of the 114 Chakras are out of the control of mankind and normally these chakras lie in a sublime state. The rest of the chakras are scattered throughout the physical body and a few lies on the mental plane.
The movement of the chakras solely depends on the act that you undertake with yourself. If you are desirous to get to a state where you can perform various types of activities as well as you get the ability to cope with varied instances and situations, the Chakra physiology is to be adjusted accordingly. It is highly important to undertake those actions that will maintain the dynamism of the Chakras as this dynamism determines the extent of your flexibility as well as your capacity to cope with different situations. The challenge that the majority of people faces is that the moment they try to multi-task, they end up doing a complete mess for all the activities that they attempt to do in parallel.

The journey from conclusion to consciousness through confusion

Till the time you have a conclusion on everything that comes in your perusal, probably you are lacking in receptivity. You can never ever be attentive, until the time you have an instant conclusion. The higher is the extent to such conclusions, more intense is the challenge to achieve consciousness.
People who practice HATHA yoga daily must have experience that they lack the necessary flexibility of the body in those days while they hold a rigid attitude. On the contrary, in those days when the mind is happy, it becomes much easier to bend the body. The attribute of consciousness keeps working on each of the body cells and across ever moment. This is the reason for which people are suffering from ailments that are self-inflicted.
The US, for sure, is among those nations that have the maximum alternatives for foods. However, the country experiences highest spending on healthcare services that goes to the extent of 3 million in a year. This massive spending is due the ailments that are caused due to affluence and hence, it is a crime. A nation that gets the adequate nutrition, if spends such excessive amount behind healthcare, it is an indication that there is something going wrong at the fundamental level.
Consciousness is all about attaining a perfect geometric progression for the energy system in the human body. The moment you attain that perfection, life will blossom with bliss Protection Status

KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?


SADHGURU explains the fundamental of KUNDALINI, its appearance as well as reviews the aspect of KUNDALINI Yoga. The mystic narrates the how one should approach this spiritual process with high reverence and the responsibilities of the individual who decide to walk through this pious path.


As per Yogic tradition, the KUNDALINI is represented by a serpent. The attribute of KUNDALINI is unique as you would never ever feel its existence until it attains a state of awakening and consciousness. Hence, you can feel it only when it gets to a state of motion and once you get to that state, you get the power to do such acts that are apparently supernatural.

KUNDALINI Yoga- is it a blessing or a curse?


KUNDALINI and Human Perception

Attainment of a higher state of energy will automatically elevate the level of perception. The only objective of a Yogi is to attain the state of elevated perception. The spiritual endeavors implies to the elevation of human perception as the extent of knowledge are limited to the level of his/her perception.


KUNDALINI & the 3rd Eye- the correlation


The 3rd eye never implies that an individual getting a physical eye on his/her forehead. It refers to a perspective and a level of elevated perception. The physical eyes hold the capability to view only the materialistic dimension. The 3rd eye is the conscious perception that introspects on the real self of a man. This is a stage wherein the essence of life changes completely with the level of perception reaching its maximum limits.


Kundalini Yoga: Approach with full preparation


In concurrent times, innumerable books are available in the market that is themed on KUNDALINI Yoga and it reads out the benefit in practicing this Yoga. However, these books are written with a complete superficial approach and without having any functional experience on the practice of KUNDALINI Yoga. Many people can be traced out, who had approached the process of KUNDALINI Yoga, based on this bookish knowledge and ended up losing their physical capabilities as well as mental stabilities. Though these instances are very unfortunate, it was ought to be as there was none to guide the individuals through the ideal approaches of this Yoga and the liberation of the hidden power took the worst toll on the physical and mental health.  Hence, SADGURU made it very clear that the act of approaching KUNDALINI Yoga without having an able guide or to perceive it on bookish knowledge in an act of irresponsibility and if one does that, has to be ready to pay these tolls.


Kundalini Yoga: The art of taming the serpent


SADGURU explained KUNDALINI Yoga with the art to tame a serpent. Until the time the serpent is sleeping, you can play around with it. But, the moment the snake is awakened; it is simply the whispering death before you.  Likewise, until the time the KUNDALINI is lying latent, you will merely feel its existence. However, the moment it is awakened, there will be the seamless flow of energy through your body and you get a raise of elevated perception, all of a sudden. This state can be dangerous as you don’t have any clue as how to bring the enormous energy level under your control.


Kundalini Yoga: the art to win over limitations


Though the basic objective of Yoga is to cross the barriers of limitations, Kundalini Yoga is dedicated to getting you to that state. Mankind, though unknowingly, is working to arouse the KUNDALINI that will empower them to win over limitations. The moment a systematic approach is undertaken in this regard, it becomes Yoga.

Anything that holds the potential for benefits comes with some inherent challenges. The challenges never imply that you will stop exploring the pros. However, it makes you responsible for approaching the exploration of the pros wit care, patience and being wise. If you comply to these responsibilities, KUNDALINI Yoga will be the biggest blessing of God to you. On the other hand, for the irresponsible, it is the way to face the red-eye of the Lord. Protection Status

KUNDALINI Unveiling your eternal self


Sadhguru, an eminent Yogi, and a spiritual master review the potential that KUNDALINI holds. The Mystic talks on the importance of KUNDALINI awakening that can give an eternal experience and reveals the treasure hidden within.

The term KUNDALINI holds a reference to the perspective of energy that lays potent in mankind. Every mankind has a reserve of enormous energy in a sublime state, waiting for being excited and this is why human life is all about attaining perfection and hence, it is humanity in making.

Till the time you are in an unconscious state, the ever-going cycle of birth and death will persist. You can get to the state of evolution when you will seek for it consciously. The evolution process generates enormous energy and the state of consciousness is all about experiencing the magic of energy.


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Kundalini: You are sitting on a heap of hidden treasure


In the opinion of SADHGURU, KUNDALINI to the unconscious men is just like that treasure which is buried under the ground and the one standing over it has no clue to the fact. KUNDALINI is the eternal wealth that stays unexplored and unrevealed to 99% of mankind. However, the ones who consciously attempts to reveal the wealth, life gets transformed to a completely new dimension.

Kundalini: getting connected the eternal powerhouse


SADHGURU explains the potential In KUNDALINI with the instance of plug-point in the household.  Though this socket never generates the energy but, it paves the link with the powerhouse. Likewise, the human body has got its own power sockets. In Yoga, these power sockets are called CHAKRAS. MULADHARA, the one that lies at the tip of the spinal cord, takes the role of the power socket for the human body.  There are 6 other chakras in the body of which 5 take the role of the plug. The 7th one, SAHASRAR, which lies just below the midbrain, is conceived as the light bulb. If you can plug in, you will attain a state of illumination that will persist for the 24 hours of the day.

It is a tragedy that the majority of the mankind lives unplugged, though they are unconsciously trying to generate the power.  Energy is not merely about some physical actions, but it is about existence. The one who knows the mechanism of energy, get to know the entire mystery of the creation of the universe.

How to tune with KUNDALINI?


As shaking hands can never plug in a device or an appliance, the art of awakening KUNDALINI is a herculean task for the majority of mankind. The one aspiring to attain that supreme state of consciousness needs to have solid mental and physical strength to absorb the after effects of the awakened KUNDALINI. Aside, they need to have a strong hold over their emotion and mental plane.


YOGA is the way to gather the necessary physical and mental strength that will aid the task of plugging it.  It is the science that deals with the appropriate plugging so that energy flows seamlessly.  Once this connectivity gets established, automatically the person will start moving in the direction that he/she has been aspiring for.


The Organic Atom


SADHGURU described mankind as “Organic Atom”.  The atom is invisible to the eyes, but, if smashed, it can produce a tremendous effect. The awakening or rising of the KUNDALINI implies that the individual has learned the trick to tap into the eternal energy.  However, as this energy is enormous, it is inevitable that you attain a solid state of mental and physical health before you approach the trick to awaken and excite the KUNDALINI.

Although SADHGURU explains the benefits in the awakening of KUNDALINI, he as well raised the caution that one needs to approach the awakening activities, only after attaining mental and physical stability and under the aegis of an expert Spiritual master who will be able to guide his/her disciples to escape the challenges that come from the seamless flow of energy.

Awakening Kundalini Shakti: Activating Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra

A man has enormous reservoir of energy within him. Kundalini Shakti is one such cosmic power that lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra near anus.

How to activate Muladhara Chakra


Location : About 1″ above the anus.
Element : Earth.
Root letter : Lam.
Presiding Deity : Ganesh
Gains from meditation : Happiness, victory over earth element.
The first chakra is situated below the sacrum bone in which resides the Kundalini, and its main aspect is the innocence. Innocence is the quality by which we experience pure, childlike joy, without the limitations of prejudice or conditionings. Innocence gives us dignity, balance, and a tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. It is nothing but simplicity, purity and joy.
It is the inner wisdom that is ever present in the little children, and gets sometimes clouded by our modern lifestyles. But it is a quality which exists eternally within us and cannot be destroyed, waiting to be manifest as pure joy when the Kundalini rises.


Mudra to activate Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra.  
Practice Gyan Mudra.
While doing Gyan  mudra you have to concentrate on the Root chakra at the spot in between the genitals and the anus.

To activate mooladhara chakra chant the sound LAM(beej mantra for mooladhara chakra).
Bhastrika Pranayama helps to activate dormant Muladhar Chakra because when we inhale the air with full force then the force of that air collides against Muladhar Chakra and it becomes active and sentient.

Bhastrika Pranayama  is a combination of Kapalabhati and Suryabandana, in which 20 to 40 exhalations are made to precede each inhalations.This kriya consists of rapid and successive forcible inhalations and exhalations. To start with ten inhalations and exhalations will do. There after one should breathe in deeply, breathing the air and exhale slowly. Three to four rounds will do. The number of times of inhalations and exhalations of each round should be increased slowly.


Activation of Muladhara chakra results in riddance from tensions, true happiness, beauty, perfect health, physical strength & magnetic personality.
On the other hand inactive or an impure Muladhara Chakra  will make a person a victim of different kinds of diseases such as: Constipation, Blood Hemorrhage, Excretory diseases etc.



Kundalini Shakti

All life in the cosmos is animated by life-force or ‘vital energy’ that is said to be the power that governs the universal power. The Indian word for this life-force is ‘prana’ and Kundalini shakti , the Chinese call it ‘chi’, the Apache ‘divin’ and the pygmies ‘mana’.
This life force (kundalini Shakti or prana shakti) is the animating power that flows through all living things. A living person is filled with it; a dead person has none. It is also the life energy one senses in nature, in the cosmos around us . It is this indwelling force that manifests as the feel of a direction or  a pattern frozen with an instant.
All living beings have this life force (prana or kundalini Shakti) it is the cultivation, expansion, harnessing and use of this force (kundalini) is important. In yoga this done by the activating the subtle system of channels called nadis and centers of energy called chakras which look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being .
There seven chakras present in the every human being with each one having several spiritual qualities.
Mooladhara Chakra
 The first chakra is situated below the sacrum bone in which resides the Kundalini, and its main aspect is the innocence. Innocence is the quality by which we experience pure, childlike joy, without the limitations of prejudice or conditionings. Innocence gives us dignity, balance, and a tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. It is nothing but simplicity, purity and joy.
It is the inner wisdom that is ever present in the little children, and gets sometimes clouded by our modern lifestyles. But it is a quality which exists eternally within us and cannot be destroyed, waiting to be manifest as pure joy when the Kundalini rises.
Swadishthan Chakra
 The second chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us.
The pure knowledge given by this chakra is not mental, but it is direct perception of the Reality, that can be felt in our palms and indicates our subtle blockages. Also this is the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration.
On the physical level it looks after our liver, kidneys, and the lower abdomen. When we think too much, this center gets drained of energy and diseases like diabetes or blood cancer can occur when this chakra goes completely out of balance.
Nabhi Chakra
 The third chakra is the one that gives us the sense of generosity, complete satisfaction and contentment.
On the left side, the main quality of this center is peace – clearing this chakra can relieve stress and tensions.
On the right side, it looks after our liver which is the organ of our attention and power of concentration.
When enlightened by the Kundalini, the Nabhi chakra gives us our spiritual ascent, righteousness and inner sense of morality, and complete balance at all levels in our life.
The Heart Chakra or Anahat Chakra
 The fourth chakra, the chakra of the heart, is the place where resides our Spirit, our true Self, which is eternally pure and unaffected by anything, like a shining diamond hidden within us which witnesses all our actions.
After Self Realization, our attention becomes for the first time connected to our Spirit and we gradually become aware of it. Our misidentifications with our ego or conditionings drop and we start becoming identified with our Spirit, which is our true nature.
On the physical level, this chakra looks after our heart and lungs – if affected it can cause asthma or various heart conditions.
It is from our heart that the compassion and love manifests, and also the heart chakra is the one that gives us the sense of responsibility and pure behaviour towards others. The heart chakra manifests in the center (at the level of the sternum bone) as complete security and confidence.
All our worries, doubts and fears are destroyed when the heart chakra is fully enlightened by the Kundalini.
Vishuddhi Chakra
 The fifth chakra is the chakra of diplomacy, of pure relationships with others, and of playful detachment.
It removes all our guilts and remorses when it is opened by the Kundalini, and gives us a kind and compassionate voice. The tendencies to dominate others or to feel dominated by others, the feelings of superiority or inferiority and all jealousies are removed when this chakra is nourished by the Kundalini.
Also, the Vishuddhi is the chakra which gives us the connection with the whole, enabling us to feel our oneness and the fact that we are all part and parcel of the whole.
The Agnya Chakra
 The sixth chakra is the chakra of forgiveness and
compassion. Forgiveness is the power to let go of anger, hatred and resentment and to discover, in humility, the nobility and generosity of the Spirit.
It is the one that dissolves all our ego, conditionings, habits, false ideas of racialism, and all our misidentifications. It is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center.
Roving eyes, watching impure things, or self-centeredness damage this chakra. Watching the sky, earth or nature can help cleanse it.
The Sahasrara Chakra
 The seventh center integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities. It is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness.
Nowadays, we are at a level which corresponds to this chakra, and our consciousness is able to easily enter into this new realm of perception, which is beyond our limited mind and concepts, and which becomes absolute at the level of the Sahasrara.
Kundalini Shakti is the cosmic power that lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra near anus. Yogis awaken this power by Kundalini yoga and take it to the crown of the head by piercing the chakras of the sushumna, one of the important nadis. The other two important nadis are Ida and Pingala. Both these subtle astral tubes correspond to left and right of the sympathetic chains. Ida flows through the left nostril and gives a cooling effect while pingala flows through the right nostril and emits warmth.
Yogis tell us that moon is the presiding deity of Ida and sun is the presiding Deity of Pingala. That is why sometimes the left nostril is flowing, sometimes the right and sometimes both. When left flows, it is the Ida nadi that is operating. At that time one should perform simple and peaceful works. But when the right nostril is flowing, it is Pingala that operates. Then one should do vigorous and hard works such as exercises, eating, bathing, etc. Also , one should sleep during that state , because Pingala digests the food quickly and bestows sound sleep.
But when both the nostrils flow, it is Sushumna nadi that is operating. That is the time for the practice of meditation, repetition of the Lord’s name, prayer and enquiry.
Sushu8mna, the best of all nadis, arises from the basal plexus and passes through the spinal column, through the subtle channel of the spinal cord, up to the crown of the head. All Chakras or mystic centres are situated in it.
By Meditation one can  raise kundalini , Meditation mean practicing with total absorption. You then don’t really think of yourself as ‘I; but as a part of a composite whole .
One can raise his Kundalini or prana shakti by various practices, there thousands way or more to do it. One important thing that each aspiring practitioner must decide what he is looking for and choose accordingly . What ever you chose the  final result is  same!