The Mystic Powers of Mantras and Yantras

Mantras and Yantras – Driving you further

Mantras are divine and sacred vibrations developed in the ancient Indian history. Man means ‘mind’ or ‘thinking’ and tra means to ‘release or free’. It means to free the mind of the materialistic things, birth and death phases of the physical world.
Mantra meditation often referred as ‘Mantra Yoga’ means the yoga of sound. Yoga brings our physical senses into harmony. Meditating with mantra brings our mind into control. So, for a full control of oneself, meditation and yoga are important.
Chanting mantras enrich our mind, by eliminating the distractions and increasing the focus. The meditation acts as a fuel elevates the thoughts. The elevated mind free of the negative energy benefits the self and society.

The Mystic Powers of Mantras and Yantras

Aspects of Mantras
Mantras have 6 major aspects. They are: Rishi (Seer), Raga, Devata (Presiding deity), Bija (Seed sound), Shakti (Power), and Kilaka (Pillar). We will discuss each of the mantras and their properties.

Rishi Mantra

Rishi means a master or guru. Mantras have always been passed down from the masters to disciple. Mantras have specific vibrations and effects on physical and psychological levels. Rishis understand and know how the mantras work and pass them in accordance.

Raga is way in which the mantras are to be pronounced. Each mantra has specific vibration and pronouncing them in the proper way would yield the benefits.
Devata sound vibrations are in definitive and repeated forms. Mantras reveal the deity to the center of mantra. Practicing devata mantra invokes a personal relationship with the ultimate self and deity.

Bija is a discipline of chanting mantra, where realization comes with dedicated practice. In simple terms, it relates to the seeds. It is impossible to see the tree inside of a tree, yet the seed gives birth to the seed. So, practicing mantras makes one realize that the self is the seed. Understanding self would eventually free from all the worldly sufferings.

Kilaka is the pillar. It is the willpower needed for the practice. Practicing mantras need a lot of dedication and regularity. Distracting oneself from the Matra meditation is not fruitful and give no results. Yoga, meditation, and dietary practices play a crucial role in gaining control over mind and body. The results from the practice are always not instant. The person should also have patience.

Shakti means power. In this line, Shakti means the power of mantra. Every mantra has power. The power differs from based on the vibration and symbolization of the mantra. Each mantra bears different types of fruits and results. Mantras give results both for temporary and the self-realization, knowing the ultimate truth. The mantras sometimes chanted in the wrong tone or vibration also have positive results. So, getting and practicing the mantra under the Guru or Rishi help one in archiving the results faster.


Yantras are holy shapes and figures containing the sacred value. They are the symbolic powers used for the greater benefits and enhancing the power of Vedas. They are geometrical forms with power and energy. Yantras are found as paintings, engravings and other physical depictions. They are seen in temples and other sacred places.

Yantras are lucky charms. They are beyond diagrams which help one in understanding and realizing the true self. Yantras are made by a highly qualified knowledgeable person (tantric). Each yantra has a specific mantra which corresponds to specific power and deity. These contain the next level of science and perception.

Nought (Zero-0) or bindu is the basis of the development of yantra. The central point (zero-0) builds concentration and amplifies the mental power or psychic force. Thereupon it is drawn representing desires, knowledge, and ways. The yantras are drawn on metals like bronze, copper, gold, silver or stainless steel. They are known to protect from evil and other negative forces.

Types of Yantras

Yantras are divided based on the pujas (worship).
Bhu Prisht Yantras: Made from materials found on earth. These are further divided into two parts. First is raised and includes bija and vern mantras. The second is carved.

Meru Prisht yantra: a raised yantra with bija and vern mantras. Wide base and thinner midsection. Peaked top in the shape of a mountain.
Patel yantras: Opposite of Meru Prisht. Carved in as inverted mountain.
Meru Parastar yantra: Mountain shaped. Cut rather than raised.
Ruram Prisht yantra: Tortoise shells tops on a rectangular base.

Yantras are worshiped in temples, home, and other sacred places. Based on the usage, yantras are further divided into 7 types.
• Sharir yantras: There are 7 types of Sharir yantras. Each for one of the chakra. Every yantra has a mantra and chanting them elevates the benefits.
• Dharan yantras: These yantras are worn on the body. Have particular rituals.
• Asana yantras: Positioned at a sitting place during puja. These are known to bear results in a short span. Placing under deity or foundations of the home also fetch results.
• Mandala yantras: Created using nine people during puja. One participant sits in the center and the others in the assigned place around. They chant specific mantras during the course of puja.
• Puja yantras: Installed in temples or homes at the time of puja. These may be for different religious worships or to different planets in the solar system. These are usually performed by experts.
• Chatar yantras: Kept in a pocket or under a hat.
• Darshan yantras: Generally found in temples. These are associated with the deity. These are the most purified yantras. These are known to reward with great success.

Mantras and Yantras are significant in healing a person as a whole. Practiced on a regular basis our body gets in control, our mind achieves the impossibilities. Mantras and yantras have great hidden power and energy. They are associated with higher consciousness and self.
It has been known that practicing these would eliminate all the negative energy from our soul, mind, and body. Thereupon our mental aspects are enhanced.

Having an extra hand would always make our works easier. Mantras and yantras act the same. They help us in achieving greater success and benefits. Protection Status