Mudra Healing Course “Become an expert in mudra healing in less than 6 hours”

Hand Mudras are an effective natural remedy for so many deadly diseases. To practice hand mudras you don’t need to be an expert in it. But normally most of us have so much doubt about new treatments.

I am getting a lot of queries regarding hand mudras since I started my blog, complete person. To give detailed information for my readers, I wrote an E-book.  In my book, I almost included everything about hand mudras. But still, I am getting a lot of queries every day regarding hand mudras.

I was thinking about how to make my readers and the people who want to practice mudras an expert in healing mudras. Today, I come up with an efficient solution for this, and it is an online course.

The main aim of the course is to make you an expert in healing mudras. This course is suitable for everyone who has the interest to learn more about hand mudras.

Main highlights of the Online Mudra Course

  •  The course is live and done through Skype.
  • It is a six-hour course, and it is completed in less than one week time.
  • The course covers A to Z of Hand Mudras.
  • How to find your bodily constitutions.
  • Everything about Tri-Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)
  • Diet for Doshas.
  • All the basic and advanced hand mudras.
  • How to find appropriate mudras for you.
  • How to change and plan your lifestyle to get maximum benefits of mudra practice.

Also, you will get the copy of my E-book complete hand mudra, Mystic powers of mudras and also complete videos of how to do mudras of all the 60 hand mudras.

The cost of the online course is 60$. As an introductory offer, you will get it for its half price. Just of 30$.

If you are from outside India you can buy Here.

Online Course

If you are in India then you can book your time here Online Mudra Course 


If you want to know more about the course you can contact through WhatsApp 7406487070

Mudra To Develop Intelligence (video)

Mudra to develop intelligence

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including one’s capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving.

The practice of Gyan mudra or Vayu-vardhak mudra is useful to develop intelligence.
Gyan mudra


How to do Gyan mudra

Join the tips of index finger and thumb to form Gyan mudra.
You have to do mudras with both the hands.
Just a simple touch of the tips of the finger is enough to get the result of mudra practice.

Duration of mudra practice
45 minutes of regular practice or15 minutes thrice a day.


If you are a Vata excess person then do this mudra in moderation only.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Mudra to develop extra sensory perception (E.S.P) Video

Mudra To Develop E.S.P( Extra Sensory Perception)

The practice of Aakash mudra enables the individual (Aatamaa) to reunite with the collective consciousness. All the negative emotions are replaced by positive emotions and thoughts. Aakash mudra or Aakash-vardhak mudra are useful to develop E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perception) .

Aakash mudra


How to do Aakash mudra
Join the tips of middle finger and thumb finger to form Aakash mudra.
You have to do mudras with both the hands.

Just a simple touch of the tips of the finger is enough to get results of mudra practice.

Duration of mudra practice
45 minutes of regular practice


15 minutes thrice a day.

If you are a Vata excess person then do this mudra in moderation only.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Yes Mudras has healing power

Is mudras have healing power?

So many person  asked me this question in last couple of years.My answer is a straight forward yes,mudras can heal.
Our human body has three doshas(prakarti),vatta,pitta and Kapha.Every one in the world include in this three doshas or any of mixed doshas of this three.In Ayurveda there is clear explanation about is the link  if you want to know more about doshas.
Any imbalance in this three doshas leads to diseases.When you balance it the disease will disappear.Mudra help you to balance these three doshas. 
To know more about mudras 
If you want to know the list of disease that can be healed by mudras and their mudra here it is diefferent mudras for different diseases.
The most important point in mudra healing is you have to know that in which prakarti you are belongs to otherwise we can’t chose the exact mudra which will work for you.
If you are interested in mudra healing then first find out what is your prakarti then select the exact mudra which will work for you.With in few days practice you will get the positive result.
Thank you.

The Power of Mudra

Mudra has unlimited  power,To day I am sharing the ultimate powers of mudra.

Literally the meaning of mudras is  a seal. It is called so because it seals the mind with the soul.Exercises falling under  mudra are associated with retention of breath.In fact bandhas and mudras go together.Mudras control the vital forces(pranas) and there by the mind in order to awaken the hidden mystic powers.

Once the potentialities of the spirit are unfolded before the performer,he can conquer all diseases and move towards God-realization.

Mudras help the striver to awaken kundalini to check the distractions of the mind and to sublimate vital energy into ojas shakti or spiritual energy.With the help of this shakti he can explore the mysteries.

Once the yogi attains spiritual energy,his personality blooms;he is able to attract men,his will power becomes strong and his mind balanced.

But in order to draw maximum benefits of Asanas,Pranayamas,Bandhas,Mudras and Kriyas,one must purify heart by selfless service of humanity and by developing virtues such as non-violence,truthfulness,purity,etc.Mere performance of any Hatha yoga exercise will not lead to attainment of powers.

There are scores of mudra that are in Vogue and practised,But we will here deal with only important ones.

They are Maha Mudra,Maha Vedha,Yoga mudra,Viparita Karani Mudra,Yoni Mudra,Unmani mudra,Kaki Mudra,Ashwini Mudra,Matangini Mudra,Khecheri mudra,Shakti Chalini mudra,Vajroli Mudra and Shambhavi Mudra.

Mudras,unlike other asanas,need concentration of mind towards the self or spirit.It is through these that man goes near to God.They help a man acquire psychic powers.But more important for man is to develop purity of mind.

The self is the source of all powers.There is nothing impossible for the self .It is the support,sustenance and final goal of all.The powers of the Self reveal themselves through the medium of mind.As the mind attains higher degree of purity and concentration,the Self reveals itself in various powers.

One Should practice mudras on empty stomach and invoke the mantra Om.There are some asanas which should not be done with out the guidance of masters initially. What.What ever yoga one may follow,what ever path one may adopt,the powers of the Self are bound to reveal themselves.

The acquirement of powers becomes an obstacle or a temptation for those aspirants who are lacking in discrimination or aspiration for Self-realization.These Powers being mental in nature do not constitute the goal of life.

One must not come under the sway of the development of psychic powers,but when these powers develop one may use them,with dis passion,for the good of humanity.Use of any power or wealth aids the purification of the heart.

But the abuse or the misuse of it through greed and infatuation leads to sever consequences.

Major Sidhis 

Our scriptures speak of eight ‘sidhis’ and we are told only the great Hunuman had all of them.

Anima: A yogi can render his body as small as he wishes.

Mahima: One may become as heavy or grow as large as one wishes.

Laghima: One becomes lighter than cotton fibres.

prapti: Approaching distant things bu extending one’s subtle senses.

Prakamaya: Power of realizing what ever one desires.

Vashittwa: Perfect control over all beings,objects and elements.

Ishitwa: Power to create.

Kamavasayitwa: Attaining Supreme satisfaction and bliss.

Minor Sidhis:

Mastery over hunger and thirst;hearing and seeing from a distance;going to any place with the movement of the mind;entering into other’s bodies; assuming any form according to one’s wish;death at will;companionship of Gods;infallible will;power of commanding all;knowing past,present and future;power of enduring the pairs of opposites(heat and cold,gain and loss,etc);knowing the minds of others;controlling the powers of elements;remaining ever undefeated.

Yes mudras has the ultimate powers to lead a person towards being a complete person.

All this information is from the Book Yoga( A complete book on yoga) By Swami Prakash Muni Ji