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How Hand Mudras Work?


Hand Mudras miracle cure-all effect fascinated people who are looking for instant, effective and safe healing method. For many years, this practice has resulted to the healing of almost all diseases from a simple toothache to a heart attack. Amazing isn’t it? But what makes Hand Mudras work?

How hand mudras works


The human body uses the five elements of the universe- the earth, air, water, fire and ether (Aakash or minute intercellular element). Each finger represents an element. The thumb is Fire, the forefinger is Wind, the middle finger is Ether, the ring finger is Earth, and the small finger is Water.

Mudra works by connecting one finger to the thumb. The proper position of fingers and intensity of the pressure supports healing. By pressing, touching, pointing or curling the fingers, you are creating energy seals that send reflexes or messages towards your brain.Hand Mudras generate and direct “prana” or life energy to body part that needs assistance. The hand connection creates an electromagnetic current which balances the energy of the body and heals the affected area.  Diseases are caused by elements’ imbalance which weakens body’s immune system. The developed “prana” will attack the pained area to facilitate healing, balance the level of elements and restore the condition of the body.

Even Science reveals that human fingertips have free electrons or nerve root endings which are activated by connecting two tips. Pressing them together builds up strong energy which is redirected to the body through nerve channels until it reaches the brain. During the course of its flow, the “prana” (life force energy) stimulates chakras (energy centers) of the body. This essential energy neutralizes and removes blockades that are formed inside the body. When this happens, the basic elements are balanced which restore the healthy state of glands, veins, tendons and sensory organs.The tension is automatic and responsive. Pressure can also be controlled. Keeping fingertips connected for specified period creates tension which tones up body’s central nervous system.

Compared to other healing practices, Mudras can be used anytime, anywhere and whatever position you want. Hand Mudras are convenient and easy to do as long as you can move the fingers of your two hands. You can do it while walking, sitting or lying down. However, sitting comfortably is still the best if you want to gain faster and better results. These advantages benefit elderly and sick people.To restore wellness of the body, mind and spirit, master the different types of Hand Mudras.

During the initial stage, perform your chosen technique for at least ten minutes then gradually increase it to 30 minutes until you can do it for one hour to get the best outcome. When you are practicing Mudras, take 12 breaths and feel the flow of “prana” as it spreads and energizes your whole body. It is also recommended to practice it with mind exercise or neurobics. Hand Mudras practice strengthens psychic abilities of people who are gifted with mental power. Generally, the capacity of the mind to receive and sends back essential healing command is stronger with Hand Mudras practice.

Top 10 Hand Mudras for Complete Health

1. Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge)

Gyan mudra for knowledge

Place the tip of your index finger to the tip of the thumb Press gently to create pressure. Keep the remaining fingers straight.

It purifies the mind, enhances intellect, improves memory, brings focus and heals mental illnesses. It reduces negative thoughts and anger. This technique eradicates addictive habits. Insomnia, headaches and hypertension. It also brings peace of mind and happiness. To know more about Gyan mudra click here

2. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)

Pran mudra for complete well being
Put the tips of your thumb, ring finger and little finger. Keep the two remaining fingers straight with palm upward.

This technique awakens the dormant “prana” (life force) in your body. It eliminates free radicals and strengthens the immune system. It improves eyesight and corrects eye problems. It revitalizes the body and eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome. To know more about prana mudra click here

3. Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air)

Vayu mudra for Vata-dosha
Place the tip of your index finger at the base of the thumb. Put pressure using your thumb. Keep the other fingers straight.

Regular practice cures gout, arthritis and gastro problems. It heals Sciatica, joints, neck, spinal and knee pains. To know more about Vayu mudra click here

4. Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth)

Prithvi mudra for strength and stamina
Join the tips of your thumb and ring fingers together while the remaining fingers are straight. Put pressure on your joined tips.

It cures digestive problems and vitamin deficiency. It helps those who want to gain or lose weight. To know more about Prithvi mudra click here

5. Shoonya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness)

Shoonya mudra for ear ailments
Place the tip of your middle finger at thumb’s base area then move thumb towards it and press.

Regular practice keeps bones strong. It assists people with thyroid and throat problems as well as heart ailments. Doing this technique for an hour a day corrects deafness and other ear problems. It is also good for vertigo and vomiting trouble. To know more about Shoonya mudra click here.

6. ApanVayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart)

Mudra for heart ailments
It combines Apan and Vayu Mudra. Place the tip of index finger at thumb’s base then enjoin the tips of thumbs, middle and finger together. Keep your little finger straight. Put slight pressure.

It helps people with weak hearts and those recovering from heart attacks. It is used to bring instant relief during a heart attack. It lowers blood pressure, cures asthma, prevents headaches and removes stomach gas. If you need to climb steep places, do it for 5-7 minutes before the climb. To know more about Apan Vayu Mudra click here

7. Apan Mudra (Mudra of Digestion)

Mudra for detoxification
Join the tips of your thumb, middle and ring fingers together. Press to put pressure.

It detoxifies the body. It cures diabetes, kidney troubles, dental problems, stomach aches, constipation and heart diseases. To know more about Apan mudra click here

8. Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun)

Surya mudra for weight loss
Touch the base of the thumb with your ring finger then apply pressure.

It is best for those who want to lose weight. It cures liver defects, hypertension, cholesterol problems, and diabetes. To know more about Surya mudra click here

9. Varun Mudra (Mudra of Water)

Varun mudra for Harmon deficiency
Join the tips of the thumb and little finger together then press to build pressure.

It removes blood impurities, corrects blood-related troubles and urinary tract infections. It also improves skin and facial complexion. To know more about Varun mudra click here

10. Ling Mudra (Mudra of Heat)

Linga mudra for fire and sexual stamina in male
Clasp the fingers of your two hands together while keeping the right thumb up. Build enough pressure. Do this for 20-30 minutes daily.

It increases body heat and cures colds, cough, asthma, sinus problems, anemia or low blood pressure. Remember to drink lots of fluids when doing this Mudra technique. To know more about Linga mudra click here.

These are the Top 10 Hand Mudras that will give complete wellbeing.

Note: Before doing hand mudras you have to find out your body type ( Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

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Kartari Mudra

KARTARI MUDRA (Resting Mudra)

• Lie down in a supine position; place your hands near to your body or on your stomach, with the right hand on top of the left. • Now take a deep breath in and arch the abdominal wall. As soon as the stomach is full, push your hands to your ribs and expand this region. When your ribs are spread as much as you can, push your hands to the collarbone and raise the area above the chest. • Slowly breath out and repeat the process sometimes.
With each exhalation, let yourself become heavier and heavier. Release your weight to the supporting ground. While inhaling, let yourself be filled with lightness and light; while exhaling, let go of everything dull and dark within you. At the close, you are full of light, peace freedom, and joy.
Effect: Develops and deepens breathing, regenerates the autonomic nervous system (organ activity), and relaxes the entire body.

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Rudra Mudra


Shivarathri is a Special day for Indians, especially for Hindus. Practicing Rudra Mudra on this precious day will give numerous benefits. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva will give liberation.   “Rudra” is also one of the names of Lord Shiva. Continue reading to know all the advantages of Rudra Mudra.

RUDRA MUDRA is believed to the Ruler of the solar plexus chakra.


Rudra mudra

How to do Rudra Mudra


Rudra Mudra formed by joining the tips of your thumb finger, index finger, and ring finger together. Extend the other two fingers in a relaxed way. Practice this mudra with both the hands.

Duration for Rudra Mudra

Practice this mudra whenever there is a need or six times a day for five minutes.

Imagine that you are sitting at the center of a wheel (life cycle), close to the hub. The wheel may turn as much as it wants, but this has no effect on you(the truth of life our Atma is eternal and no change for it). However, when you move from the center and sit on one of the spokes or at the edge, you must use all of your strength to avoid losing your stability. This applies to all the situations in our life. When we are not centered, meaning when we are “beside” ourselves, that creates all types of tensions. One person may have pressure in the stomach; another person has tension in other parts like neck, back, pelvis, or chest. According to the Five Element Theory of Chinese, the centering force is associated with the earth(Prithvi) element (see Appendix C), which rules the energy of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. The Rudra Mudra strengthens the earth(Prithvi) element and its organs. If the chi (the Chinese term for elemental energy) suffers a distinct reduce because of weakened earth(Prithvi) energy, there will also be a diminished supply to the head area as a result. Consequently, the person feels listless, dull, or even dizzy, weighed down, Such a state of weakness can be relieved or even eliminated with this mudra.

Health Benefits of Rudra Mudra

The Rudra Mudra can also be used by people who have experienced heart complaints, dizziness, the descent of interior organs, or general states of exhaustion.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more

Naga Mudra Benefits

Naga Mudra for wisdom

Sanskrit word “Naga” means snake or serpent. It represents the supernatural strength and wisdom. Naga mudra is a hand posture that is practiced for many psychological and spiritual benefits. Naga Mudra may also call a mudra of deeper insight. It mudra has great healing power, and it also helps enhances clarity of mind. Naga Mudra is useful to solve everyday problems. It also contributes to resolving obstacles on the spiritual path.

Naga Mudra


How to do Naga Mudra


1) Cross your hands in front of the chest.

2) Now cross your thumbs as well over each other. Look at the picture.


Significance of Naga Mudra


When we take the spiritual path, it is a normal that we will encounter practical challenges over time and time again. Only by working through these challenges we can progress on the spiritual path. And only after that we can fulfill the purpose of our lives. Here Naga Mudra is useful to solve everyday problems. Your mind will be clear to answers the questions about decisions that must be made for future, and for the spiritual path. There are times When we are in confusion and need to know something desperately, or we are not sure which path to follow. Then we must question and listen.


How does Naga Mudra work to gain wisdom?

Fire is a dominant element. It warms, moves, and activates us. This is why visualizations of fire set something in motion, it improves strength and relieves tensions.   Let the flames continue to flicker great so you have a bright and clear head. Your breaths were deep and powerful at the beginning; they become slow, beautiful, and flowing with time. Each inhalation helps you to sit straighter, both inwardly and outwardly, as if you were being pulled upward. While exhaling, hold onto your new size but let go of every inner tension. Stay in the stillness for a while. First ask your questions, and then listen inside yourself. A must Read Post – Varada Mudra for pacifying past thoughts.

Health benefits of Naga Mudra

Regular Practice of Naga Mudra developsthe deeper insight and clarity of ideas.

It provides answers to a query regarding spiritual quest. It also helps to find outsole purpose of one’s existence.

It can be undoubtedly helpful in stress and anxiety. Serpent represents strength. Hence, Naga Mudra also contributes to developing strength. Read More – Prithivi Mudra for physical strength.

It this mudra is practiced appropriately and with complete meditation. It can surely remove problem faced in day to day life.

Regular practice of Naga Mudra increases one’s insight and clairvoyance.
Naga Mudra helps to develop strength.
This mudra pleasantly relieves tensions.
This mudra brings clarity to mind.
It provides answers to one’s quest forever eluding spiritual existence.
If properly practiced, it helps in removing problems faced in day to day life.
Naga Mudra also brings about strength and lightness to everyday existence.
It can help with anxiety and stress.
It can also assist in balancing the emotions, integrating mind and body and overactive mind.

I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more