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Mudras for Personality


Do you want to be a better person? 

Our body is made up of five basic elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space). The percentage of a particular element not same in every person and this difference sometimes leads to many problems like personality defects.

Mudras has the power to increase all the elements and also balance it.

By finding which element is a deficiency in your body we can heal it through mudras.

Whatever may be your personality defect Mudras has an answer for it.

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Top 25 Effective Hand Mudras for healing and treating physical and psychological disorders.



Mudras are simple yet, one of the most effective ways of treatments. One does not need any specifications or requirements to perform mudras. Any person can perform mudras in accordance with the constitutions or  humor to enhance health and treat diseases. Many mudras help in treating almost every mild and chronic disorder. However, in this article, there are 25 major mudras that help in treating the major physical and psychological disorders.


Vaayu-Vardhak mudra or Gyan mudra


 Hand Mudras for healing

Vaayu Vardhak mudra enriches air element in the body. It helps in overcoming and balancing Vata deficiency.  It is the main component of humor Vata.

This mudra is formed by joining tip of index and thumb finger. It can be practiced for 45 minutes in a day in one or three sittings. The ideal time to practice is between 2 am to 6 pm .


There are four major techniques of practicing Vaayu-Vardhak mudra. They are as following:

All the mudras are practiced in cross-legged sitting posture.

Vairaagya mudra – Both the hands in mudra position on the laps.

Puran Gyan mudra – Right hand in mudra position near the chest and left hand on the lap.

Abhay Gyan mudra – Both the hands in mudra position on the either side shoulders.

Dhyaan Gyan mudra  – Both the hands in mudra position near the pelvic region.


Effects of Vaayu vardhak  mudra

Empowers nervous system and mind.

Enhances pituitary gland.

Enhances voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Improves skin and mucous membranes.

Facilities proper functioning of joints and articular cartilage.


Benefits of Vaayu  vardhak mudra

Vaayu-Vardhak mudra helps in treating the following disorders




Lethargy and tiredness.

Nervous system disorders.

Endocrine disorders.

Muscular disorders.

Respiratory disorders, especially in treating excessive mucous.

Joint problems.

Optic atrophy and retinal degeneration.


Vaayu-Shaamak mudra or Vaayu mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing



Vaayu mudra helps in decreasing air element in the body.  It does by suppressing air element by fire element. It is also the main component of humor Vata.


It is most suitable for people with Vata dosha.

This mudra is formed by gently placing the thumb finger over the index finger. Tip of index finger should touch the base of thumb finger.

Effects of Vaayu mudra

Brings relaxation to anxious mind.

Calms nervous system.

Balances endocrine gland.

Relaxes muscles.

Soothes voice.

Rehydrates skin and articular cartilage.


Benefits of Vaayu mudra

Vaayu mudra helps in fighting the following disorders


Mental instability.


Hormonal imbalance.

Nystagmus and twitching of eyelids.


Tinnitus and vertigo.

Tachycardia, palpitations, and breathlessness.

Cramps, spasms and rigidity in muscles.

Osteoarthritis and gout.

Dehydrated skin.

Brittle nails.

Flatulence and constipation.


Aakaash-Vardhak mudra or Aakaash mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing


Aakaash mudra increases space element in the body. It helps in reuniting with higher consciousness. It plays a major role in the increase of the other bodily elements like air, water, fire and earth. Hence, it is the best way to increase all the bodily elements.


This mudra is formed by joining tips of middle and thumb fingers.

Effects of Aakash mudra


Increases internal space, thereupon removing toxic wastes from the

Enables noble thinking.

Helps in achieving salvation.

Replaces negative emotions with positive thoughts.


Benefits of Aakash mudra


Elevates and brings nobility to thoughts.

Increases the power of intuition.

 Detoxifies the body by eliminating toxic wastes.

Helps in overcoming discomfort resulting from excess eating.

Fights heaviness in the body.

Relieves from congestion in head, ear, and chest.

Fights hypertension, angina pectoris, and irregular heartbeats.


Aakaash Shaamak or Shoonya mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing



Shoonya mudra helps in suppressing space element using fire element.  It is also a component of humor Vata. It can be combined with Jal-Shaamak, Agni Shaamak, Vaayu Shaamak and Prithvi Shaamak mudras.

This mudra is formed by gently placing the thumb finger over the middle finger. Middle finger should touch the base of thumb finger.


Effects of Shoonya mudra


Helps in treating abnormalities caused by space element.

Restricts air, fire, water and earth elements.

Pacifies Vata dosha.


Benefits of Shoonya mudra


Helps in treating numbness in the body, especially in the head, abdomen, and chest.

Alleviates pain from ear ailments like tinnitus, vertigo and acquired deafness.


Prithvi-Vardhak or Prithvi mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing



Prithvi mudra increases earth element and decreases the fire element in the body. It is a component of bodily pitta humor.

Prithvi mudra is formed by joining tips of ring and thumb fingers.


Effects of Prithvi mudra

The main component of body tissues like skin, hair, flesh, nails, muscles, tendons, internal organs, bones and cartilage.

Associated with the nose, hence treats most of the nasal disorders.

Increases Kapha humor.

Pacifies fire element in the body.

Benefits of Prithvi mudra


Prithvi mudra helps in treating the following disorders.

Weight loss and emaciation.

Osteoporosis osteomalacia and fractures.

Articular cartilage degeneration.

Paralysis, poliomyelitis, and paresis.

Skin rashes.

Hair loss and premature graying of hair.

Ulcers in the mouth, stomach and intestine.

Jaundice and fever.



Prithvi-Shaamak or Surya mudra


 Hand Mudras for healing

Surya mudra increases air element and decreases Prithvi element.

Surya mudra: Gently placing the thumb finger over ring finger. Tip of ring finger touching the base of thumb finger.

Effects of Surya mudra

Maintains body temperature and metabolism.

Associated with vision.

Helps in overcoming pitta deficiency and related diseases.

Benefits of Surya mudra

Surya mudra treats the following disorders

Coldness in the body.

Underactive thyroid gland.


Indigestion, loss of appetite and constipation.

Disorders in eye/vision.

The low or complete absence of sweating.


Jal-Vardhak mudra or Varun mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Varun mudra increases water element in the body, which constitutes about 70% of the body.

Varun mudra: Join tips of the thumb and little finger.

Effects of Varun mudra


Increases water content in the body.

Improves water metabolism.

Associated with taste and tongue.

Maintains water balance in all the cells, fluids and tissues.


Benefits of Varun mudra


Dryness of digestive tract and eyes.

Indigestion and constipation.

Skin dryness.




Oliguria, oligospermia, and oligomenorrhea.


Jal-Shaamak mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing



Jal-Shaamak mudra reduces water element in the body.


Jal-Shaamak mudra: Gently place thumb finger over the little finger. Tip of the little finger touching the base of thumb finger.

Effects of Jal-Shaamak mudra

Reduces water content in the body.

Helps in overcoming waterlogging.

Beneficial to people with pronounced pitta-Kapha constitution.

Benefits of Jal-Shaamak mudra

Jal-Shaamak mudra helps in treating the following disorders

Hydronephrosis, hydrocephalus, and hydrocele.


Edema and water retention.

Running nose and watery eyes.


Joint effusions.

Excess hormones.

Clammy and cold body.


Vaata-Kaarak mudra or Vaayan mudra

  Hand Mudras for healing

Vaayan mudra increases Vata humor in the body.

Vaayan mudra: Join tips of thumb, index, and middle fingers.

There are two main variations in Vaata-Kaarak mudra

Udaan mudra: Joining tips of middle finger and thumb finger and placing the tip of index finger over the nail of the middle finger.

This mudra helps in enhancing vocal cords, respiratory system, and blood circulation.

Vyaan mudra: Placing the tip of index finger over the nail of thumb finger and the tip of the middle finger over index finger’s nail. This mudra helps in ailment blood circulation and heart.

Effects of Vaayan mudra


Controls nervous system.

Boosts vital power.

Helps in overcoming Vata deficiency and related diseases.

Prevents avert illness.

Benefits of Vaayan mudra

Vaayan mudra helps in treating the following disorders

Nervous breakdown or exhaustion.

Slow perception and low enthusiasm.


Sunstroke and intolerance of heat.

Frequent urination.

Loose motions.



Excessive sleep and drowsiness.

Excessive thirst and sweating.


Vata Naashak mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing



Vaata Naashak mudra reduces Vata humor in the body.

Vaata-Naashak mudra: Place tips of the index and middle finger at the base of the thumb. Gently place the thumb over the middle and index fingers.

Effects of Vata-Naashak mudra

Pacifies Vata humor aggravation.

Beneficial for pronounced Vata dosha.

Benefits of Vaata Naashak mudra

Vaata Naashak mudra treats the following disorders

Low stamina.

Poor mental ability.


Weight loss or low weight problems.

Numbness in the body.

Aches in body parts.

Parkinsonism, giddiness, unsteady gait and vertigo.

Osteoarthritis and creaky joints.

Painful, scanty and irregular menses.

Chronic fatigue.

Impatience, timidity, and fear.

Intolerance of cold wind or weather.

Stammering or hoarseness in the voice.

Cracked skin and nails.

Flatulence and constipation.

Scanty urination and sweating.


Pitta-Kaarak mudra 0r Kapha-Naashak mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Pitta-Kaarak mudra increases pitta humor in the body. It also helps in reducing Kapha humor.

Pitta-Kaarak mudra: Place ring and little finger at the base of thumb finger. Gently place thumb finger over the thumb of those two fingers.

Effects of Pitta-Kaarak mudra

Maintains and regulates bodily heat.

Plays a major role in regulating digestion, metabolism, and circulatory system.

Prevents illness.

Benefits of Pitta-Kaarak mudra

Pitta-Kaarak mudra helps in fighting the following disorders

Slow activities and perception.

Coldness in body parts.


The absence of thirst.



Excess mucus in digestive and respiratory system.

Eye ailments.

Loss of appetite.

Greasy or oily skin or hair.

Low self-esteem.


Kapha-Naashak mudra or Pitta-Naashak mudra or Praan mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Praan mudra increases Kapha humor and decreases Pitta humor.

Praan mudra: Join the tips of thumb, ring, and little fingers.

Effects of Praan mudra

Increases vitality and strength.

Enhances immunity.

Benefits of Praan mudra

Praan mudra helps in fighting the following disorders.

Low endurance, debility, and fatigue.

Immunity disorders.

Mental illness and aggressiveness.


Insomnia and disturbed sleep.

High blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Ulcers  or burning sensation in the mouth, throat and stomach.

Loose and blood stools.

Burning and scanty urination.

Painful and excessive menses.

Foul-smelling and excessive perspiration.

Joint disorders.

Skin rashes, leprosy and urticarial.


Inflammatory disorders, especially the disorders with it is ending.

Graying, drying and sparse hair.

Premature aging and jaundice.

Vaata Pitta-Naashak mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Vaata Pitta-Naashak mudra helps in treating the persons with disorders related to Vaata Pitta mix constitution.

Vaata Pitta-Naashak mudra: Join tips of thumb and ring finger with the tip of index finger at the base of thumb finger.

Vaata Kapha-Naashak mudra


Vaata Kapha-Naashak mudra helps in overcoming diseases related to Vaata Kapha mix constitution.

Vaata Kapha-Naashak mudra: Place tips of index and ring finger at the base of thumb finger. Gently place the thumb finger over the bent index and ring fingers.

Pitta-Kapha Naashak mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Pitta-Kapha Naashak mudra helps in treating the diseases related to Pitta Kapha mix constitution.

Pitta-Kapha Naashak mudra: Join tips of ring and thumb fingers with the tip of the little finger at the base of thumb finger.

Tridosha-Naashak Samaan mudra or Mukul mudra or Sukri mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Mukul mudra balances and enhances the functioning of all the three humors and five elements in the body. This mudra treats almost every disorder.

Mukul mudra: Join the tips of all the five fingers.

Directing or touching Mukul mudra pose to the diseases part of body enhances the healing effect.


Tridosha-Naashak Surabhi mudra or Kaamadhenu mudra


Kaamadhenu is a mythological and heavenly cow, which is known to grant and fulfill all the wishes. This mudra also balances and enhances the functioning of all the three humors and five elements in the body.

Kaamadhenu mudra: Join tips of the little finger of one hand to the ring finger of the other hand. Join tips of the index finger of one hand to the middle finger of the other. Two thumbs must touch each other on sides. This mudra represents four udders of a cow.


Apaan mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing


Apaan mudra is one of the most beneficial mudras in detoxifying, thereupon purifying and energizing the body.  It increases space and earth elements in the body.

Apaan mudra: Join tips of middle, ring and thumb finger.

Effects of Apaan mudra

This mudra is a combination of Prithvi-Vardhak and Aakaash-Vardhak mudra.

It enriches Vaata and Kapha humors in the body and decreases Pitta humor.

Benefits of Apaan mudra

Apaan mudra helps in fighting the following disorders

Constipation, piles, and flatulence.

Delay in delivery of the child.

Burning sensation or burning of body parts.



Vaata-Kapha mix people should practice this mudra in moderation.


Apaan-vaayu mudra or Mritsanjeevani mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing


Apaan-Vaayu mudra increases the earth element and decreases air and fire elements in the body. This mudra benefits and pulls the person away from the deadly pains in chest or heart attack.

Apaan-Vaayu mudra: Join tips of the ring, middle and thumb fingers. Place the tip of index finger at the base of the thumb.

Effects of Apaan-Vaayu mudra

Removes blockages and detoxify the body.

Increases vitality.

Sedates and relaxes the mind and body.

Benefits of Apaan-Vaayu mudra

Apaan-Vaayu mudra helps in fighting the following disorders



Excessive sweating.

Urine obstruction.

Angina pectoris.

Excessive sweating.

Body, tooth and joint pains.

When the person with heart attack symptoms performs this mudra, it helps in relaxation and minimizing the damage to heart muscles.

People with pronounced Kapha should practice this mudra in moderation.

Linga mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Linga is a Sanskrit word, meaning Phallus. It increases heat and reinforces Pitta humor and fire element.

Linga mudra: Interlock the thumbs, and erect the left thumb pointing skywards.

Benefits of Linga mudra

Linga mudra helps in fighting the following disorders

Asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Sexual debility, especially in males.

Cold, sinusitis, wet cough, and sticky stools.

Shivering or intolerant towards cold.

One shall perform Linga mudra only during the above mentioned and related diseases. Over practice of Linga mudra causes lethargy and sluggishness.

Should not perform during excess Pitta ailments like a fever.

Shankha mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Shanka is an Indian word meaning conch. It increases air element , Vaata and Kapha humors in the body. Shanka mudra also decreases the Pitta humor in the body.

Shanka mudra: Grasp the left thumb with fingers of right hand. Place the fingers of left hand on the back of the right palm. Join tips of the index finger of left hand and thumb finger of right hand.

Benefits of Shanka mudra

Shankha mudra helps in fighting the following disorders.

Burning sensation or burning of body parts.


Allergic disorders like urticarial.

Larynx and pharynx disorders.

The weakness of muscles or paralysis.

People with Vaata Kapha constitution shall practice Shankha mudra in moderation.

In addition, there is another form of Shankha mudra. It is known as Sahaj Shankha mudra which has same benefits of Shankha mudra.

Sahaj Shankha mudra: Interlock eight fingers of both hands and with thumb fingers in contact with each other facing skywards.


Asthma mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Asthma mudra helps asthmatics, similar to those of Surya, Aakaash or Linga mudras.

Asthma mudra: Press the fingernails of the middle finger of one hand to the other. Gently extend the other fingers outward.

Benefits of Asthma mudra

Relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract.

Enhances breathing.

Treats and also prevents from Asthma.

Matangi mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Matangi is considered as God of inner harmony. It helps a person in attaining harmony with the self and surroundings.

Matangi mudra: Interlock both the hands and hold it at the navel. Erect the middle fingers touching each other skywards.

Benefits of Matangi mudra

Enhances the functioning of the hypothalamus.

Brings state of balance in the body.

Relieves tension.

Alleviates pain from chest and abdomen.


Uttarabhodhi mudra or Mudra of Enlightenment

 Hand Mudras for healing

Uttarabhodhi mudra dawns enlightenment and dispels fear.

Uttarabhodhi mudra: Interlock both the hands at the level of the navel. Keep the index fingers straight touching each other and pointing skywards. In the same way, touch the thumb fingers keeping straight and pointing downwards.

Benefits of Uttarabhodi mudra

Brings realization of fear no one except the almighty.

Soothes nervous system during or before the daunting task.

Helps in overcoming nervousness, stage fright and related stress disorders.

Pushaan mudra

 Hand Mudras for healing

Pushaan mudra or sun represents God of warmth, nourishment, and energy.

Pushaan mudra: Position right hand in Vaata Kaarak mudra and left hand in the position of Apaan mudra.

Benefits of Pushaan mudra

Enhances immunity and energy.

Improves stamina, endurance, and strength.

Detoxifies the body.


All the mudras except the Linga mudra can be practiced for 45 minutes in a day. It can be parted into 3 sessions of 15 minutes each.




In the current world, we do our best in keeping both our physical and psychological aspects healthy. We take care of our diet and practice different exercise. Bue due to some or the internal and external conditions are body fails to optimize the benefits.


Mudras are the perfect tools to enhance all the benefits. Mudras optimize the benefits by helping our body function in accordance with the exercise, diet, and environmental conditions.


One can practice mudras anywhere. Either while you are watching TV, reading books or sitting idle. Practicing mudras during meditation take the meditation to the next level.


One thing is that mudras help the body and mind in attaining balance and control over all the three aspects of yourself. They are physical, psychological and spiritual level.


Start practicing it today, you may not see the benefits right away, but you will see the improvements along the path.




 I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more


How to practice hand mudras and precautions

How to practice hand mudras and precautions

You know different types of mudras already but have you ever asked what exactly mudra does to your body? Does it really help? What are the general practices you should remember when doing hand mudras and what are the precautions you need to make note of? Here are some of the things that you should definitely remember if you are to start doing hand mudras.

How to practice hand mudras and precautions

General guidelines

Each finger actually has their own function and meaning: in Chinese interpretation the meaning of each finger are as follows: the thumb represents the planet Saturn and is responsible for the spleen, stomach, and mouth, the index finger corresponds to the liver, gall bladder, and eyes, the middle finger is responsible for the heart, the small intestine, and the tongue, the ring finger is responsible for lungs, large intestine, and the nose while the little finger corresponds to the ears, kidneys and bladders.
Once you have chosen the mudra you want to try out, you have to hold it out firmly with both hands, but not too tight that you might drain the blood off of your fingers. Then, aim to keep your hands in that position all throughout your whole meditation session.
In order for the mudra to be fully effective, you have to have the right body position and mind condition. You do not have to stick with the same mudra again and again; you can try different mudras for your meditation sessions. Match the mudras you practice to your needs. Be mindful of distracting thoughts and try to let them go. Sit somewhere you are comfortable on and try to be relaxed as much as possible.
If you want to do them while walking, try keeping a rhythmic phase. If not, then you should sit, pull your chin in a bit and let your neck relax. Breathe evenly, slow, flowing and gentle.

Benefits of hand mudra

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from practicing hand mudras daily, some of them are: to help concentrate especially when you are meditating, for students to have better grades and improve their intelligence, alleviates a headache, hypertension, insomnia and reduces anger. It can even reduce watering of the eyes and hardness in hearing. It also helps the bones become stronger and strengthens the gums. It is also beneficial to people with heart diseases. It helps in the digesting process and helps in preventing the lack of vitamins. It gives energy to the body. It even reduces stress and helps in maintaining good health especially those who have liver problems. It is useful to fight off skin diseases, acne, and other blood defects. It also helps in colds, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.


There are few precautions that should be taken note of in doing hand mudras. You should have a healthy diet, including eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and you must take note of the hand mudras that you can only do in a certain position like sitting or standing.


As much as mudras as good for the body, there are certain things you still have to keep in mind in doing them. Precautions are like warning signs to help you save your body from being hurt. Now that you know them, you can enjoy hand mudras and get the benefits you want from them. Have fun practicing your newly found ideas!

How Hand Mudras Work?


Hand Mudras miracle cure-all effect fascinated people who are looking for instant, effective and safe healing method. For many years, this practice has resulted to the healing of almost all diseases from a simple toothache to a heart attack. Amazing isn’t it? But what makes Hand Mudras work?

How hand mudras works


The human body uses the five elements of the universe- the earth, air, water, fire and ether (Aakash or minute intercellular element). Each finger represents an element. The thumb is Fire, the forefinger is Wind, the middle finger is Ether, the ring finger is Earth, and the small finger is Water.

Mudra works by connecting one finger to the thumb. The proper position of fingers and intensity of the pressure supports healing. By pressing, touching, pointing or curling the fingers, you are creating energy seals that send reflexes or messages towards your brain.Hand Mudras generate and direct “prana” or life energy to body part that needs assistance. The hand connection creates an electromagnetic current which balances the energy of the body and heals the affected area.  Diseases are caused by elements’ imbalance which weakens body’s immune system. The developed “prana” will attack the pained area to facilitate healing, balance the level of elements and restore the condition of the body.

Even Science reveals that human fingertips have free electrons or nerve root endings which are activated by connecting two tips. Pressing them together builds up strong energy which is redirected to the body through nerve channels until it reaches the brain. During the course of its flow, the “prana” (life force energy) stimulates chakras (energy centers) of the body. This essential energy neutralizes and removes blockades that are formed inside the body. When this happens, the basic elements are balanced which restore the healthy state of glands, veins, tendons and sensory organs.The tension is automatic and responsive. Pressure can also be controlled. Keeping fingertips connected for specified period creates tension which tones up body’s central nervous system.

Compared to other healing practices, Mudras can be used anytime, anywhere and whatever position you want. Hand Mudras are convenient and easy to do as long as you can move the fingers of your two hands. You can do it while walking, sitting or lying down. However, sitting comfortably is still the best if you want to gain faster and better results. These advantages benefit elderly and sick people.To restore wellness of the body, mind and spirit, master the different types of Hand Mudras.

During the initial stage, perform your chosen technique for at least ten minutes then gradually increase it to 30 minutes until you can do it for one hour to get the best outcome. When you are practicing Mudras, take 12 breaths and feel the flow of “prana” as it spreads and energizes your whole body. It is also recommended to practice it with mind exercise or neurobics. Hand Mudras practice strengthens psychic abilities of people who are gifted with mental power. Generally, the capacity of the mind to receive and sends back essential healing command is stronger with Hand Mudras practice.

Top 10 Hand Mudras for Complete Health

1. Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge)

Gyan mudra for knowledge

Place the tip of your index finger to the tip of the thumb Press gently to create pressure. Keep the remaining fingers straight.

It purifies the mind, enhances intellect, improves memory, brings focus and heals mental illnesses. It reduces negative thoughts and anger. This technique eradicates addictive habits. Insomnia, headaches and hypertension. It also brings peace of mind and happiness. To know more about Gyan mudra click here

2. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)

Pran mudra for complete well being
Put the tips of your thumb, ring finger and little finger. Keep the two remaining fingers straight with palm upward.

This technique awakens the dormant “prana” (life force) in your body. It eliminates free radicals and strengthens the immune system. It improves eyesight and corrects eye problems. It revitalizes the body and eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome. To know more about prana mudra click here

3. Vayu Mudra (Mudra of Air)

Vayu mudra for Vata-dosha
Place the tip of your index finger at the base of the thumb. Put pressure using your thumb. Keep the other fingers straight.

Regular practice cures gout, arthritis and gastro problems. It heals Sciatica, joints, neck, spinal and knee pains. To know more about Vayu mudra click here

4. Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth)

Prithvi mudra for strength and stamina
Join the tips of your thumb and ring fingers together while the remaining fingers are straight. Put pressure on your joined tips.

It cures digestive problems and vitamin deficiency. It helps those who want to gain or lose weight. To know more about Prithvi mudra click here

5. Shoonya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness)

Shoonya mudra for ear ailments
Place the tip of your middle finger at thumb’s base area then move thumb towards it and press.

Regular practice keeps bones strong. It assists people with thyroid and throat problems as well as heart ailments. Doing this technique for an hour a day corrects deafness and other ear problems. It is also good for vertigo and vomiting trouble. To know more about Shoonya mudra click here.

6. ApanVayu Mudra (Mudra of Heart)

Mudra for heart ailments
It combines Apan and Vayu Mudra. Place the tip of index finger at thumb’s base then enjoin the tips of thumbs, middle and finger together. Keep your little finger straight. Put slight pressure.

It helps people with weak hearts and those recovering from heart attacks. It is used to bring instant relief during a heart attack. It lowers blood pressure, cures asthma, prevents headaches and removes stomach gas. If you need to climb steep places, do it for 5-7 minutes before the climb. To know more about Apan Vayu Mudra click here

7. Apan Mudra (Mudra of Digestion)

Mudra for detoxification
Join the tips of your thumb, middle and ring fingers together. Press to put pressure.

It detoxifies the body. It cures diabetes, kidney troubles, dental problems, stomach aches, constipation and heart diseases. To know more about Apan mudra click here

8. Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun)

Surya mudra for weight loss
Touch the base of the thumb with your ring finger then apply pressure.

It is best for those who want to lose weight. It cures liver defects, hypertension, cholesterol problems, and diabetes. To know more about Surya mudra click here

9. Varun Mudra (Mudra of Water)

Varun mudra for Harmon deficiency
Join the tips of the thumb and little finger together then press to build pressure.

It removes blood impurities, corrects blood-related troubles and urinary tract infections. It also improves skin and facial complexion. To know more about Varun mudra click here

10. Ling Mudra (Mudra of Heat)

Linga mudra for fire and sexual stamina in male
Clasp the fingers of your two hands together while keeping the right thumb up. Build enough pressure. Do this for 20-30 minutes daily.

It increases body heat and cures colds, cough, asthma, sinus problems, anemia or low blood pressure. Remember to drink lots of fluids when doing this Mudra technique. To know more about Linga mudra click here.

These are the Top 10 Hand Mudras that will give complete wellbeing.

Note: Before doing hand mudras you have to find out your body type ( Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).

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I think this mudra is helpful for you.Also, read my book “Complete Hand Mudras.” It will give you more information about mudras read more Protection Status