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This is what happens to you when you do Yoga Mudra

benefits of yoga mudra

Yoga mudra is one of the very important mudra in mudras. When you practice this mudra it tones up the nervous system, builds up powerful abdominal muscles and strengthens the pelvic organs. It helps pep up digestion, boosts the appetite and removes constipation. It provides relief in gas troubles, flatulence and lumbago.It tones up and relaxes the nerves of the head and face. It also strengthens the sex glands.

How to do Yoga mudra:

Sit erect in padmasana. Fold your hands behind your back,holding your left wrist the right hand. Take a deep breath. While exhaling, bend forward slowly keeping your hands on your back. Bring your face downwards until your nose and forehead touch the floor. While inhaling slowly rise back to the upright position.

You can do this mudra as far as you can.


Garbhasna( Embryo Pose)

How to do Garbhasana:

First sit in Padmasana and then insert your arms through the openings between your calfs and thighs, so that the elbows come out below the thighs. Now sit on your hips and place the hands  on the ears. Keep the head and the back straight.

Benefits of Garbhasana:

This yoga is very much useful asanas for women. Its regular practice helps to keep all the uterus disorders away. It strengthens the womb and is particularly recommended for those women who give birth to weak, deformed or dead children. It is  equally good for men as it increases flexibility and gives youthful vigour to all the organs. It provided relief in gout and arthritis. This yoga pose helps in gaining control over senses and the mind.

Ashwini Mudra

How to do: For this sit either in Sukhasan or in Vajrayana. You may practice this in the lying pose, keeping the legs folded in such a way that the heels touch the buttocks, contract the anus and release it. Repeat many times. Contraction and dilation of the anus remove constipation enables the yogi to master Apana Vayu and helps to unfold Muladhara Chakra or the basal plexus.

Kaki Mudra

How to do: Sit in Sidhasana, draw the tongue out in a tube-like shape and inhale through the tongue. Retain the breath. Draw the tongue in and perform Yoni mudra. Exhale through the left nostril. Again do the same and exhale through the right nostril. Do it several times.
Benefits: This Kaki mudra cools the body, removes excess of bile, purifies the blood and develops the mystic vision.

Shambhavi Mudra

How to do : The practitioner should sit in Padmasana or Sidhasana with eyes steady looking in the void and keeping the mind focused in the heart. One should practice not to wink before this. He has to forget the body and the surroundings and let the mind merge in silence.
Benefits : By dong Shambhavi mudra one has more and more peace come unto him.