Complete nautral treatments for Oedema

Oedema or edema is defined as, Due to several reason in the body, or non-inflammatory swelling that is called as edema.

Edema (also oedema, dropsy, and hydropsy) is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, located beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body. Clinically, edema is manifest as swelling; the amount of interstitial fluid is determined by the balance of fluid homeostasis, and the increased secretion of fluid into the interstitium or the impaired removal of the fluid can cause edema.

Causes for Edema or oedema:

The ailment of the heart, liver and kidney, as well as anemia, are the principal reasons for Edema.

Ayurveda Treatment for Edema or oedema:

In Ayurveda this disease is treated by a simple natural plant called ‘Punarnava’. This small creeper is available in plenty all over India. After the rain season it grows abundantly. In some place it is used as a leafy vegetable. It is available in two types both are useful in the treatment. You can use whole plant as a medicine to cure Edema. Roots are much more efficient in the treatment of Oedema.

The medicine prepared using Punarnava is Punarnava Mandura that is very useful in curing Edema. It is available in a powder form you can use it according to the acuteness of the disease. Normally two gms of the powder three times a day with honey is enough to get good results. Your stool color may change to black due the effect of the medicine nothing to worry. If you had constipation, then this will help you to relieve it.A Certain amount of fluid goes out of the body through stools. It contributes to improving the functions of kidney and promotes urination.

There is another drug in Ayurveda, which is very efficient in curing Edema. That is an Alcoholic preparation the drug is known as Purnavadyarishta. You can take six teaspoons of this drug after food, twice daily. It should be diluted by an equal portion of water before taking it. If the Edema is caused due to liver ailments then you should use this drug in small quantity.

Along this medicine you can use other medicine also to cure Edema.



Home remedies of Edema:

Certain home remedies are found very useful in curing Edema. Vegetables like a drumstick, green banana, gourd, bitter gourd, are very much beneficial in the treatment of Edema. You can use them in any form of food to cure Edema.

Mudra treatment to cure Edema

Mudras are very efficient and easy to perform. You can easily practice it anytime or anywhere. Mudras like Jal-shaamak, Surya mudra, and Linga mudra are very much beneficial in curing Edema.

You should not sleep in day time. If you feel fatigued then you can take rest but please don’t sleep. As far as possible you should move about and avoid sedentary habits. You should avoid all the fried things, salt and curd. If you had constipation, then you can take plenty of papayas to relieve it naturally. You can also use green papaya curry. Ground nut oil and all the preparation of groundnut oil should be avoided.

There is a useful article in wiki how about How to reduce Edema Naturally you can found that article here

These are the Important natural treatment to cure Edema or Oedema. If you are following any other natural treatment that are beneficial in curing Odema, Please let me know in comments.

All the recommendations are informative purpose only, Don’t act before consulting your personal Doctor or any other health expert.

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