Gyan mudra benefits

 The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Gyan” is Supreme Knowledge. The practice of Gyan Mudra gives Supreme knowledge. We can call Gyan mudra as prime in hand mudras. It has been in practice in meditations for more than thousands of years. And still, it continues to bring peace, calm and spiritual progress to many yogis.

Popularly known as the “mudra of knowledge,” The practice of Gyan Mudra enhances brain and knowledge.

The Therapeutic uses of Gyan mudra

When Gyan mudra is used in healing practices it is called as Vayu-Vardhak mudra. It is one of the best mudra to overcome Vata deficiency. It is useful in treating diseases caused due to vata deficiency. The  Practice of Gyan mudra increases Air element and vata prakrati within the body.

Other Names Of Gyan mudra

 Vayu-vardhak mudra 
Jnana mudra 
 Dhyan Mudra.
Our body has made from five elements of earth, Vayu, vardhakJal, fire, and space.Gyan mudrā increases Vayu element in the body.   In hatha yoga, this mudrā is used for meditation. In Ayurveda, this mudra is known Vayu-vardhak mudra.When you meditate with doing this mudra it gives you quick results.


How to do Gyan mudra

  1. Sit in any comfortable posture.
  2. Join the tips of index finger and thumb finger of both the hands.
  3. According to the placement of the hands, the name of the mudras changes.
  4. When you place it on your thigh, it is called Gyan mudra.
 The Impact of Gyan mudra practice
  • Gyan mudra Increase Vāyu or air element within your body. It is also helpful to Improve mind power and leads to spiritual enlightenment.
  • The practice of this mudra stimulate the Brain, and all the nervous system is strengthened.
  • It also facilitates movements of electrical impulses along nerves.
  • This mudrā strengthens pituitary gland that helps to improve entire system of endocrine glands.
  • This mudra strengthens all the muscles in the body.
  • Other benefits of Gyan mudra are, It reinforces vocal cords, heart, renders the skin and mucous membranes to dry, gives the joints and articular cartilage dry.

Vayu plays an important role in the bodily humor Vata.Increasing air element in the body strengthens Vata humor.If you are in Vata deficiency, Gyan mudrā is the best remedy to overcome it.The persons who are having Vata dosha should do this mudra moderately.

Benefits of Gyan mudra 

The Practice of Gyan mudra is helpful to overcome following conditions;
  •  The dullness of mind
  •  Lack of enthusiasm or initiative creativity,
  • Recklessness,
  • Loss of memory,
  • Deficient brain power.
  •  Drowsiness, lethargy, mental retardation,
  • Nervous weakness,
  • Neuropathy,
  •  Alzheimer’s disease,
  •  Hypopituitarism,
  •  Hypothyroidism,
  • Hypoparathyroidism,
  • Hypoadrenalism these
  • Muscular disorders like myopathies, myasthenia gravies, paresis, paralysis(viz paralytic squint, ptosis, facial palsy, vocal paralysis, respiratory paralysis, monoplane, paraplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, etc.)

Duration of Gyan mudra practice


Daily thirty minutes of practice is enough to get best results of Gyan mudra. You can do it in any place or anytime.It is preferred that early morning and meditates to get quick results.

As said at the beginning of, If you have Vata dosha(Prakriti) then you should perform it moderately.

Other Variations of  Gyan Mudra:


According the placement of your hand the name and benefits of Gyan mudra changes. Few important variations of Gyan mudra are given below.

Abhaya Gyan mudra

The practice of Abhaya Gyan mudra enables the practitioner to develop the virtue of fearlessness.

Method sits in Padmasana and hands rise half in Gyan mudra. You can see it in picture

Abhaya Gyan mudra will help you to get free from fear and anxiety.



Vairaagya Mudra

Vairagya mudra is very much helpful for the people who are on a spiritual path.
The practice of Vairagya mudra enables the practitioner to improve a sense of detachment from worldly matters gradually. Also gives a realization about the futility of material gains.


How to do Vairaagya mudra
How to do Vairagya mudra:
Sit in Sukhasana and keep the hands on your thigh and join the tips of thumb finger and index finger like in the picture.

Purana Gyan Mudra:

How to do Purna Gyan mudra image
How to do Purna Gyan mudra
Sit in padmasana and keep the hands as in the photo to form Purna Gyan mudra. It is one of the substantial variation of Gyan mudra.
The practice of Purna Gyan Mudra leads to obtaining complete knowledge or absolute truth about all matters.

Dhyan Mudra

The practice of Dhyan Mudra helps to get rapid progress in the practice of meditation.;
How to do Dhyan Mudra

I tried my best to explain it in very simple language.If you feel you need more information, please leave a comment or contact me.

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  1. Gyan or Dhana mudra is one common mudras used in meditation. Please let me know if do this gyan mudra for long time is there any chance of developing Gas in Stomach. I am already suffering from Gas

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