How To Be Fit

There is nothing more ageing that wrong posture. A person with youthful stance looks young and energetic whereas a person ( even if he is young) with a stoop, hunch of sloping shoulders presents an ageing look.

This is not the only reason why a person would pay attention to his posture. Ninety percent people, by the time they are 35, complain of backaches and the most common cause of a backache is usually a bad posture. With the growing number of slipped disc cases, spinal and back problems, it becomes doubly important to ensure that good posture becomes a part of one’s life.

What is Posture?

Dictionary defines postures as the position of a person’s body and the way a person sits or stands. It is judged to be good, normal or bad by the position of the head, chest, trunk, pelvis, knees and feet.

Postures can be guide to the way people feel. If they are tired, their posture may be poorer than usual. Posture can also reflect mental attitude. Changes in posture may affect a perso…

Feet play the most important part in your walking regimen. If they are not cared for, they are not likely to cooperate with you and your fitness programme will end even before it has begun. Most of us are very careless towards foot-health. We often tend to neglect the feet till they really begin to hurt.

When you begin your walking schedule remember to checkout the following aspects.
Blisters– blisters are caused when there is friction against the skin. Friction can be due to the friction between the ground and the foot( if not wearing any foot wear), and between the shoes and the feet. The shoes must fit properly when worn with the socks. Socks act as cushions, especially those made of cotton-acrylic. The socks should be clean and worn dry, on dry feet. Small blisters must be covered with sterile gauze pad. In case of a bid blister, puncture it with a sterile needle and clean with antiseptic. Never peal off the skin over a blister.

Calluses & corns– These do not hurt, however, har…

Waling is one of the best exercises I have come across. It rejuvenates, refreshes and brings a sense of euphoria along with other physical benefits that come with any kind of exercise. all one needs is a good pair of shoes, an open area and a song on the lips.

Walking is an effective, low-impact activity, which is easy on the feet, knees and ankles. this is especially true for people who have joint problems. It is one of the few exercises that a person can continue up to a ripe old age without experiencing any adverse kind of effects.
There are no right and wrong ways of walking. If you are looking for health and fitness, keep pounding the pavements every day of the week for at least 30 minutes. The only factor against walking is the fact that it takes a long- long time for any kind of visible effect. If you are looking for a quick loss of weight, forget walking and tale to some other form of aggressive exercising. But if keeping yourself in a fit form is your goal, welcome to the wo…

Yoga is viewed as many things by different people. The average person thinks yoga is just stretching exercises for bad backs, stress and tension. Yoga is much more. The exercises or ‘asanas’ are many and varied, as are the tasks, which they can accomplish. some of the exercises help to make the body stronger, more flexible and healthier. Others reduce stress and tension and help you to better cope with the trails of everyday life.

Developing your intuition and clear insight is the purpose of other yoga exercises. The underlying purpose of all the yoga tools is spiritual evolution, the lifting of our consciousness from a mundane, worldly level to an awareness and sensitivity for all creation. Yoga benefits your whole body. Through a systematic set of stretching and strengthening exercise you can stretch and strengthen all of your major muscles groups and develop muscle tone and flexibility. the strengthening of the muscles around the spine is particularly important for keepin…

Yoseido- is a word with 3 characters.

Yo-means nourishing, feeding or making something grow.
Sei-means birth-the physiological aspect of a person’s existence or simply ‘life form’.
Do-means the way. or attaining one’s ideal place or spiritual contentment.

The combination of the three words together mean: harmonizing one’s existing life-form by following the way ( the encounter between Heaven and Earth).

In a certain sense all the traditional oriental disciplines are based upon this attainment of Do Yoseido. How can we achieve this harmonious life form? One way is through the meridians stretching exercises as Yoseido Shiastu emphasizes.

Practicing the stretching postures for the eight meridians encourages full health and a lively balance of the energies in our body. They can be used to treat physical ailments by reactivating the flow of vital energy through the body.

They also have a role to play in preventive treatment by ensuring that blocked energy is dislodged…

Anything that is not in use deteriorates, just as a nail rusts. By the same logic, our body also begins to show signs of rusting if we do not use it well. In this case, using the body is just another way of saying that the body needs exercise. As we have already seen, exercise is the key to fitness and youthfulness. There are hundreds of exercises devised for the purpose of keeping the body fir and most of them are quite effective, too. I am across this set of exercises that are not too difficult to perform once the body has loosened up and the muscles are toned.

From ancient times, the Tibetan Lamas have been performing some exercises, which are almost like rituals for them. Have you ever wondered why the monks remain youthful looking and have an enviable longevity of life? Well, the secret for their youthful looks is the set of exercises they perform, unfailingly and with the same devotion the observe for the other religious rites. The principles, on which the exercises are centere…

To achieve complete fitness you should yourself a varied exercise programme, combining three distinct elements.

Firstly, to stimulate your circulatory and respiratory systems and increase their capacity, you need a form of aerobic exercise. this can be tailored to your fitness level, and should be practiced for about 25 minutes every other day- longer if you choose a gentle type of exercise like walking.

Secondly, you need some form of daily stretching and loosening exercise. An thirdly, you should choose a regular relaxation technique to refresh and restore you.

for instance, your three-point programme could include aerobic walking for stimulating your circulatory and respiratory systems, Surya Namakar for stretching and loosening your muscles and Shavasana as a relaxation technique.

Before You Begin A Regimen Ensure

There are some facts that one must know before one begins any kind of exercise regimen. the process of warming up, stretching, loosening of the muscles and finally the …