How to retard the hair graying process


Premature hair is one of the major problems in youth. How to retard the graying process? This is a question most of us would like to have answers to. Apart from using hair dyes, there are hardly any other remedies to the graying syndrome. But there are many medicines prescribed in Ayurveda that are said to arrest premature graying of hair.

Here are few of them:Ayurveda remedies for graying of hair

1. Take one teaspoonful of Amrita(giloya), Amla and gokhroo mixed in equal parts to which honey is added, thrice a day.

2. Grind into powder 2 parts of Bhringaraja, 1 part of black sesame seeds, and 1 part of amla. Take a teaspoonful of the powder with milk and sugar. This, however, has to be continued for few months before the effects are visible.

3. For the impatient who want faster results, Swarnamakshika Bhasma may be added in 240 mg doses with the powders.

4 Use Bhringaraja Taila( hair oil)  regularly. Eladi Taila can also be used for massaging the scalp.

5. Grind into paste equal quantities of old mandur, Amla, and jaba(Hibiscus rosa sineusis) flowers and apply it on the head. After the paste dries, wash hair with water in which amla has been soaked overnight.

6. Grind together into fine powder amla-2 parts, harda-2 parts bahera-1 part, the stone of mango-5 parts, and old mandur-2.5 parts. Make a paste of a teaspoonful of this powder with water in which Amla has been soaked overnight. Keep this overnight in an iron vessel and apply it to the hair in the moring. After it dries, apply oil to the hair and then wash throughly.

The naturopathic solution to the problem lies in creating the right PH or acidity level in the body. This means reducing the intake of meat and animal fats and eating a diet rich in alkaline foods such as carrots, celery almonds, figs, endive, fruit, green vegetable and wheat-grass.

One also has to make changes in the lifestyle, which include giving up smoking, improving the diet etc. You can slow the greying process, and even restore the hair to its natural colour through these changes, claim naturopaths. They also feel that there is a definite link between the deficiency of B vitamins and graying.


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