Maatangi mudra

Matangi mudra is useful to attain inner harmony.Practicing this mudra helps you to achieve peace with your inner self and with the surroundings.

How to do Matangi mudrā:

Maatangi mudra


This mudra is formed by interlocking the hands and keeping the middle fingers straight and touching each other like in the picture.

The impact of Matangi mudra:

Matangi mudrā directly affects the hypothalamus.

Benefits and healing properties of Matangi mudra.

The hypothalamus is the primary autonomous part of the nervous system; This mudra helps to establish a state of balance in the body.

This the best mudra to relieve tension.

Matangi mudra is very effective in relieving the pains in the organs of chest and abdomen.

Duration For Matangi Mudra:

20 minutes of practice is enough to get instant relief from pains and 5 minutes each in the morning and evening to get internal harmony.

This Mudra can be performed by anyone or anytime.

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