Major Depression Treatment

I am getting too many queries asking for natural treatments for depression, Every day I have to answer at least one request on this subject.Already I had posted few postings about depression treatments and symptoms, ut still my readers are not satisfied. They need something more.Here I am sharing all the natural treatments like yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, Mudra therapy, Affirmative, Ayurveda, Acupressure, massage therapy y, diet therapy, home remedy.
“Depression is a serious condition that leads to self-destruction. This disease is different from all other conditions.It is a slow poison and destroys everything in your life and the persons around you.Never neglect a depressive mood.”

Symptoms Of Depression

Overcoming a difficult time in your life can be hard. Everyone gets a little down sometimes amidst life’s challenges. But there are times when sadness, loss of interest in life, and trouble with sleep or appetite can hang on for weeks. These problems may get in the way of the things you normally do. When this is the case, depression may be the cause.

Depression is more than just feeling bad or upset after a troubling event. Depression is not only fairly common, but it can also be severe. There are more suicides than murders. Even among teenagers, it is third only to accidents and homicides. Suicide is so sad because it is a permanent, desperate solution to a temporary
problem. What a blow to each family in which an unnecessary death occurs.




Signs of Depression

  • Behavioural excesses –complaints about money, job, housing,noise, poor memory, confusion, loneliness, lack of care and love… acting out (adolescents), running away from home,rebellious, aggressive… obsessed with guilt and concern about doing wrong, about being irresponsible, about the welfare of others, and about “I can’t make up my mind anymore”…crying… suicidal threats or attempts.
  • Behavioral deficits –socially withdrawn, doesn’t talk,  indecisive, can’t work regularly, difficulty communicating, slower speech and gait… loss of appetite, weight change, stays in bed… less sexual activity, poor personal grooming, and doing less for fun.
    Emotional reactions –feels sad, feels empty or lacks feelings of all kinds, tired (“everything is an effort”)… nervous or restless, angry and grouchy (adolescents), irritable, overreacts to criticism… bored, apathetic, “nothing is enjoyable,” feels socially abandoned and/or has less interest in relationships, sex, food, drink, music, current events, etc. Lack of skills –poor social skills, frequently whiny or boring, critical, lack of humor… indecisive, poor planning for future and unable to see “solutions.”Attitudes and motivation –low self-concept, lack of self-confidence and motivation, pessimistic or hopeless, feels helpless or like a failure, expects the worst… self-critical, guilt,self-blaming.
    Physical symptoms –difficulty sleeping or sleeping excessively, awaking early… hyperactivity or sluggishness, diurnal moods (worse in the morning)… low sex drive, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, indigestion, constipation, headaches, dizziness, pain, and other somatic problems or complaints.

Depression is a serious mental ailment that may give rise to physical and psychological issues. It is more than just feeling sad. An alteration in the chemistry of the brain is the primary cause of depression. Some of the factors that are responsible for depression includes unavoidable circumstances, change in hormone levels, genetics, etc. The factors can trigger the chemistry of brain which may lead to depression. It may also result in loss of energy and fatigue throughout the day. It also causes hypersomnia or insomnia at the same time. The life of a person may get affected in a negative manner owing to depression.



How Ayurveda helps in treating depression


Ayurvedic treatments focus on the constitution of body and mind as an effective treatment for depression. The imbalance of the doshas is also taken into account for curing depression. Depending on that, here is a classification of the treatments of depression:


Treatment for Vata type of depression


In this kind of depression, alteration in the diet is done for curing the condition. Food elements pacifying Vata is being incorporated into the individual. You should be intaking food which is heavy and hot and enhances your strength at the same time. You should be avoiding fruits and salads if you are detected with Vata kind of depression. You should avoid the intaking of an excess amount of caffeine for curing this mental condition. You should say no to spicy foods while you are undergoing treatment. Some of the other food stuff which you should be eating for treating such kind of depression include dairy products, nuts, etc. Some of the foods that are recommended to eat during the Vata type of depression include soups, pasta, and rice. You should prefer to sleep early and procure the adequate amount of sleep at night. You should avail an oil massage on the head, foot and entire body for obtaining relaxation and thus curing depression. You should also practice mild exercises and yoga for a cool, calm, relaxed body and mind. You can intake some herbs such as cumin, Gotu Kola, cinnamon and ginger if you are diagnosed with Vata type of depression.


Treatment for Pitta type of depression


Like Vata, emphasize is given for consuming right kind of food if you are suffering from Pitta kind of depression. It is essential to include food in the diet that aids in pacifying the Patta elements in the body. You should not be in taking rich and spicy food such as tobacco, red meat, vinegar, fish or cheese. Instead, you should prefer eating food that helps in cooling down. Some of these food elements include cool drinks, sweets, dairy products. A vegetarian diet is preferable if a person is suffering from Pitta type of depression. It is also advised that a person having such kind of depression should be avoiding the sun. Yoga, exercises, and meditations are preferred for a faster recovery if you are having pitta kind of depression. You should prefer bathing in cold water and not use hot water during showers. Herbs that are usually prescribed for the patients suffering from this type of depression includes mint, coconut, sandalwood, and Shatavari. Some of the purification techniques such as Panchakarma should be practiced for the treatment of patients suffering from Pitta type of depression.


Kapha types of depression


You should be making dietary changes for the treatment of this kind of depression. It is recommended to intake food that helps in pacifying the Kapha elements. You should reduce the consumption of meat, sweet and desserts if you are suffering from the similar kind of depression. You should be avoiding the use of fatty elements and oil during the preparation of food. You can eat warm food with an eye to pacifying the Kapha element. You should be eating hot and spicy food items for getting rid of Kapha. You should consume soup on a regular basis for treating this mental condition. It is also believed that taking honey in moderate amount aids in the pacification of Kapha. You should do meditation on a regular basis for procuring a healthy lifestyle. Mild exercises, yoga, and jogging are considered to be good for patients suffering from Kapha. Ayurvedic physicians prefer incorporating herbs that produce heat in food. Some of these herbs include pepper, ginger tea, and turmeric. The avoiding sun plays a vital role in reducing depression at the same time.


Home remedies for treating depression


It is a must that you should lead a healthy lifestyle for the treatment of this mental condition. Some of the home remedies that are preferred for curing depression is listed below:


Consume food that makes you happy


It is needless to affirm that consuming healthy food is paramount for the treatment of the condition. However, it is essential at the same time that you should intake food that makes you happy. This food stimulates the serotonin chemical in the brain that helps you to stay comfortable. Some of the foods that are known to enhance the level of serotonin naturally are inclusive of:


Flaxseed oil


Fish oil which is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids

Coconut oil


Say no to coffee

If you are suffering from depression, it is recommended by the physicians to stay away from it. Excessive intake of caffeine may prohibit the production of serotonin in the brain. Thus, it is essential that you should say no to caffeine for staying away from depression.


Drink plenty of green tea


Though green tea is known to consist of caffeine, it contains L-theanine, an integral constituent. L-theanine in combination with caffeine helps in boosting mood. Thus, green tea does not prohibit the synthesis of serotonin in the brain. The psychoactive properties found in green tea aids in the reduction of stress and helps in boosting dopamine.




Acupuncture is one of the effective remedies that assist in the treatment of depression. It confers relaxation to the body and makes you feel happy and calm. It is believed that the feeling lasts for a long time after the completion of the session.


Consumption of chamomile tea


A specific flavonoid present in chamomile has relaxing properties and aids in having a relaxed body and mind.

Yoga treatment for depression

Yoga is the best way to treat any disorder and to beat depression this is better than all other treatments.Depression can over come through yoga and pranayama.Shir asana or sarvanga asana is best to overcome depression, but this asana is tough to perform for a common man, vajrasana Vajrayanais also beneficial for the treatment of depression.Any physical exercise is useful you can select one of any asana or any other exercise.

Pranayama has a direct effect on the mind, Kapalbhati, Anuloma-viloma pranayama is best for treating major depression.

Kundalini awakening is very effective way to overcome depression.

Yogic way of treating anxiety Mudra treatment for depression

Mudra therapy is very useful to prevent depression the types of mudra that is useful to prevent depression are

Gyan mudra , Prithvi-shaamak or Surya mudra

Depression is a state of mind.Thoughts have become destructive and inactive.there is no creative thought in a depressed man.

Acupressure therapy for depression

Acupressure is the and fast way of treatment .Through Acupressure and massage therapy you can overcome depression in few hours and if you continued it for few days complete cured.

First relief another hand whole length of inner wrist fold to rubbed with thumb of other hand.

Second relief point: Portion of stomach between navel and back of ribs along the mid line about 4 AIs in length upward from navel.

After this a whole body massage or back and head massage are very useful.

Sex is all so very beneficial to overcome depression,a satisfying sexual life will help to overcome depression.

Affirmations For Depression

Positive affirmation will your own miraculous improvement in the attitude of mind.The best affirmation is “I will be calm and confident” You can create your  own and repeat it .To know more about affirmations

Ayurveda and home remedies for depression

All the spicy food is the best remedy to fight against depression.Pepper is the best home remedy for the treatment of depression.

Diet therapy for depression

The diet therapy for depression

If you feel you are in a depressive mood then it is best to change your diet immediately.Completely exclude coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate and cola, all white flour products, sugar, food colorings, chemical additives, white rice and strong condiments.It is better to take only three meals, Fruits and nuts along with milk are preferable
e for breakfast.Lunch and Dinner should be light include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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