Neurasthenia Alternative natural treatments

Neurasthenia is a chronic condition in which the whole nervous system has lost its tone and become exhausted. Neurasthenia is commonly known as nervous prostration, nervous weakness and nervous exhaustion.


Symptoms of Neurasthenia:

The major symptoms of neurasthenia are weakness of the mental faculties, coldness of the hands and feet, sleeplessness, sexual disorders, digestive disturbances, an apprehension of sexual impotence in the male, painful menstruation in the female, restlessness, fear, muscular weakness  and a host of symptoms accompanying general nervousness.

Causes for Neurasthenia:

The major causes of the chronic disease are mental exertion, over work and sexual excesses. Other main causes of neurasthenia are use of tobacco, sedentary habits, neurotic temperament and various chronic diseases.

The main causes of neurasthenia are, faulty diet, wrong life style of living and wrong thinking. The modern diet consisting of refined, tinned, processed and preserved foods, all these habits have bad effects on the health of the system and on the nerves in particular. Foods ‘denatured’ in this way are deprived to a very extent of their invaluable mineral salts and vitamins. The insufficient supply of these nutrients cause nerve starvation and nervous disorders like neurasthenia. The modern days high pressure standards and artificial way of living also contribute greatly to this disease.

Alternative and natural treatments for neurasthenia:

This disease is a faulty lifestyle disease to get complete cure you have to change your lifestyle completely. Complete rest is very important for those who have been over worked nervously and physically and for those who need a rapid gain of fat and blood. For those who are mentally and nervously tired people physical and muscular exercises are very much beneficial.

It is very much beneficial that you start with an exclusive fruit diet for five days. During this period of fruit diet you can take three meals of fresh juicy fruits like orange, apple, pineapple, pear, peach, grapes and papaya in a four hours interval. While in the period of fruit diet a warm water enema in the morning is very beneficial to cleanse the bowels if it is not possible then drink one liter luke warm water with one lemon in the early morning.

After the fruit diet a milk and fruit diet for five to ten days is very beneficial. In this period the meals are exactly the same before but milk should be added to every meals. You can take one to one and half liter of milk every day. The milk should be unboiled, if you prefer you can warm it and then drink it by sip by sip very slowly.

After the fruit and milk diet  you can adopt a well planed and a balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts grains, with emphasis on fresh fruits, raw vegetables and fruit and vegetable juices. The diet should be supplemented with vegetable oils, honey and milk, preferably in soured form like curd and butter milk.

Water therapy:

Therapeutic baths are very much beneficial for a quick recovery. A  hot Epsom salt bath will also be beneficial. You should take this bath once or twice in a week. This bath is prepared by dissolving one kg. of commercial Epsom-salt in an ordinary bath of hot water. You should remain emmersed in the bath from 10 to 20 minutes. You should take care not to get chilled afterwards. No soap should be used with the Epsom salt bath, as this interferes with its beneficial effects.

Yoga treatment for neurasthenia:

Back-stretching pose,Corpse pose,Headstand pose,hero’s pose,Meditation poses,Mountain poses,Warrior’s poses,Standing stretch poses.All these poses are very useful in the treatment of neurasthenia.

Mudra treatment for neurasthenia:

Gyan mudra and pran mudra is very beneficial in this condition a 20 minute of practice of either of these mudras are very effective.

You should avoid white bread, sugar, refined cereals, condiments, tea, coffee and alcohol. You should drink liberal quantities of water. Smoking is very dangerous give up completely.

Fresh air and light physical exercise are very good. You should take sufficient rest, relax both mentally and physically. You should sleep in a well-ventilated room. You should avoid late hours and pay special attention to personal hygiene.

All this recommendations are for informative purpose only don’t take action with out consulting your personal doctor or an health expert.