Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi mudra is one of the important mudras in healing mudras.It is useful to increase earth element and decrease fire element within the body. The practice of Prithvi mudra increases strength and endurance of your body. If you are a Kapha deficient person, this mudra is highly beneficial for your overall health.

Other names of Prithvi mudra:

Agni-shamak mudra.

Prithvi-vardhak mudra.

Prithvi mudra is very much useful to gain weight and strengthen the body.

How to do Prithvi mudrā:

Prithvi mudra

Prithvi mudra is very easy to do, just joining the tips of ring finger with the tip of thumb finger and applying gentle pressure is enough to form this mudra.

You may practice Prithvi mudra while traveling or watching T.V or anywhere and anytime.



The impact of Prithvi-Vardhak mudra on health


Earth is the major component of bones, cartilage moleskin hair, nails, flesh, muscles, tendons, internal organs, etc. the practice of Prithvi mudra strengthens these tissues. Prithvi mudra reduces body temperature and strengthens your body.

Benefits of Prithvi mudra Practice

Prithvi mudra has the healing power to heal following conditions

Chronic fatigue.

  1. Debility
  2. Convalescence,
  3. Endurance or lack of stamina,
  4. Loss of weight.
  5. Emaciation
  6. Inexplicable
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Fracture,
  9. Degeneration of articular cartilage,
  10. Weakness atrophied muscles.
  11. Myopathies
  12. Paresis
  13. Paralysis
  14. Poliomyelitis
  15. Dry, cracked, burning, mature skin
  16. Brittle nails
  17. Hair loss, premature graying of hair
  18. Burning in eyes
  19. Acidity,
  20. Burning sensation of urinating,
  21. Burning in anus,
  22. Burning in hands, feet, and head
  23. Aphthous,
  24. Ulcers in the mouth and stomach
  25. Inflammatory diseases,
  26. Jaundice,
  27. Fever,
  28. Hyperthyroidism.


Duration for Prithvi Mudra practice

Thirty to forty-five minutes of regular practice is enough to get good results.You can do it anytime or in any place but the morning hour or when you are in meditation is the best choice to get best results. To get the outcome in a quick pace, please practice it regularly. Keeping a healthy diet plan is also beneficial.

Precaution for Prithvi-Vardhak mudra:

If you are a Kapha dosha person, then do it in moderation only.

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