Samaan mudra

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Samaan mudra is very useful to balance all the three doshas Vata, Pita, and Kapha.

Due to its impact on the doshas, it is also called tri-dosha-nashak mudra.This mudra has two other names Mukul and Sukri mudra.

This mudra is the best mudra which balances all the five elements within the body.This mudra is very much beneficial for the persons whose all three humor have become deranged.This mudra can be used to overcome any disease.If you want to prevent illness this the best mudra to practice regular basis.


Samaan mudra


How to do Samaan mudra

This mudra is very easy to do, just joining the tips of the thumb and all four fingers.

Duration of Samaan mudra practice

30 minutes practice is enough to good results of this mudrā.you can practice it at any time or any position.In the morning hour is the best time.

If you are facing any illness then, while performing this mudra, The fingertips can be directed at the diseased part of the body to get quick results.

There are no precautions for Samaan mudra practice.

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