17 Natural ways to cure Piles at home


Natural treatments for hemorrhoids

Piles are very common ailment today,70% people are suffering from different types of piles. Here I am sharing Natural treatments for hemorrhoids that are Ayurveda, home remedy, yoga asanas, herbal treatment, useful diet for free evacuation, and mudra therapy.

Hemorrhoids are a varicose and often inflamed condition of the veins inside or just outside the rectum. In external piles, there is not much bleeding but severe pains in case of internal piles there is bleeding of dark blood.some times the veins burst and forms bleeding piles.


Home remedies for piles

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the most effective natural herbs to treat piles. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. They provide instant relief and alleviate the symptoms of piles.

  • For internal piles, cut aloe vera leaves, removing thorn parts. Put the slices in a container and freeze it. Apply the icy aloe vera to piles area. It gives instant relief from pain and soothes the burning sensation.
  • For external piles, take the gel out of aloe vera leaves. Apply the gel to the anus region and massage. It will relieve pain and soothe the burning sensation.

2.Ice pack

Ice constricts the blood vessels and reduces the swelling. It gives instant relief from pain.

  • Apple ice pack on the affected area for about 10 minutes. Repeat this process several times in a day. The piles will slowly reduce and go away.
  • Applying frozen vegetables such as corn or peas also works in the same way. Wrap the frozen vegetables in a tea towel. Practice this for 20 minutes per session.


Lemon juice has varied nutrients that strengthen capillaries and blood vessel walls. It gives relief and reduces hemorrhoids.

  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice and saturate it with a cotton ball. Apply it on the affected area. It gives mild tingling or burning sensation. But it soon follows with relief.
  • Squeeze half of a lemon and mix it with a cup of hot milk. Drink the juice. Repeat this for every three hours.
  • Take one and a half teaspoon of lemon juice, ginger juice, mint juice and honey. Mix them together. Drink this once in a day.

4.Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps a great deal in treating external hemorrhoids. Olive oil increases the elasticity of blood vessels. It helps reducing inflammations and shrink the swollen blood vessels.


  • Take one teaspoon of olive oil every day. The monounsaturated fats also improve the functions of the excretory system.
  • Crush plum leaves and extract the juice. Add olive oil to and apply on piles affected area. It gives relief from pain and swelling.

5.Whole grains

Whole grain products contain ample amount of fiber. It is efficient in stopping bleeding and symptoms of piles. The nutrients clean gastrointestinal system which prevents from constipation. It also softens stools and increases its bulk, reducing strain during bowel movements.

  • Barley, buckwheat, brown rice, oats, maize, millet, and quinoa are few of the whole grains.
  • Add these whole grains to your diet works a great deal in healing and preventing piles.

6.Witch Hazel

White hazel is an astringent and the oldest known natural herb for piles. The astringent properties shrink blood vessels, relieve pain, swelling and itching.

  • Take undistilled white hazel and soak a ball of cotton in it. Apply it on hemorrhoids three times a day.
  • Medicated white hazel pads are available in a market. Using it along with toilet papers prevent from irritation and microorganisms affecting anus.

7.Apple Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also contains astringent properties. They shrink swollen blood vessels and relieves from irritation and swelling. It helps in both healing internal and external piles. Ensure that you use unfiltered and unpasteurized vinegar for better results.

  • For external piles, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on affected area. It will give stinging sensation, but soon, the itching and irritations are gone. Repeat this several times in a day and the swelling decreases.
  • For internal piles, take one spoon of apple cider vinegar and add it to a glass of water. Drink it twice in a day. You may add honey for flavor and it also enhances the benefits.



Soaking yourself in a warm water gives instant relief from pain and itching. It also relaxes the blood vessels.

  • Soak affected area in warm for 15-20 minutes. Gently wipe using the wet towel. Do it regularly for effective results.
  • Only use warm water, not hot water.


Probiotics balance bacteria in the gut and prevent constipation. It also enhances overall health.

  • Korean kimchi, fermented cheese, yogurt, and sauerkraut are probiotic rich foods. Fermented drinks such as kombucha tea also have rich probiotic components.



Standard amounts of water cleanse the internal system and hydrates the body. They also facilitate bowel movements, keeping stools soft and reducing strain.


Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.


11.Yoga asanas for piles


Yoga asanas are very useful  for the cure of piles the main asanas which are helpful in the treatment of piles are


Pranayama is one of the best remedy for piles


12.Mudra therapy for the treatment of piles


mudras is very useful to cure piles. Here are few mudras that can be used in the treatment of piles.

Prithv  mudra,

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Apaan- Vayu mudra,

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Apana Mudra 

Natural Treatments for Hemorrhoids

13.Herbal treatment for piles

1.Mango seeds are an effective remedy for bleeding piles.Mango seeds dried and powdered and give a dosage of two grams with or without honey.

2.Jambul fruit taken with salt is very useful for bleeding piles.

3. Grated radish mixed with honey or juice mixed with a pinch of salt. White radish well grinds into a paste in milk can also beneficially applied over inflamed piles masses to relieve pain and swelling.

4.The patient should drink 8 or 9 glass of water every day.And cold water treatment helps the veins to shrink and tones up their walls.


14.Raw Juice fasting for piles

Raw juice fasting is a natural way of treating diseases through an exclusive diet of juices of fruits and vegetables. It is also called asJuice therapy. It is one of the excellent ways to restore health and rejuvenate the body.


1.Organic juices of fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and natural sugar. Consuming raw juices help in normalizing all the body functions. It provides essential components for the body’s healing activity and cell regeneration, thereby speeding the recovery.

2. The raw juices require no digestion and almost all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly into the blood.

3.Organic juices are rich in alkaline components. It helps to balance acid-alkaline balance in the body as there is over-acidity in most conditions of ill-health.
If you are in a juice fasting, then you have to take these juices in every three hours.You may take juices five to six times a day. 300 ml of water with 30 grams of honey may be taken the first thing in the morning on arising. After that, the prescribed juice may be taken at three-hourly intervals. The quantity of juice on each time should be 300 ml, and you can increase it to 600 ml gradually. The juice fasting may continue up to forty days without any ill-effects. You should take adequate rest during the raw juice fasting.


15. Ayurvedic treatment for piles


Ayurvedic view of Piles

According to Ayurveda constipation causes Piles. Many people do not realize this fact. Often when they have some kind of growth in annal canal which is called  piles. Normally they treat it local level and they apply some cream. sometimes they will take some special kind of tablets to subsides the symptoms.Often doctors might suggest also that you better go for a surgery.In Ayurveda, we always try to look for the root cause for hemorrhoids or piles. The root cause of bleeding or non-bleeding piles is constipation.Constipation means when you are not able to clean your bowels, at least, ones in twenty-four hours. When you are not able to do bowel moments the waste gets deposited in the rectal area. That is which causes inflammation in the annal membrane.This will lead to some kind of polyps they appear which are called hemorrhoids. If you want to get rid of this problem it is very very important you must make sure that every morning you must clear your bowel, your stomach should be clean and you should not have constipation.


Ayurvedic treatment for piles or hemorrhoids

In Ayurvedic treatment for piles, we suggest the use of Triphala. It is a very nice formula which is not a very strong laxative. It is not a strong laxative that will make some kind of weakness in the intestine, but its very simple formula that helps to clear the bowels. Also at the same time, it supports the colon. It gives strength to the colon so Triphala can be taken by anybody. It should be taken at night one teaspoonful of Triphala with warm water or warm milk.It is very much useful, especially those are prone to develop this hemorrhoid or piles.

The important thing is if you have a bleeding pile then you should always make sure not taking anything which is heating the body. like hot spices, chilies, fried foods,non-vegetarian foods, foods which contain some kind of heating ingredients like alcohol, smoking, black tea, coffee, Anything which creates heat, acidic, lot of acidic foods, sour things, yogurts, dhahi, or any kind of foods which are sour in taste.If you have bleeding piles then an alkaline diet will help you instantly.

16.Ayurvedic home remedies for piles

In Ayurveda, we use  nice home remedies. These are used in thousands of people in our practice.

Coconut is one of the best home remedies for piles. When you buy a coconut from the shop, in the outer surface of coconut you can see a hair like substance. You take this hair you burn them to ashes.This ash you would keep in a bottle. If you have bleeding piles take about half teaspoon of this ash and take it three times in a day with water.Then within one or two days you will see that bleeding stops.

Also, in the case of bleeding piles home made white butter is useful. White butter can be taken in the empty stomach so these is primarily how you can take care of piles or hemorrhoids.It is definitely is a very very difficult problem and in Ayurveda, it is called Arsha. It takes your life, it causes struggle to you like an enemy, An enemy constantly biting you.


16. Yoga Asana For Piles

Fish pose, Head stand pose, Plough pose, Shoulder stand pose, all these poses are very much useful to over come to he problems of piles


17. Onion Juice For Piles

A juice prepared by onion and add equal amount of honey too it. Keep this medicine in a clean bottle  for storage. This medicine is very much beneficial in the treatment of eye pains. This mixture should be applied to the eyes by means of an eye-rod. It will give relief in a short time.

Onion is useful in suppressing pains of piles. Some times, blind piles swell up and cause torturous pain to the patient. It becomes extremely difficult for the patient to sit down. For the treatment of this problem, two onions should be half baked by burying them in live ash. They should then be thoroughly pounded into paste after removing their outer covering. This paste should be fried in ghee and a tablet prepared from it. This tablet should be place over the piles while hot. It should be retained there in position by applying a suitable dressing. You feel comfortable immediately after this application.

It is better that you eat daily onion and caraway seeds, fried in ghee, with sugar candy.  A compress made of the pulp of roasted onions should also be applied over the inflamed and protruding piles. An ointment made of oinion, turmeric and Indian hemp in hot sesame oil also an effective application over pile masses


Piles are vexing and most painful. Home remedies are best suited. It gives you instant relief from piles. Alongside, it also prevents and promotes overall health.

In the case of any initial signs, using these remedies will surely prevent from piles.