7 Natural Experiences That Cleanse and Activate Your Chakras


Root Chakra

The contemplation of a blood-red sun rising or setting, or of a radiant dawn or sunset, revives and harmonize the root chakra and loosens the confined structures within its sphere.

In order to get in touch with the comforting, stabilizing and revitalizing energy of our planet through the first chakra, sit on the ground in the lotus position and consciously breathe in its fragrance.

If you are able to combine both these nature experiences, this will have an optimal holistic effect on your root chakra.

Second Chakra

Moonlight and the contemplation or touching of clear water out-of-doors stimulate the second chakra. The moon, especially when it is full, brightens your feelings and makes you receptive for the message of your soul as revealed through your imagination or dreams.

The quiet contemplation of in a clear natural body of water or immersement in it or few mouthfuls of water directly from a soring will help you cleanse and purify your soul and free it from emotional blockages and congestions, meaning that the life force within you can flow again unhindered.

If you are able to combine the contemplation of the moon with contact with water, the effect on the second chakra will be outstanding.

Third Chakra

Golden sunlight corresponds to the light, warmth, and energy of the solar plexus chakra. If you consciously open yourself to its influence, it will revitalize these same qualities within you.

The contemplation of ripe field of wheat bathed in the light of the sun conveys an experience of manifest abundance, a counterpart of the sun’s warmth and radiant power.

If you look at a sunflower, you will see spiraling patterns in the unity of its intricate rosette, while the petals stream out golden light from this heart. By immersing yourself in the inner experience of oneness exists a well-ordered and dance-like movement that radiates outward with energy and joy, yet gently and in a graceful way.

Fourth Chakra

Every quiet walk through the unspoiled green countryside harmonizes your entire being through the heart chakra. Every single blossom conveys a message of love and innocent joy and lets the same qualities bloom in your heart. Pink-colored flowers are especially suitable for the gentle revitalization and healing of the heart chakra’s energies.

A pink-colored sky with gossamer clouds brightens up and expands our hearts. Let the beauty and softness of the colors of this painting in the sky envelop you and carry you a way.

Fifth Chakra

The light, transparent blue of a cloudless sky stimulates a reaction within your throat chakra. In order to completely absorb the azure hue, lie down on the ground and relax, opening your inner being to the boundless expanse of the firmament. You will feel how your mind opens and clears, and how the contractions and rigidities in your throat chakra and its sphere of influence gradually dissolve. Now your heart is ready to receive the messages of the Divine.

The reflection of the blue sky in a clear stretch of water will have a widening and liberating effect on your feeling, and the soft sound of the waves will make you aware of your hidden emotions and what they have to tell you. If you let yourself be completely permeated by the vibrating energies of sky and water, your mind and feelings will augment each other perfectly.

Sixth Chakra

The third eye can be stimulated by the contemplation of the starry, deep blue night sky. This experience of nature opens your mind to the boundless expanses of all manifestation in all its immensely varied forms of expression. It gives you an idea of the subtle energies, structures, and laws at work behind the visible plane of life, as are represented by the dance of the celestial bodies in the infinity of space.

Seventh Chakra

Time spent alone on the peak of a very high mountain is the best way of helping your seventh chakra to open up, for here you are far away from your earthly cares and can easier let go of the events of your personal life. This and the closeness to the heavens help you experience a feeling of space and boundlessness.

These seven natural experience will cleanse and activate all your chakras.