9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pilates


9 Amazing Health Benefits of Pilates


The Pilates method has gained a following among the health and fitness communities as an aerobic and nonaerobic exercise routine that targets the core muscle groups through a series of movements that encourage body placement, breathing pattern and concentration. It consists of 500 exercises that are influenced by a combination of yoga, calisthenics and ballet, which promote strength, balance and flexibility. There are two primary Pilates formations: mat-based and equipment-based resistance training that does not overexert the mind or body.

1. Enhanced Flexibility

Pilates helps practitioners enhance their flexibility through a series of stretches that target the frontal core, back, side, hips and hamstrings. If you are unsure of the correct flexibility method, visit experts like the Pilatespal.com site whose library is filled with information on classes, instructors, safety and proper mat and equipment usage.

2. Refined Posture

Pilates is also ideal for body movement as it refines your posture through a practice of core strength training. It also is beneficial to relieve issues like neck and back pain.

3. Muscle Strength

Toning and strengthening your muscles is a primary benefit of Pilates. Not only do the exercises target areas like the core, abs, glutes and legs, but you can tone your muscles in as little as 10-minute workouts that repeat five exercises two times a day.

4. Improved Balance

Using Pilates for balance is a great way to counterbalance the damage to your body that modern lifestyles experience because of a lack of exercise, poor diet and posture. Exercises like the corkscrew or bicycle will target the mobility of the hips and spine.

5. Spine Positioning

When you back is in a natural spine position where the cervical, thoracic and lumbar are aligned, it is considered a neutral position which is most often when a person is sitting or standing. Pilates exercises will incorporate this positioning to align the spine naturally.

6. Body Toning and Weight Loss

Exercise and healthy eating are the keys to a successful weight loss. Pilates is the type of routine that tones your body whether you need to lose five pounds or 50. As Pilates targets your abs, arms and legs, you target the areas that tend that build confidence.

7. Relaxation and Concentration

Joseph Pilates likes to refer to his technique as one that targets the body and mind because of the relaxation and concentration you get from cognitive and memory functions. You will improve your health considerably when you learn to reduce stress.

8. Body Awareness

Pilates beginners tend to be self-aware of their body’s faults. After a few sessions, they will grow confidence as they transition their focus on mind and body wellness.

9. Increased Range of Motion

As the muscles are stretched and the posture aligns, it increases your range of motion. As the Pilates moves will become more challenging, it also stabilizes the muscle groups.

Pilates is ideal for any user whether you are just beginning or at an advanced level. You also do not have to invest in expensive equipment as this is an exercise routine you can do at home.