Acupressure Points for High Blood Pressure


Acupressure Points for High Blood Pressure

High Blood is a threatening disease which causes many serious health problems.Here I am sharing some importance relief points which will help you  to control high blood pressure.If you are suffering from high blood pressure then  you may use few of this points to  apply pressure, within  few minutes you will get relief quicker than an injection can do.

First relief point location: Two points on the throat at the level or slightly above the Adam’s apple and about 1 AI on either side. Massage these points firmly with up and down motion and not hard enough to choke breathing.

Second relief point location: Two points, each about 3.5 AIs below the navel and 1 AI either side of the central line.

Third relief point location: One point only, just in the middle of the breastbone,1/2 AI above the level of nipples.Press or massage with up and down motions of thumb.

Fourth relief point location: One point only about 2-1/2 AIs directly above the navel and on the central line.

Fifth relief point location: Two points each at 1-1/2 AIs on either side of spine knob on the neck, between 7th cervical and 1st thoracic vertebrae.Use the thumb to press hard towards the disc.

Sixth relief point location: In the shallow between the front of inner ankle bone and strongly muscles at the top of the foot.

These are the important relief points of high blood pressure in acupressure treatment.If you still had any doubt about acupressure and relief points you can contact us