How does acupressure affect the body?
Acupressure helps the body to achieve equilibrium in its functioning by:
Increasing the blood supply and regulating the blood flow to the ailing part. Clearing the blocked energy flow along meridians. Restoring the disrupted nerve impulse to normal.Improving muscle tone. Restoring chemical or hormonal balance in the body. Relieving mental & physical stresses in the body, thereby increasing energy levels.
Diagnosis starts with solar plexus & barometer of body:

First set solar plexus if not found in order.  Then checkpoint 8 of thyroid/parathyroid gland ( a barometer of the body).  Also checkpoint No. 16 of Lymph gland (remove the toxin from the body) and also point 11 to 15 of sex gland).
Duration of Treatment: Pressure is applied for one minute on each point which is painting when pressed, there will be a flicker in eyes of patients.  This has to be repeated 3 times a day (avoided 1 hour before & after a meal) continued this treatment till pain on these points subsides.
Precaution: Don’t go on pressing points for longer & many times, may damage switchboard & lead to weakness further load of more toxins come to kidney may cause over work & damage it, you need not worry even if the pressure is applied around points & and not exactly on it.
Aggravate symptoms of the disease: Good sign shows treatment is working properly.  Don’t frighten because this is an effort of nature to remove the toxin from your body.v
Method of Applying Pressure:
1.         Pumping: This should be done by pressing thumb pad on reflex points pressure must be applied & released alternatively.  The pressure to be applied should be just enough for you to be able to feel it by keeping the thumb in a horizontal position.  Normal pressure between 3 to 5 lbs on all points, except the points of endocrine gland (pituitary gland pt 3, pineal gland pt 4, thyroid & parathyroid pt 8, uterus pt 14, testes & ovaries pt 15, lymph   gland pt 16, Adrenal pt 28 and Thymus pt 38) which are situated in middle of body thereby deeper pressure is to be applied by keeping thumb in vertical position.  Here little pressure of about 12 to 15 lbs is applied.
2.         Rotating: Thumb rotated with steady pressure either clockwise or anticlockwise on each reflex point.  The pressure points on meridian are stimulated by anti-clockwise movement & sedated by clockwise movement.
Acupressure Treatment for Kidney Disorder:
The following points should be press with the thumb like pumping on each palm 3 times daily for 2 minutes. But remember that   do not press the hand, where fistula is put inside the hand.

On thumb  in the mid area there are 2 glands ( Pituitary gland & Pineal gland), and  at the end of the  thumb  in a curve shape area Thyroid & Parathyroid gland is situated.Beside  this kidney area is located. And above the kidney area in the right hand the Adrenal gland is located at the right side. And on the left hand the Adrenal gland is located at left side. Along with these points also press the lever point on the right-hand palm situated below the half inch from the end of the little finger. And heart point on the left hand located below the half inch from the end of the little finger. Also rub the wrist area where the hands are the end, in a circular motion and press the centre area (Lymph gland) with the thumb.
Few Things to Remember:1. Pressure for a long period over a single area should be avoided.2. Women should not be given treatment during menses and pregnancy.3. The degree of pressure is pleasant and bearable to patient.4. At least one hour before and after treatment no food or drink to be consumed
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