Acupressure Treatment



I have started  my healing practice with mudras and yoga asana both are very much effective but slow process of recovery I tried to improve my practice through various  other methods of natural healing I studied about Ayurveda and naturopathy which include all the natural ways of treatments like home remedy massage therapy mud therapy etc but all  the practice and studies has didn’t help me to give much faster relief like an injection .I studied about Acupressure and Acupuncture which gives results within few minutes like an injection.If you need instant relief from pains and many unbearable ailments acupressure and acupuncture is the best way.But acupuncture cannot be practised by a common man only experts can do it but Acupressure is an easy and effective way of instant therapy that everyone can practice and there is no need of any ability. Here is some basic and important information about Acupressure. If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us we are here to help you reply will be given within three hours.


Acupressure is the art of treating diseases by applying pressure on specific points on the hand/feet with thumb or blunt things.
Acupressure is useful for prevention of diseases, diagnoses of diseases, cure of diseases.

Acupressure works on the principles of Bio-electricity.The flow of electricity emanates from the principle energy installed in the body at the time of conception. The flow of charge pass through the body divided in five zones via the lines called ‘meridians’ starting from the tip of each finger of the right/left hand, go all over the body and ending at the right/left foot, respectively.So long as the current flows properly to-and-fro of the body parts, the body remains healthy.

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure is a self-healing method you should know all the details to get maximum result.I am sharing all the points here step by step still if you have any confusion or doubt feel free to contact us You will get a quick reply.This may be the first question?How much pressure should  apply to get good results?
The pressure applied is just enough to you feel it.But on all the points of the an endocrine glands, the deeper pressure is to be applied but keeping thumb vertical, whereas on all other points thumb is to be kept horizontal.

How much duration should the pressure apply?

For the treatment of any disease or organ.Pressure should be applied in fact intermittent pressure like pumping for 2 to 3 minutes at a time and repeated three times a day.The treatment should be given daily till the pain on the point subsides.

Which time is the best?

The treatment of acupressure can give any time in 24 hrs but is better don’t take it within an hour after a meal.

For An Anaesthetic Effect

If a continued pressure is applied for more than three creates an anaesthetic effect on the organ connected with it. For the points on fingers, clothes pins or rubber can be used in case the tip of the fingers or toes become blue, remove the pressure.Such continued pressure on the corresponding points is very useful during a severe headache, stomach ache and toothache.

Precaution: If you think that continue pressing will give quick relief and pressing the points for a longer duration will damage the point. Unnecessary prolong pressure put cause damage to kidneys due to the extra release of toxins in the body.

Is there any side effects?

The important thing in acupressure treatment is that there are no side effects.The treatment is harmless and can be safely given even to the one-day-old baby.

Daily 10 minutes pressing palms/soles helps prevention of disease setting.

The science of acupressure is known to do miracles as it is based on bioelectricity.The relief some time could be faster than even the effect of an injection.

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