Ayurvedic Health Benefits Of Tea


Tea has numerous health benefits but in this post we are disusing only it’s Ayurveda benefits.


Other Names Of Tea

Caellia thea, Tea plant, Syamaparni, Caha, Chay, Chaha, Teyilai, Teyaku, Teyila, Teyaku.


How tea plant looks: It is an evergreen shrub or tree, about 9-15m in height with leathery oily leaves ad white fragrant flowers. The fruits are 3 cornered and 3 seeded.

We use leaves of tea plant.

Tea are digestive, carminative, diuretic and a nervine tonic.

Ayurvedic uses of Tea


How to prepare a healthy tea infusion

Contrary to general prevalence, tea leaves should never be boiled in water.Put some tea leaves in a kettle and pour hot water into it. After a few minutes, filter this water and add milk and sugar according to preference before drinking.

Fatigue and listlessness

Possibly the most popular use of tea is to banish sleep and infuse freshness in the mind and activity of the drinker. The method of preparation is given in the box.

Heart diseases

Drinking an infusion of tea leaves everyday is highly beneficial to the heart and has recently been medically proved to be a cardiac tonic.

Cold and throat irritation

Drinking ginger tea is quite prevalent in India at the first sign of cold or sore throat. Add a few crushed pieces of fresh ginger to water boiling for tea, and then make the tea.

Dysentery accompanied by pain

The decoction of tea with a teaspoon of ghee works wonderfully to heal inflammation of intestines in case of blood and mucous in stool.


A gargle of tannin-rich tea is effective in healing sore throat and tonsillitis. This treatment is especially followed in hilly regions.


Caffeine in tea acts as a diuretic and brings down temperature.

Eye Inflammation

A brew of tea leaves, can be used as an eye wash , after filtration, and brings down irritation and swelling quickly.


Wash the lesions twice a day with a solution of  tea and rock salt. This can be followed by applying a paste of fenugreek seeds and Rakta chandan (red variety of sandal wood).

Hair Dye

Tea extract serves as a good hair dye and rinsing hair with concentrated tea decoction, at least twice a week, ensures that grey hair turns brown or black.


These are the major uses of  tea leaves.