Ayurvedic treatment for Migraine headache


A migraine is a type of a headache and it is really a bad kind of a headache. Many of my blog readers are also suffering from this unbearable pain. I wish my readers to be healthy and happy to make sure I have come up with this new post ” Ayurvedic treatment for Migraine a headache”.

In this Ayurvedic treatment for a migraine headache, you will get the information about Cause for a migraine according to Ayurveda. Ayurvedic herbs for a migraine headache, Ayurvedic remedy for a migraine, mudras for a migraine headache and Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet for a migraine headache.


It’s really a headache for us to treat this because it’s not easy to treat.But if you look from the Ayurvedic perspective it is a little bit easy.We have been able to get a very good result in chronic migraine pains.Some of the patients coming to us who has suffered from a migraine for more than twenty-five years or twenty years.We have really got some good results because in Ayurveda when even we want to treat some disease, first of all,  we want to know the root cause of the problem.So we don’t just try to kill the pain by just giving some medicine.We always try to go to the root.When we remove the root cause then the pain is permanently finished and gone.


A migraine is a kind of a headache. In Ayurveda, there are eleven types of headaches under the chapter called Shira Shula.One of them is called Ardhabedak means half of your head is paining.The pain is generally localized behind the eye and it is characterized by some severe pain.Sometimes people will say they feel nausea or vomiting.Sometimes they vomit sometimes they really can’t  bear any kind of light or sound or anybody talking loudly. So this is the symptoms of ardhabedak. I think one of the type headaches in the Ayurveda which you can compare with a migraine.

There are other types of headaches like Surya vrutha, there is a type of a headache that increases with the sun and goes down with the sun. There is another one ananthavruth, there are many types. Let us little bit try to understand what would be the cause of a migraine.

Causes of a migraine headache according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas in the body Vata-pitta Kapha.It is considered that a migraine headache can be caused by all the three different types of dosha.But specifically, in a migraine, the primary causes are  Vata and pitta. Pitta which is fire element, that is dosha which represents fire element in the body. Whenever the pitta will increase specifically it will manifest as hyperacidity.So many of these people who suffer from a migraine also complain they have hyper acidity.Sometimes they start to have some kind of acid reflux or burbs.If the acid is too much it built up in the head area and there is a strong built up of pain.When you have the chronic acidity or hyperacidity problem then this can actually make the vata aggravate.The vata in the head which means your nerves becomes tense and stressed. The pitta is aggravated in the digestive system and the Vata is aggravated in the nervous system. very often people don’t know this and they keep on taking pitta type of foods.

People who suffer from a migraine please don not drink tea, coffee, alcohols, smoking.And stop eating fried, acidic, citrus fruits ,yogurt, tomatoes, raw onions, vinegar and anything which is are sour or acidic completely.So this will take care of at least twenty-five percent of your problem. Because here we are not talking about just suppressing the pain.We are removing the root cause of the problem,

The second thing is Vata, which is localized in the head and the nerves.What we have to do to balance the Vata.


Ayurvedic treatment for a migraine headache

Massaging your head  every day in the evening will help to relieve the migraine pain.

Almond oil is also beneficial to suppress Vata.Put some almond oil in your nostril just three or four drops. what this oil in head or nose will do? .It will lubricate the nerve pathways and  relax the nerves.You can also do a little bit of deep breathing and  Shavasana.

Meditation is also helpful to relieve a migraine headache. Here Meditation means just trying to keep your mind quiet and calm.

To balance Vata don’t do the following things. listening to music with earphones, eating while watching T.V. Eating too much of Vata type of foods, cold and dry crunchy and crispy things like chips, popcorns crunchy cookies, drinking cool drinks, cold water, ice creams, excessive traveling you should be very careful if you are suffering from a migraine. It’s better you be more grounded. drink something warm, more soupy, more liquid, ghee is also a good choice. Ghee is helped you to nourish your nerves and relax the brain. so taking care of the acid, relaxing the nerves, and nourishing the nerves is the line of treatment for a migraine. It is the very simple thing I have told you. It’s not a complicated.

The difficult problems are the majority of people who come to us are already chronic in a migraine.They have actually been suffering from many many years then we need some specific medicine.In Ayurveda, there is a wonderful medicine which can actually take care of the acid. It will also help  the pitta to move downward. The Moment of pita its very important because migraine the pitta or the acid is the upward moving.We want to move it downwards so we give some kind of herbs and some classical formula that help the pita go downward and they are eliminated through bowel movements.

The second thing we want to do is also give some herbs that will nourish the nerves.It will calm down your nerves, there are wonderful herbs like shankha Pushpa, Brahmi, Jetta Mansi and a number of herbs that can calm down your nerves.The herbs like amalki there are herbs which can take care of the pitta, Triphala is very nice in order to eliminate the excessive pitta from the stomach and the digestive tract, so this is how a migraine can be taken care.

Considering about panchakarma treatments very effective, shirodhara is very much beneficial nasya is also beneficial. So we have plenty of planes that can actually counter this migraine.

The most important thing is that majority of the people who suffered from a migraine have a lot of connection with mental stress. Mental stress due to some kind of problem in the family or there could be some relation problems, some kind of problem in the job, emotional stress can also cause this stretching of the nerves.The primary thing we have to do is be happy in the mind.Finally, we have to realize the spiritual aspects of life. We must understand that I am the soul and I am in this body and I have to take care of myself. Also, it’s not that” I just taking care of my body and mind” but generally, people even don’t do that they are always busy destroying their body and mind.So in Ayurveda, we take a holistic approach.Whenever a patient of a migraine comes to us then we try to find out the root cause in the body.After that, we try to look at in the mind and also support the person by giving some spiritual advice. It will help to understand how they can feel more spiritually contented and fulfilled.


Mudra for a migraine headache


Mudras are a very effective remedy for a headache. The major advantage of mudras is you can practice it anywhere at any moment of time.

These mudras are very effective and give instant results.mudras work internally and balance entire system which helps to overcome a headache.

Now I think you got some Idea about Ayurvedic treatment for Migraine a headache. Then try to get off this very severe and disturbing problem. A migraine which can really make your life very bad.In Ayurveda, with my experience, I have helped thousands of people suffering from chronic migraines and chronic headaches. I am very happy to share this knowledge with all of you. I will always advise and recommended that if you are suffering from or some of your friend or family members or dear ones suffering from this migraine or chronic headaches please straight way connect to Ayurveda.

Thank you