Ayurvedic uses and health benefits of Khaskhas

khaskhas benefits

Ayurvedic uses of Khaskhas

Khaskhas has numerous health benefits, but in this post, we discuss only its Ayurvedic methods.

Ayurvedic uses and health benefits of Khaskhas


Other names of Khaskhas

Vetiveria Zizaniodes, Usirah, Khas-Khas, Kalavala, Vettiver, Vettiverlu, Ramaccam, and Lamanci.

The roots of Khaskhas are used in different Ayurvedic treatments. It is refrigerant, aromatic, digestive, carminative, anti-emetic, expectorant, diuretic, anthelmintic and antispasmodic.

Ayurvedic uses and health benefits of Khaskhas

Bleeding disorders

To arrest bleeding take equal parts of sandal and “khaskhas” powder and mix it in rice water and sugar. Have it twice a day.


Khaskhas is useful to prevent Vomiting and nausea. Take Coriander seeds and Khaskhas and boil it in water. Take this mixture thrice a day to suppress vomiting and nausea.

Excessive perspiration

Make a fine powder of Khaskhas and rub it over the body and left on for fifteen minutes before bath. This may also be done in measles to pacify the rashes.


Steaming the body with water to which Khaskhas is added promotes perspiration while bringing the temperature down. Water boiled with Khaskhas may be used as a drink in feverish conditions.


conditions like painful urination, urinary stones and burning urine, drinking water boiled with Khaskhas roots powder promotes urination, alleviates burning sensation and clears the passage of urine.

Hair Benefits

Hair disorders like dandruff, hair fall, thin hair, hair splits and alopecia are a common sight in the present days. There are several causes for these problems ranging from unhealthy chemical treatments and exposure to pollution to inadequate nutritious diet and prolonged illness. We all know that proper nutrition is crucial not only for a healthy body but also for healthy hair. Khaskhas are an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids as well as minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium which contribute to healthy hair. If you want to know more about remedies for unhealthy hair go ahead and check my other post top 20 ways to hair growth.

These are the Ayurvedic uses of Khaskhas.


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