Back massaging techaniques and benefits

Massage is the oldest way of treatment. The father of medicine Hippocrates used this way of therapy in B C 400.Massage is a passive exercise that stimulate muscles and vital organs.Back massage stimulates the nerves and circulation for treating back ache.Rheumatic afflictions of the back muscles,and for soothing the nervous system.

Back massaging technique

The patient is made to lie down with arms at the sides.The masseur effleurages  the back from the shoulders downwards using both hands on each side of the spine. Stroking is done from the sacrum upward.Friction follows with each hand at the sides of the spine going down slowly,next,kneading by muscle picking is done with squeezing.Alternate rapid pushi
ng and pulling movement of the hands sliding down the spine.Circular kneading should also be done. The treatment should end by slapping, hacking and cupping on each side of the spine.

Benefits of back massaging 

Gentle stroking and light kneading of the back is relieving and soothing.Percussion and vibration result in stimulating experience.Vibration of the end of spine benefits the sacral  nerves and pelvic organs. It is recommended in constipation,hemorrhoids,weakness and congestion of the bladder and sexual organs.