Brain cell regrowth through natural ways,Ayurveda remedy and mudra

Brain is the vital organ in the body.Every activity you do is associated with brain.With out a proper functioning of your brain you can’t live a complete life.Here is a few health tips for the optimum level of functioning and to regrowth brain cells.

Health tips for the regrowth of brain cells:
To avoid further degeneration of brain cells manage stress and stresor. take nutritional diet.Every day physical and mental exercise is a must to regrowth brain cells.
For stimulating regrowth of brain cells through nourishing foods and neurotransmitters.Manage all the hormones to the optimum level even in the advance age.
Live life fully well,which enables you to feel like yourself.The more you like yourself,the healthier you will become in mind,body and spirit.No matter what happens,you should be you.
Meditation in the morning and tuning with God,before getting out of the bed,will help you start your day with out stress.This way there is no production of harmful cortisol from the adrenals.
Brisk walking in the morning for 20-30 minutes will send fresh blood to the brain and help produce neurotransmitters,Which keep your mental function in perfect order.
Eating tips for the regrowth of brain cells
A breakfast consisting of cereal milk,or yogurt,with honey or plain sugar and fruit is good. This provides simple carbohydrates for immediate energy,complex carbohydrates for slow release energy.
A break fast consisting of cereal,milk with one table spoon of soy proteins add to it, is another good break fast which may keep you mentally alert.
A breakfast of fruit yogurt and grains is another alternative.
Avoid an unhealthy breakfast consisting of high fats especially saturated fats,whole eggs,butter,and bacon.
If you are taking supplement take it in breakfast except  vitamin C.

Daily practice of mudras will stimulate brain cells Gyan mudra is the best mudra that stimulate brain cells  and give you the optimum level of brain functioning.