Break the myths of Raw food diet


Raw Food and its Benefits

  When you heard  the word “Raw food diet “, is the  first thing that comes to your mind is the diet of ancients or the food that is simple and tasteless ?.

Is it true ?, that raw food is not modern or raw food is only for those who are undergoing some treatment?
Guess it is time to break the myths surrounding the raw food and understand the ultimate benefits of it.  

Raw food diet is a process, wherein we consume the food naturally without any refinement or processing and also has not been heated over 48C. Raw foods include Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, legumes, dried fruit, seaweed, unprocessed organic or natural foods, freshly juiced fruit and vegetables, purified water and young coconut milk. May also include raw fish, meat, and eggs.

Break the myths of Raw food diet

History of Raw Food

Humans have been to known to eat raw food from the ancient times. The cooked food has only come into place after the discovery of fire.
In the ancient Greece, the great Pythagoras and Hippocrates are also believed to have raw food as their diet. In the year 1830, American Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham started the raw food movement by bringing out the benefits of raw food to the society. This movement was mainly to fight the cholera epidemic the country was facing. Later many researchers have proved that raw food is not only good for the diet but also can cure many diseases.

Benefits of Raw Food

Firstly, raw foods are easy to digest compared to cooked foods. To mention, raw food takes 24-36 hours to pass the digestive tract compared to 40-100 hours of cooked food. When raw food is consumed, it helps one to think clear, faster and smarter as the nutrients are supplied timely giving out the energy to the body organs without any delay. Dr. Karl Elmer conducted the tests on the German athletes who were having raw food diet and proved that raw food increased strength, energy, and stamina.
When the food items are cooked or processed the natural nutrients and enzymes are destroyed and are converted into toxins and poisons that are harmful to human body.  Cooking food would cause chemical changes in the food by increasing the content of acidic toxins, mutagens and carcinogens and other radicals which are associated with many diseases.  Therefore, raw food has more nutrients and enzymes required by the body than compared to the cooked food.

Famous Physician, Max Gerson is known for curing cancer with a proper diet of fresh raw food and juices.

Raw food is a holistic approach to a better health as it not only keeps us healthier but also helps  our mind in thinking clear and smarter. Recent studies and researches have proved that raw food increases the digestive and metabolism of a human being. As the raw food contains the proper amount of acids and nutrients that are required by the digestive system, it would be easy for the body to process and easily augment the benefits.
Many other studies have also proved that raw food would help one in slowing down or curing cancer in some stages.  Also, diseases like Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, Ulcerative Colitis and Lupus which were imagined to be incurable have been cured by a strict diet of raw food.

As our body also optimizes the utilization of nutrients and minerals from our raw food we are more likely to eat enough and be less hunger, resulting in maintaining a healthy body. Raw food is also known to improve skin appearance and also cut down the aging of a person.  Celebrities like Pierce Brosnan, Sting and Lisa Bonet are few of the celebrities who follow raw food and believe that raw food is better compared to the cooked food to their long lasting glamor and health.


Famous chefs like Alex Malinsky, Alissa Cohen and other famous chefs around the globe have introduced a number of recipes and modernizing the culture of raw food. So, by now we all know that raw food not only the health benefiting thing, but also the new cool thing that is going to explode the world.
I guess, taking the trend into hands before it comes out is a cool thing. Let’s all go for raw food and be the new cool thing in the society. Protection Status