Psychotherapy and Counseling as an essential in Modern World

Psychotherapy and counseling - Knowing, understanding and removing the mental obstacles.

Psychotherapy and counseling – Knowing, understanding and removing the mental obstacles.

The modern world might give a person a colorful life, but it has many loopholes. The pressure from family, relations, work and environment is hard. Not only it is hard, sometimes it draws us away from our life. When a person goes through this situation for a period of time, it leads to serious mental issues.

They grow thinking their life isn’t fair enough. Their life always throws them off the ground. It becomes difficult for them to lead a happy life. Leaving the society or ending the life seems to be simple and better solution for them.

Some people understand the seriousness of this disorder. Others don’t. The life is just like living on thorns. No matter what they get, the life won’t be fruitful or happy.

People are often given antidepressant or some kind of medications to alleviate their mood. Do you think that they seriously do work? No, because we all have to learn that mental or psychiatric instability needs a proper care. The person shall know that he is being taken care of rather than just treating him.

Psychotherapy and counseling are the best tools to handle these health issues.

Understanding psychotherapy or counseling

Most of us have an image of a therapist talking to people. Asking them to control their feelings or something. It is not just that. The therapists understand the core problem of the patient. He walks in the shoe of the patient. Knows the things that are bothering the person. Knows how they have affected in the past and taking turns in the present and their moves in the future.

In a simple understanding, psychotherapy or counseling is a supportive process. Therapists understanding and knowing all these things heals a person by empowering him. They enhance the mental abilities and makes them feel healthy. Giving them all the confidence and willpower required overcoming. It is not just a session or a class. It is more of entering into the patient’s brain and removing the obstacles that block the mental process.


In psychotherapy, deeper awareness and mental boost are given to the person after understanding the core problem.  During the therapy, overall perspective of a patient, life history, relations, mental ability and his understanding of life are taken into consideration.


In general, people think only the one’s suffering from mental illness need psychotherapy. It is not true. Psychotherapy builds the positive side in life. It enhances the mental ability and empowers life. It makes a person have more grip with a clear focus and greater perspective. Psychotherapy has no side effects. Having a session of psychotherapy only adds positive and better things to the life.


Psychotherapy helps out in dealing many problems in life. Below are few of the examples.

  • Eating disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Mood disorders.
  • Personality disorders.

The above-mentioned are few of the many mental illnesses that psychotherapy deals with. Alongside, there are many are many life issues and conflicts that cause mental problems. Psychotherapy also helps overcome these challenges. Below listed are few of the examples.

  • Stress from work or personal life.
  • Conflicts in life.
  • Cope up with situations like a death of loved ones, loss of job, divorce and other similar issues.
  • Enable to balance the mind under unhealthy situations.
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Sexual problems.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Managing self under ongoing health issues like cancer, trauma, and other chronic illness.


There are different types of psychotherapy. They depend on the level and the condition the person is going through.

Types of Psychotherapy


Behavior therapy: It helps in changing the negative or harmful behaviors that affect the life.

Behavior therapy is mainly used in treating: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and social phobia. It also treats autism, personality disorders, substance abuse and eating disorders.

Roleplaying, writing, social skills, physical activities, relaxation methods and other techniques involving positive reinforcement. These are the main techniques used in Behavior therapy.


Interpersonal therapy: In this treatment, therapists focus on treating depression. It is a short-term treatment with limited focus.

The therapist’s talks to the patient for a limited time in few sessions.

Complicated bereavement, role transition, role dispute and interpersonal deficit are the main illness treated in Interpersonal therapy deals with.

These are the first mental illness Interpersonal therapy heals. Personality disorders, depression, eating disorders, dysthymia, relation disputes, panic disorders and eating disorders.

Cognitive Therapy: Cognitive therapy mainly deals in treating depression and negative thought process. A person sometimes has a constant flow of negative thoughts.

Recent studies and researches have put depression into four categories. They are as following: personalization, dichotomous thinking, selective abstraction, and minimization-magnification.

Cognitive therapy challenges the person and enhances positive thinking.

Psychodynamic therapy: It is also known as effective treatment. In this treatment, the core underlying mental states of the person are taken into consideration.

The therapists get into the unconscious mind and removes the negative patterns from the mind. It helps the person overcome relation disputes, trauma, and past emotional distress.


Family therapy: In family therapy, therapists helps in nurturing and developing personal issues in relations. It is a short-term therapy, involving family members or relations.

The main problems that are handled in family therapy are weak relationships and addictions.

Group therapy: In group therapy, therapypeople with similar issues aretreatmentat the same time. It helps in giving confidence, overcome social phobia and giving stability in personal and professional life.

Group therapy works out a great deal in overcoming addiction.

Counseling therapy: In this therapy, the therapists talks about problems and feelings in more dependable and confidential manner.The therapists are trained and helps deal with all the negative feelings.

It helps the person in understanding the crisis and the things that lack for the good being. In this short term therapy, the counseling gives a person a power to resolve issues and give mental power.



The current world is too complicated and tough to live. These often give rise to mental stress and tension. We do ignore or do not care much about these with our busy schedules.

Sometimes, we are in an idea that having psychotherapy or counseling is only for the weak minded or mentally sick. It is not true. It helps in dealing mild mental issues.

There are situations in life where we are strong in physical and mental aspects. Even then, we need mental boosts and extra energy to work harder.

Being strong both in physical and mental aspects is very much necessary to lead a healthy life. So, do consult or have a psychotherapy to enhance your life.