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Shunya mudra

Shunya mudra is useful to decrease space element in the body.It is also called as Aakash shaamak mudrā.

Other names of Shunya mudra

Shoonya mudra

Aakash-shamak mudra

How to do Shunya mudra

Shunya mudra


This mudra is very easy to do, just placing the tip of the middle finger at the bottom of the thumb and apply a little pressure.The middle finger represents space element in the body by practicing this mudra you can decrease space(Aakash) element in the body.

The impact of Shunya mudra on health

Shoonya mudra is useful to reduce space in the body.This mudrā is used in Ayurveda treatments of disorders (enlisted below) caused by an abnormal increase of space within the body. The element space is associated with ears. Therefore, Aakash-shaamak mudrā helps certain ear disorders. In fact, it is an almost fail proof remedy for ear pain.

The decreased internal space restricts the rest of the four bodily elements, i.e., Vayu(air), Agni(fire), Jal(water) and Prithvi(Earth). Therefore, Aakash-shaamak mudra can be beneficially combined with Vaayu-shamaak, Agni-shamak, Prithvi-shammak and jal-shammak mudras.

Space(Aakash) is the primary component of Vata Prakriti.Shoonya mudra is useful to treat Vata dosha.


Benefits of Shunya mudra practice

Shoonya mudra has various health benefits.This mudra is very helpful in treating following conditions.

Feeling of emptiness or numbers in the body or body parts like the head, the chest, the abdomen

Ear ailments like pain, tinnitus(noises), vertigo and acquired deafness.

This mudra is used in Ayurveda treatments of all the diseases that caused by an excess of Vata.


Duration of Shunya mudra practice

Thirty to forty-five minutes of regular practice is enough to get desired results. This Mudra can be performed any time or in any position.It is preferable that early morning hours and when you are meditating practice this mudra to get quick results.

Side Effects of Shunya mudra

There are no major side effects in the practice of Shunya mudra. But if you are a Vata deficient person then do this mudra moderately.


After getting the desired result you should stop the practice of Shunya mudra.

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