Breathing Techniques One Week Online Training By Hari Kumar Moorthattil

Learn different types of breathing exercises and meditation. In this one week training, you can learn all the important aspects of breathing and how to master breathing techniques.

The importance of correct breathing has been recognized since the beginning of history. The Shaman, the wise men and which doctors of ancient times, used breathing techniques to induce trances or to improve performance. Correct breathing was still is considered to be vital for good health, in eastern medicine. It is also thought to be essential if one is to progress to the higher levels of skills in meditational and martial arts and in the achievement of the ‘asanas’ or postures taken up during T’ ai Chi and yoga exercise, for example. Today, it is generally recognized that correct breathing has an important role to play, in particular, in helping to reduce levels of stress as well as its signs and symptoms.

The environmental strains of modern urban life have made breathing techniques even more important than they have been in the past since the air that we take into our bodies is polluted with smoke and chemicals that can damage lung tissues. Polluted air is dangerously low in oxygen- vital for the physical and the mental health of the body- low in atmospheric ions that are linked with positive health.

Since it is impractical for the majority of us to start a new life in the less polluted countryside, it is vitally important that we breathe as efficiently as possible.

During inspiration (breath in) air is drawn into the lungs, where it fills tiny air sacs that are surrounded by a network of miniscule blood vessels. The blood then absorbs the oxygen and transports it around the body to supply every cell. As the oxygen is absorbed, the blood passes carbon dioxide- the waste product of energy releases from the cells back into air, to be removed from the body during expiration ( breath out)

Though we all breath by instinct, most people only use about half their lung capacity, the result being that the air sacs(alveoli) absorb too little oxygen, leaving an excess of carbon dioxide in the tissues which are reabsorbed by the blood. Conversely, panic or anxiety attacks, when breathing can become so shallow and rapid; a condition is known as hyperventilation- that the body expels too much carbon dioxide, are a problem for some people. With practice, though, breathing can be made more efficient, so that hyperventilation during anxiety can be avoided by controlled breathing, thereby reducing stress and leading to general well-being.

Breathing Techniques One Week Online Training By Hari Kumar Moorthattil



This course covers

Importance of breathing techniques

Why Oxygen is so Vital

What is incorrect Breathing

Correct breathing techniques

Breathing While Sitting

Breathing While Walking

What is the healing breath

The Re-energising breath

How breathing can be a tension-relaxer

Alternate Noe Breathing

The De-stressing Breathing

Pranayama The breathing exercises of Yoga

Importance of Healthy breathing

Benefits of Deep breathing

Secret breathing techniques that are used in ancient India Only for completely healthy people  that who are mastered the basic breathing techniques.

Breathing Techniques