Chakra Breathing For Balancing And Activating


Perhaps at some point in your life, you have already become aware of the fact that breathing connects you with everything that surrounds you, Human beings, animals and plants all breathe the same air. You inhale the air they have exhaled, and vice versa. Our breathing not only unites us with the external world, it also establishes continuous contact and exchange with the internal world. Our breath reaches the tiniest and most distant cells and supplies our body with vital energy.


From Sanskrit writings, we know the term “prana” , which has been translated as respiration, breath or universal cosmic energy. These varying translations describe the different levels of breathing. Through breathing, we are in fact in contact with the all-permeating life force, without which there would be no Creations as we know it. Here we become conscious of the dimensions of respiration, a process which is taken for granted yet which is of universal significance.

Therefore it is not surprising that particularly all spiritually advanced cultures attach special importance to breathing and have based a large variety of consciousness-expanding exercises on this fact.  The Eastern traditions regard breathing as more than the simple process of respiration, however. Although people all over the world basically inhale the same gaseous mixture, the way it is breathed in is the deciding factor. Breathing carried out in certain settings and conscious way obviously contained in the air. One could go so far as to say that through consciousness we unlock and benefit from certain energy frequencies in the air. In accordance, subtly graded breathing and harmonizing effects of the vital energy contained in air. In accordance, subtly graded breathing techniques have been developed over the ages, and are highly esteemed in particularly all spiritual and health-conscious circles. When we deliberately direct our consciousness to our breathing , we can bring about enormously positive effects. The influence that breathing can have on the chakras also has a long tradition, so it is understandable that many special techniques have also been developed in this area. We would now like to describe a simple chakra breathing method which is highly effective and which can be practiced at home by anyone.


We lie down or seat ourselves comfortably while maintaining a straight back. after few movements of stillness, we begin to breathe calmly and regularly, preferably through the nose. Then we imagine that as we inhale and exhale, we are drawing the air in and releasing it through our chakras. We begin this by directing our attention to the root chakra and imagining that we are breathing through it gently and slowly. We let the revitalizing prana stream flow in at its ease, and let if flow out again equally unhurriedly. We continue this for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then move on to the next energy center, the sacral chakra, and breathe through in the same manner. And thus we continue, moving on to the next center every 3 to 5 minutes until we have reached the crown chakra. It is important that our consciousness always stays with the chakra we are breathing through and is not allowed to drift away.

Practically everyone who has done this simple exercise feels harmonious and balanced and yet full of energy afterward. Some are completely overwhelmed, and we’ve often heard comments like” I feel reborn’, I am a new person” or ” I really feel rejuvenated” A few people have the feeling of finally being centered, while others simply feel calm and relaxed.

It is really wonderful what such a simple exercise can bring about! IT is truly a source of joy, peace, power, and love, and is highly effective, especially for people suffering from depression or feeling weak and drained. Through chakra breathing, we can recharge our energy system with properly aligned power.