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Is the education that we are now getting is sufficient for our development? Is this can give completeness to  human being for developing  himself or it is simply a one-sided development?.
In my knowledge, our present educational system is not teaching us all the necessary information about our life.Essential elements are neglected in the current educational system.I faced a lot of problems by this inadequate system.That is the main reason I had a research on natural lifestyle and completeness.Throughout in my life and my researches I found a truth that who has a healthy body, healthy mind and peaceful soul, shares the gift of life to the fullest.To share my personal feelings and experience with others, I have tried to express myself in the form of this blog.In this blog, I focus on health and completeness through the natural ways like natural lifestyle, yoga,  mudra, Ayurveda, and herbal treatments.A lot of common ailments which people of all age come across can easily be avoided, if we choose to follow a few basic guidelines in our natural lifestyle.
This blog has written to fulfill this objective by highlighting the fundamental principle need to keep us healthy.

I have shared my thoughts based on my experience and knowledge from Indian culture like yoga, mudra, Ayurveda and religious text like Bhagavath Gita, Quran, Bible.

Also covered my research on modern science and inventions like Oxidants, antioxidants, neurotransmitters, nutrients, hormones, vitamins, minerals, food and diets.

In this blog, you will find the following valuable information.

Yoga,asana,pranayama,meditations,yogic diet,

Mudra, mudra cure, healing mudras and mudra for enlightenment.

Ayurveda and Ayurvedic diet and treatments.

Herbal remedies and treatments.

Home remedies and treatments.

Complete nature cure and natural lifestyle.

Food and nutritional diets.

Enlightenment through yoga and other religious texts and experiences.

All the principles that helpful to attain completeness.

All this information is useful for those who want to know and lead a healthy lifestyle.And who are health conscious and need further guidance to maintain excellent health.and those who wish to look young and healthy all the time.Those who want to lead a disease free and happy life all the time.And Those who want to achieve completeness and enlightenment.

By adopting a natural lifestyle, the natural healing power of your body are enhanced to fight diseases, and you can enjoy a much healthier and happy life. You might be able to avoid most of the illness from which you may otherwise suffer in later age.

Natural lifestyle and nature cure are the musts for everyone.

I am fortunate to experience this natural healing methods in childhood days as my father is an Ayurveda practitioner and Kalari Vaidhyan. We in Kerala almost use natural diet, and foods are cooked in steam. Uses plenty of raw foods.But in other parts of India uses more fried items. I am fortunate to born in Kerala.

I am trying to give you the latest information on health.I am sure this blog will help you to enhance your knowledge and help you keep healthy, energetic and satisfying life to reach the ultimate goal of enlightenment.


Hari Kumar.

Thank you, for visiting us keep going enjoy nature!