Effortless weight loss- My New Book


“Effortless weight loss” is my new book that will help you to lose weight naturally.

We all know that doing hard physical exercises and diet plans are not easy to follow for an overweight person. I have taken proper care to make all this methods easy and effortless.


Effortless weight loss- My New Book

1. In this book, you will get all the natural techniques to lose weight without doing any physical exercise.

2. Ayurveda remedies and food habits.

3.Yoga and breathing techniques.

4. Mudras

5. Home-remedies

6. Ancient-Kerala techniques to lose weight.

7.Herbal remedies.

8 Foods that reduces weight.

9 Ten healthy diet plans for weight loss.


The cost of the book is 25$.

You will get the E-book at the cost of 11$



1.Ayurveda Home remedies and how  to make it and use it.

2. Yogic way of getting fitness and losing weight.

3.Breathing exercise to lose weight.

4. All the effortless hand mudras for weight loss with step by step detailed explanation.

5. Herbal remedies for weight loss and how to use it.

6. Ancient Kerala techniques to lose weight effortlessly.

7.Home remedies for weight loss.

8. All the foods that help to lose weight.

9. Ten healthy diet plans to lose weight.

10. Ten juices that help to lose weight effortlessly.

Also included the tips to overcome stretch marks and tighten the skin.

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