How eyes help to predict diseases



How eyes help to predict diseases

Eyes contribute to being unique windows that speak a lot about health. One can make whether they are healthy or sick by looking into the eyes. Here are 14 things that eyes describe your health.


Disappearance of eyebrows


As the outer third of the eyebrow of a person starts vanishing on their own, it is recognized to be a common symptom of thyroid disease.


A style that never goes away


If the same recurs in a specific location or is not clearing up in three months, it can be the symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma, rare cancer.


Blurry vision and burning eyes in people who use computer


If you use the computer on a regular basis and has blurry vision and burning eyes, this is the symptom of CVS or computer vision syndrome. The strain in eyes is caused due to deficiency of contrast on the screen of the computer and additional work which is involved as one try to focus on the pixels.


Blind and small spot in the vision along with wavy lines or shimmering lights


A migraine aura is responsible for the production of disturbed vision. A headache may or may not accompany the same.


White portion of the eye may turn yellowish


If the white portion of the eye has turned yellowish, it may be the symptom of jaundice. It is seen in newborn babies suffering from functions of the immature liver. It is also common in adults who are suffering from different problems such as bile duct juice, gallbladder, liver, etc.


Eyes may appear bulging


The most common symptom of hyperthyroidism is protruding eyes. Hyperthyroidism is essentially caused due to over activities of the thyroid gland.


Loss of vision, dim vision or sometimes sudden double vision


If you are having loss of vision or dim vision or sudden double vision, these are possible symptoms of having a stroke.


Blurred vision in diabetic patients


Diabetes is counted to be the risk factor for a wide number of eye problems. The most common of them is recognized to be diabetic retinopathy. In this disease, the diabetes is known to have an effect on the circulatory system of the eye. It contributes to being the primary cause of blindness in American adults.


Your eyesight is certainly the most precious among all the five senses. It is much easier to take the eyesight for granted until it starts troubling you. Diabetes happens to be one of the leading causes of blindness in adults in the country of America. This is known to be a concern in these days as almost 1 in four Americans are diabetic or prediabetic patient.


Does vision become poor with age


It is not necessary that the vision of a person becomes poorer with age. However, hectic lifestyle can result in poor vision if you do not take the prerequisite measures. There are several actions that may assist you in taking the right care of your eye health. Case studies reveal that people having age more than 60 require more support for taking accomplished care of the eye. It is recommended that they should essential nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals so that their eyesight remains strong even after attaining higher age. You may take the additional support of your vision in case of following:


You are a diabetic patient

You are gaining a lot of weight

You are a regular smoker

You spend an ample time starting at or working at your computer

Your eyes are considered to be the mirror of your health


Your eye can show symptoms of various underlying diseases. Iridodiagnosis or Iridology contributes to being the study of eye iris which is another technique in the same field. The study of Iridodiagnosis is helpful in the determination of several diseases in today’s medical field. The basic theory behind this study is inclusive of the study of different characteristics of the eye which are inclusive of the colors, patterns of the same in different zones of the iris. It can render specific information regarding the systemic health. It can be accomplished by the careful examination of the eye and matching the same to this iris chart. The chart is beneficial to the iridologist for the identification of organs and systems that are under or overactive or are flamed.


Natural remedies for taking care of eye


Here are some common strategies which you should adopt for rendering protection to your vision. Some of the tactics are:


Say no to smoking


Smoking enhances the production of free radicals throughout the body. It can increase the chances of reduced vision. Hence, it is recommended to say no to smoking.


Take care of your heart


High blood pressure can result in damaging of the blood vessels on the retina that obstructs the free flow of blood.


Ensure to keep blood sugar in a normalized condition


An excess amount of sugar in the blood can assist in pulling liquid from the eye lens. It may damage the ability for focusing and blood vessels in the retina.


Consume green leafy vegetables in adequate amount


Studies reveal that you should consume a diet enriched in dark and green leafy vegetables. A diet having rich sources of zeaxanthin and lutein may lead to an increase in the vision health.


Say no to trans fats


Avoiding trans fats is highly beneficial to eye health. Trans fat occurs in baked and processed food, fried food, crackers, cookies, etc.


Include a lot of omega-3 fats in the diet


It is recommended to intake foods that are inclusive of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Foods enriched in omega-3 fatty acids plays a vital role in the protection of vision.


Consumption of foods that consist a number of antioxidants is another option to render protection to the eye vision. Antioxidants assist in fighting the free radicals in the body and eyes. Some of the antioxidants which are beneficial to the eyesight are inclusive of Astaxanthin, Black currant anthocyanins, Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Ensure to include vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients in the diet to take a prerequisite care of your eye health.