Gada mudra, Benefits, How to do,And Duration


Gada mudra is one of the best mudras to heal your root chakra.

Gada Mudra

How to do Gada mudra

Hold your both palms up. Bend and interlace both the ring and little fingers into the palms.Extend the middle fingers up and touching together. Now, form two interlocking rings by joining the tips of index fingers and thumb fingers of both the hands.

Duration of Gada mudra practice

5 minutes to 45 minutes will give  results. You can do it in any position.

Benefits of Gada mudra


The practice of Gada mudra give spiritual and physical benefits simultaneously.

  1. Detoxify the Pelvic region
  2. Tones the organs of Pelvic region
  3. Heals Piles
  4. Corrects prolapsed organs
  5. Balance Muladhara Chakra.
  6. Give the feeling of stability and safety.
  7. Helps to overcome the feeling of fearfulness.