Harmonious Functioning Of Chakras


Harmonious functions of Chakras are very important to lead a satisfying and peaceful life. Here is the list of Six Chakras and it’s harmonious functioning.

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Root Chakra Harmonious Functioning

If your root chakra is open and working harmoniously, you will experience a deep, personal relationship with earth and the life form it nurtures. Your life will be intact, you will be rooted in life and yourself, and your life is characterized by sanctification, stability and inner strength. You feel embedded in natural life cycles, in the alternation of rest and activity, death and renewed birth; your actions are guided by the desire to be creatively active in shaping life on your mother planet, always in accordance with the generating force of earth and all life in nature. It will be easy for you to achieve your goals in this world. Your life is sustained by unshakable primordial trust. Your perceive the earth as a secure place which provides you with everything you need: care , food, shelter and security. Trustingly you open yourself to life on earth and accept everything it holds in store for you with gratitude.


Second Chakra Harmonious Functioning

The harmonious functioning of an open sacral chakra displays itself in the natural flow of life and feelings; you open yourself towards others, especialy people of the opposite sex, and behave naturally. Sexual union with a beloved partner presents you with an opportunity to participate in the dance of creation performed y the male and female energies, thus helping you to experience an all-embracing sense of union with nature and gradually grow towards inner wholeness.

When the sacral chakra is functioning harmoniously, you feel the flow of creative life energy streaming through your body, soul and mind. By means of this stream you participate in the deep jo of creation and life continually fills you with awe and enthusiasm. Your feeling are genuine and undistorted, your actions are creative. They stimulate not only your own life but also the lives of others.


Third Chakra Harmonious  Functioning

A harmoniously functioning and open third chakra creates a feeling of peace and inner harmony with your self, life in general and your place in life in particular. You can accept yourself completely, and also respect the feelings and character traits of others.


You possess a natural capacity to accept your feelings, your wishes and what you experience in life, to see them “in the right light” and recognize them as a necessary part of your development. Thus you can integrate your feelings, wishes and experiences in such a way that they lead to wholeness.


All your actions are automatically in harmony with the cosmic laws of natural balance that apply to the entire universe and all human beings. When your actions contribute to the development of spiritual and material riches in both yourself and your neighbors, you are contributing to overall envelops your body. It protects you from negative vibrations and radiates into your environment.

If your inner eye chakra and your crown chakra are also open, you recognize that all visile matter consists of varying light vibrations. Your wishes are fulfilled spontaneously because you are so closely connected to the energy of light in all things that you attract everything ou are in search of.You  therefore live in the knowledge that abundance is your birthright and a divine heritage.

Fourth Charka Harmonious Functioning

A completely open heart chakra that works together with all the other chakras in harmony will transform you into a channel for Divine love. The energies of your heart can change the world about you, and unite, reconcile or even heal the people in your surroundings. You radiate natural warmth, sincerity and happiness. This opens the hearts of the people around you inspires confidence and creates joy. Compassion and the willingness to help come perfectly naturally to you.

Your feelings are free of inner disturbances, conflicts, doubts or uncertainty. You love for love’s sake, motivated by the joy of giving, and do not expect to gain anything in the process. You feel safe and comfortable with all Creation. You put your heart into everything you do.

The love in your heart also makes you aware of the cosmic game of separation and renewed union taking in all manifest life, maintained in this and permeated by Divine Love and harmony. Your own experience has taught you that longing for reunification with the Divine is rooted from this separation. To experience the infinite joy which grows out of true love of God, separation must take place first.

Through this “wisdom  of the heart” you view worldly and personal happenings in a new light. The love in your heart spontaneously supports all efforts that help love for God and this Creation grow prosper. You recognize that all brings, both sentient and non-sentient, live in your heart. No longer will you look at life from a distance and think that it has nothing to do with you. You see it as part of your own life.

The feelings of being alive grows so strongly within you that you begin to understand what”life”in its purest and most original form really signifies- an everlasting expression of Divine love and bliss.

The Fifth Chakra Harmonious Functioning

With a completely open throat chakra you express your feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge freely and without fear, and are also capable of revealing your weakness or showing your strengths. Your inner honesty towards yourself and others is expressed by your upright posture.


You possess the ability to fully express yourself with your entire personality. If appropriate, you can also remain silent and listen to others with all your heart and understanding, Your speech is imaginative and colorful, yet at the same time perfectly clear. It communicates your intentions in the most effective way for achieving the fulfillment of your wishes. Your voice is full and melodious. When faced with difficulties and resistance, you remain true to yourself and are able to say no if that’s what you mean. Other people’s opinions do not sway or manipulate you; instead, you maintain your independence, freedom and self-determination. Being free of prejudices and possessing great inner spaciousness, you are open to the reality of subtle dimensions.From them you receive the guidance of your inner voice, which leads you on your way through life. You trustingly place yourself in the hands of this guidance . You recognize that all manifestations in Creation have their own individual message. They tell you about their lives, their parts in the universal dual message. They tell you their lives, their parts in the universal game, and about their striving for wholeness and light. You possess the capability of communicating directly with life from other spears of being, and whenever it appears appropriate, you pass the knowledge you have gained on to others, with out fearing their reactions and opinions . All the means you employ for creative expression can convey wisdom and truth.

Out of your independence and the free expression of your entire being arises deep joy and feeling of completeness and integrity.

Sixth Chakra Harmonious Functioning


Nowadays there are very few people with the completely opened third eye that always accompanies an advanced state of consciousness. However, in spite of incomplete development, the sixth chakra can function far more harmoniously than any of the other chakras. This expresses itself in an active mind and advanced intellectual skills. The holistic pursuit of scientific research or the recognition of far-reaching philosophical truths may be a sign of a partly opened and harmoniously functioning third eye chakra.


You probably possess a well-developed capacity for visualization and ability to comprehend many things intuitively. Your mind is composed and at the same time open to mystic truths. You realize more and more that the world of appearances is but an allegory, a symbol of a spiritual principle manifested on the physical level. idealism and phantasy are the key elements of your thinking. You possibly notice from time to time that your thoughts or ideas come true.


The more your third chakra develops, the more your thoughts are based on direct inner awareness of reality. Increasing nuber of people are beginning to develop sixth chakra skills, such as clairvoyance or sharpened sensitivity at particular levels of being; others achieve temporary insight into other dimensions of reality, for instance during sleep or meditation.


It is, however, impossible for us to describe the entire range of skills and perceptions that an open third eye is capable of. Such an endeavor would fill many volumes and we would like t give you a general idea of what lies ahead if you manage to develop your sixth chakra completely.

First of all, you will perceive the world in a new way. The limitations of rational thought will be totally transcended.; Your thinking will be holographic and you will spontaneously integrate the information reaching you from different spheres of creation into your growing capability of all-awareness.


The matrial world will become transparent to you. Much as your consciousness serves as a mirror for the Divine, the material world will mirror the dance of energy that takes place on all subtle levels of being. Your extrasensory  perception is so clear that you directly perceive the energies at work beneath the surface of external things. Furthermore, you can consciously control these energies and create your own forms of manifestation of them . Nonetheless, you will be constrained to set rules whose limits you cannot exceed, meaning that a natural order will always be maintained.

Your intuition and inner sight will open the way to all subtle planes of reality. You will recognize that there is an endless number of words between the planes of material creation and pure being, and that they are inhabited by a large variety of life forms. A multifaceted drama of creation will take place before your inner eye, and there will seem to be no limit to ever-new forms and levels of reality. The sight of this divine “dance of creation” will fill you with profound awe.


Seventh Chakra Harmonious Functioning

There are no blockages as such in the seventh chakra. It can only be developed to a greater or lesser extent.

When your crown chakra begins to open, you will experience more and more moments when the division between inner being and outer life recedes into the background. Your consciousness is completely clam and open, and you experience your real self as being part of the omnipresent pure Being which contains all matter.

As the development of the crown chakra increases, these moments occur more frequently until they become permanent reality. When you Self is ready for this final step of enlightenment, it may happen quite suddenly. You will feel as if you have woken up from a long dream and that you are finally now beginning to live in reality. There will be no backward steps in your development. You have transformed yourself into an empty vessel, and the Divine being fills this bowl to the rim. You realize you have found your true self, the only permanent reality. Your individual ego has been transformed into a universal ego. You translate the purpose of the Creator into action in your behavior, ,and the light you radiate opens the hearts of those receptive for the presence of the Divine. If you want to know something, you only have to direct your attention accordingly, because through your oneness with the divine Being every thing exists within you. Creation is a game which takes place within your own boundless consciousness.


You realize that matter is nothing but a form of thought in the Divine Consciousness and does not really “exist” as such. All that you have accepted as real until now become an illusion . You experience the greatest emptiness- but this emptiness is identical with the greatest abundance, for it is life in its purest essence. And this divine essence is pure bliss.



During the years of the seven year cycle in which you are particularly open to the energies of the crown chakra, you can  develop a depth of insight and wholeness you would have considered previously impossible. Meditation and selfless devotion now provide you with insight into your Divine origin and help you experience a feeling of oneness. You should use this opportunity to dwell more within yourself.


in this context it is interesting to note that a baby’s fontanel remains open for the first 9 to 24 months of its life. During this initial period of their lives on earth infants live in an awareness undivided unity.


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