Health Benefits, Contents, And Uses OF Bottle Gourd


Bottle gourd

Bottle gourd is one of the ancient vegetable cultivated by man. The origins of bottle gourd are in Africa and in India. Currently, it is grown in China, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, South America and tropical Africa.
Bottle gourd is a yellowish green vegetable in the shape of a bottle. The vegetable contains white pulp and the seeds are inside a spongy flesh. It is one of the most common vegetables in India.
Below are the amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutritious components in bottle gourd.

Vitamins and minerals

  • Small amounts of Vitamin B complex
  • Calcium-20mg
  • Iron-0.7mg
  • Phosphorous-10mg

Food value of bottle gourd

  • Moisture-96.1%
  • Carbohydrates-2.5%
  • Protein-0.2%
  • Fibre-0.6%
  • Minerals-0.5%
  • Fat-0.1%

The calorific value of bottle gourd is 12.

Health benefits of bottle gourd

Cooked bottle gourd is anti-bilious, cooling, sedative and diuretic. Eating bottle gourd gives a sense of relaxation. However, eating raw may be harmful to stomach and intestines.

Excessive thirst

Bottle gourd is one of the best remedies for excessive thirst from diabetes, diarrhea, and fried or fatty foods. Taking a glass of fresh juice of bottle gourd with a pinch of salt relieves from these conditions.
In addition, it also prevents from thirst, fatigue, and loss of sodium.


Juice of bottle gourd with sesame oil is an effective measure for treating insomnia. Massaging the scalp or eating cooked leaves of bottle gourd is effective.

Urinary Disorders

Grating and juicing the whole bottle gourd is the best remedy to treat urinary disorders. It acts as an alkaline mixture and relieves from burning sensation of urinary acidity.
In the case of urinary infection, it is best to take with sulpha drugs. During these conditions, it acts as an alkaline diuretic.


The  vegetable  bottle gourd is the most effective and refreshing fruit. These treat the most common diseases that we face in the current living conditions.
Adding it to diet, treats the diseases, besides, they also enhance our daily lives. One does not have to go on a special diet to take the benefits.  You may take these as salads, as juice or as powdered form.

Try it for a month, and you will surely see the effective results.