Top 10 Excellent Herbs For Weight Loss


Top 10 Excellent Herbs For Weight Loss

Top 10 Excellent Herbs For Weight Loss:   When the excessive fat gets accumulated in the body to such an extent that it has harmful effects on overall health it is known as obesity. Overweight or obesity is a major health condition worldwide. Obesity leads to the number of ailments such as knee pain, joints pain, diabetes, heart challenges and high blood pressure. A research says that nutritional diet, healthy lifestyle and herbal medicines can effectively keep obesity at bay. Let’s have a look on some of marvelous herbs which make excellent herbal treatment for obesity.

 1) Vrikshamla is a flowering tree with oval, yellow fruits that belong to citrus family. It is a popular weight loss supplement. It contains hydroxycitric which blocks the enzyme citrate lyase that assists the body in fat formation and hence prevents fat accumulation in the boy. It also lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces appetite by raising the level of serotonin, a brain chemical that curbs hunger.

2) Triphala is an herbal mixture of Haritaki, Bhibhitaki and Amalaki. It improves the functioning of digestive system by clearing the blockages in digestive system. Being the richest source of vitamin C and calcium it nourishes the whole body and eliminates toxins out. It also clears off excess fats from the body, corrects liver metabolism, eliminates fat deposit and hence it is an important part of weight loss herbal remedies.

3) Chitrak is an evergreen 3-5 ft tall plant with dark green ovate leaves, white flowers and brown roots. It is a digestive and carminative herb which is widely used to improve digestion, to treat bloating and intestinal worms. Chitrak helps in balancing vata and kapha. It stimulates digestive fire and gastric juices and hence improves metabolism.


4) Mustak is a weed which is widely recommended to cure fever and obesity. Abnormal metabolic fire leads to indigestion and obstruction of channels through which energy is managed in the body. These blocked channels actually causes obesity. This herb helps in opening up of the blocked channels, removes extra fat from the body tissues and hence is very beneficial to get rid of obesity. It also treats several gastrointestinal disorders.

5) Agnimantha or arani is an important herb in Ayurveda and traditional Indian remedies due to its highly effectiveness in weight loss regimen. Also, the diuretic property promotes weight loss by increasing the frequency & output of urination. It helps in balancing vata and kapha. It is also beneficial in constipation, bloating, altered digestion and metabolism.

6) Ashok has bitter, astringent, pungent taste and a cold potency. The flowers are yellowish orange. The dried bark, stem and flowers of Ashok tree has medicinal use. It alleviates kapha dosha responsible for obesity. Being cooling, soothing and dry in nature, it cures several health conditions such as dysentery, piles, menstrual disorders, spasm and it improves complexion, allays thirst and burning sensation, expels worms, removes swelling and blood impurities.

7) Guggul is a traditional ayurvedic medicine for obesity. Guggul extract contains guggulsterone which acts as a cholesterol lowering compound. Guggul stimulates thyroid functions which optimises the metabolic rate and hence quickens the weight loss process. Guggul also lowers the cholesterol levels.


8) Kalmegh is a rejuvenating, erect, annual and extremely bitter herb which has blood purifying property. It is used to control and prevent obesity and its adverse effects. It also helps body to get rid of extra fat and toxins.

9) Ghrit kumari stimulates the metabolism and thus helps in treating obesity. Aloe vera increases the absorption of fat and hence increases the energy consumption. Aloe vera is an excellent herb to remove the toxins from the body. 10) Katuki is a wonderful herb which is found in colder areas of India. It is well known for curing chronic liver conditions and regulating secretion from gall bladder. It improves digestion, elevates metabolism in the body and hence helps in weight loss. 10) Vidang is useful to treat obesity, to curb excess fat & formation of new fat. Vidang relieves indigestion, weak digestion, gastritis, bloating and constipation. It balances the kapha and vata, makes the body slim & keeps it normal hence it is widely used in weight loss natural treatment.  

Author Bio Dr. Vikram Chauhan is MD in Ayurvedic medications and an expert Ayurvedic consultant from Chandigarh and practicing in Mohali, India. He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He writes article at Planet Ayurveda


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