High Blood Pressure Treatments


High blood pressure is one of the most critical disorders, keeping it in our control is very necessary.Here I am sharing different alternative and natural treatments to control high blood pressure.

In this articles, you will find.

Home remedies

Alternative treatments like Ayurveda.

Mudra therapy

Yoga therapy

Fasting therapy

Yoga asanas

Diet therapy


And Acupressure.


Definition of pressure and high blood pressure:

Our heart is pumping blood to all the parts of the body through the arteries,its branches and numerous capillaries.When the heart contracts, blood is forced into the arteries and thus, exerts a positive pressure on the walls of these channels.When the heart dilates, the pressure on the arteries is reduced and a negative pressure is created.

The walls of the arteries are elastic in nature to accommodate both positive and negative pressure.During contraction of the heart, the pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries is called systolic pressure, and during dilatation of the heart, the pressure exerted is called diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure various from person to person according to your age and profession.

Males, those who are aged and those who are exposed to more mental and physical work generally maintain higher blood pressure than others.The blood pressure also increases during fear, anger and excitement.

Vitiation of Vayu is the main reason behind high blood pressure.

Causes of high blood pressure:

Excessive intake of salt, mental worries, sleeplessness and diseases of the kidneys, among others, are responsible or high blood pressure.In old age,especially when the kidney is affected, blood pressure goes up.

Accumulation of salts in the muscular of the walls of the arteries reduces their elasticity hence even a little force from the heart exerts pressure on them.


Symptoms of high blood pressure:

A person with high blood pressure does not sleep well at night.Palpitation, giddiness,a feeling of instability, lack of equilibrium, dyspnoea on slight exertion, weakness and impairment of digestion are experienced.

When high blood pressure becomes chronic, due to lack of elasticity of the vessels the capillaries supplying blood to the eyes, especially to the retina are affected which results in local bleeding and impairment of vision.When the condition further advances.it affects the end arteries supplying blood to the brain.Movement of the various organs of the body are regulated by the haemorrhage handles the paralysis of the corresponding organ in the body.Due to the lack of elasticity, bleedingthey may ruptbleedtakes place.This bleeding commonly known as cerebral haemorrhage.This results paralysis.




Ayurveda treatments to control high blood pressure:

In Ayurveda hypertension called as Rakta Capa Vriddhi . In Ayurveda  treats all disease as imbalance of three prakritis vata ,p itta and Kapha. Ayurveda sees the vitiation of Vata and Pitta doshas as the primary cause. Therefore, Ayurveda treatment of hypertension mainly involves a balancing of these two doshas. Treatment of hypertension in Ayurveda mainly involves a balancing of these two doshas. A  balanced diet with yoga and meditation is a very much effective way to control  hypertension.


All the medicines which alleviate Vayu,and helps the strengthen the nervous system are very useful in this condition.

Lasuna or garlic is an excellent drug.Garlic produces a  heating effect in the body.

Garlic made into a paste and mixed with buttermilk is very useful for the treatment of this condition.

To begin with about one gm of garlic should be administered three times a day.This should gradually be increased to 3 gms,t hree times a day.Another method that is popularly followed is to try the garlic in ghee.This reducer the smell and makes it palatable.

Sarpagandha is commonly used in the treatment of high blood pressure by Ayurvedic physicians.This drug is also used very widely in the allopathic system of medicine.Many alkaloids have been isolated from this drug and they are found to be effective in reducing blood pressure.In Ayurveda,t he root of this medication is used in its raw state.The powder of the drug is given to an adult patient in a dose of half teaspoonful three times a day.


Best Food for Blood Pressure

In your diet include more foods and vegetables. Researches proved vegetarian diet has magical affect on blood pressure. plant food has some thing that help reduces blood pressure. fruits contains potassium vitamin C and lost of soluble fiber. all this are blood pressure lowering agents. It is better you eat vitamin C found in amla and sweet lime.

It acts as vasodilator it dilates blood vessels and lower blood pressure. It contains adenosine a compound which promotes vasodilation and it also muscle relaxant. you can use this in any form raw garlic is more potent and beneficial.

Wheat grass juices

Wheat grass juices contains magnesium and potassium, this minerals lower blood pressure and a deficiency of this minerals may cause hypertension.


Regular use of celery can lower blood pressure.


Fish contains omega 3 fats in it. various fishes are use for lowering blood pressure.


increase use of salt can cause hyper tension. use very less or salt free diet.


Tobacco affect directly blood pressure, stop smoking.


It is believed that uses of alcohol causes hyper tension.

Fasting Therapy for Hypertension:

Begin with exclusive fresh fruits diet for about a week.  In this regime, he should take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits such as apple, orange, mango, guava, pineapple, grape, watermelon are the best fruit at five-hourly intervals. Bananas & Jackfruit should be avoided. Thereafter he may adopt fruit & milk diet, for about 15 days.  It is important to note that milk should be boiled only once.  After fruit & milk diet, the patient should gradually adopt a well-balanced diet.

Diet Cure Chart for Hypertension:

  1. Upon Arising: Juice of one lemon & two teaspoons honey added to a glass of water extracted from wheat soaked previous morning.
  2. After ½ Hour: Juice extracted from 2 big Onions and 2 – 3 cloves of garlic.
  3. Breakfast (After ½ Hour): One cup milk with required sugar, two toast (no butter) if homemade butter (without salt) then ½ tsp. Of butter per slice is allowed.
  4. Mid Morning: One fruit or juice of seasonal veg. Such as cucumber, carrot, tomato, & look, in which juice of six tablespoons Amla & ginger should be added (Juice can be extracted from any one or all above said veg.)
  5. Lunch: Two wheat chappati, one bowl boiled veg. Without salt, one bowl sprouted pulses, one bowl salads made out of veg. And one bowl card or glass of butter milk without salt.
  6. Mid Afternoon: Seasonal fruit, orange, watermelon & other juicy fruits like Chikoo, Jamun, apple, guava, pineapple.
  7. Early Evening: One glass of vegetable juice made of seasonable veg.
  8. Dinner: One cup tomato soup or another vegetable without adding salt & spices, add only a little pepper powder and milk, two toasted vegs. Sandwich, one bowl rice with curd.
  9. Bed Time: Hot milk without sugar.

Avoid: Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco, Flesh Food, Salt, Sugar, White Flour, Fried & Refined Food, Tinned & Frozen Foods & Soft Drinks.

Beneficial Foods: Apple, Cucumber, Garlic, Amla, Celery, Watermelon, Milk, Potato, Lemon, Alfalfa.

Selective Home Remedies for Hypertension:

  1. Cucumber: A glass of juice twice a day mixed with honey & tsp. of lime juice.
  2. Amla: Tsp. of amla juice with honey should be taken every morning.
  3. Carrot Juice: Mixed equal quantity of carrot & spinach juice once a day.
  4. Lemon: One Tsp. is recommended every 3 hours or after or before meals.
  5. Water Melon: Juice of watermelon twice a day.


Auto Suggestion for Hypertension:

  1. Every day in every way I am getting better & better.
  2. I joyously release the past. I am at peace.

Yoga asanas to control high blood pressure:

High Blood is a threatening disease that causes many serious health problems.Here I am sharing some importance yoga asanas that are an effective way to control high blood pressure.Yoga is a holistic and natural way of healing.
Vajra-asana,S upta vajra asana,shashank asana,bhujang asana,shalabh and shavasana are very effective yoga asanas to cure high blood pressure.

 mudra for Hypertension or High blood pressure:

 Aakaash-vardhak ,Kapha-Kaarak ,Apaan- vaayu ,Vaata-kaarak 

These mudras are very effective for controlling high blood pressure.You may perform each mudra for fifteen minutes at any time in a day.

Simple ways to  prevent Hyper Tension or High Blood Pressure:

 Maintaining a Healthy Weight
 Reduce Salt/Sodium Intake
 Increase Physical Exercise
 Smoking Cessation
 Limit Alcohol Consumption
 Limit Fat Intake
 Control Diabetes
 Stress Relieving Techniques
 Take BP Meds as Ordered


Caution: High blood pressure is a dangerous disorder. So before practising anything Consult a qualified Health Professional…. This article is only for an informative purpose.