The Mechanism of thinking


There are many stronger animals in the world, but the only man has the ability to reason things out for himself,and to set down his thoughts on paper for others to understand.The power of thought is a complex phenomenon,f ar beyond our capacity to fully understand.even with the most delicate of modern equipment,w e still have much to learn about what is actually going on in the brain.

So far as we can determine,thought is an electrical process that depends on many different parts of the brain.To make this possible all the carious part must work smoothly and harmoniously at the memories from scenes or ideas we have previously visualized and experiences.For instance,w e are aware of what we see,h ear,and feel right now, only because of our previous memories which have been stored within the brain ready for instant recall the moment we need them.

Memory is of the greatest importance, for without it we could never learn, nor could we understand what we see and hear.Our ability to store memories and use them at the right time enables us not only to understand,but also to transmit out ideas to other people.Thus we depend upon memory to guide us in all that we do.But we must weigh and consider each situation,and decide what is best for us at any particular time.Prolonged experience brings maturity of thought,largely because our memories of the past help to guide us in our present decisions.A young child is at a great disadvantage,for his memories are not fully developed.For his own protection,he must be guided by those who are older and whose judgment is more reliable.