Important diet tips for your childrens to improve multiple talents


Every parents dreams about their children’s future and the child will  be a multiple talented persons. But only few parents plan for it. The most important thing in a child’s growth is in his diet. Last year when my baby was brown I planed that she should be a complete person or I should make sure that she is growing in her all aspects of the life. Diet is the major part of one persons healthy life or a child’s healthy growing. A well nutritional food is necessary for a growing baby. Here I am sharing most important diet tips for a child’s healthy growth.


This diet will help your child’s grow and develop multiple talents in them.


Breast feeding  is the best for your child. Mother’s milk is the single best food we know.

Give them food only when they are hunger, If they are not eating well enough consult a doctor.

Give them low fat foods, fat laden blood circulate less and they effect their brains functions.

Give them fruits and vegetables as 70 percent of their diet.

Make sure they are getting all the essential nutrients and proteins.

Give them dried beans and legumes of all kinds, including peanuts, it is better that giving them unsalted.

Give them less sugar and salt in their food.

Use pepper than chilly, pepper improves activeness.

Don’t give them hydrogenated oils.

Give them plenty of soya products, soya products are low in fat and high in amino acids.

Give them Curd, and Cow’s ghee ,Curd is the best dairy product.

Give them less meat, Fish is the best non-veg. Give them plenty of fish  which helps to improve their brain power.

Give them proteins than carbohydrates. proteins should include in the morning breakfast.

Ayurvedic foods for child’s growth. Oats, oatmeal, oat flour, and oat milk are best foods to strengthen nervous  system.

Give them Apples, oranges, quinces, rose water, ginger, cloves, chiken, fish, cow’s milk, garlic, amla, and ginseng.

Theses foods are very essent